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  1. The Happier Side Of The Web

    The Happier Side Of The Web
    It must be hard to imagine a retail world without the internet today. Before we got trolls, toxic web forums and idiots on YouTube, the internet was a simple and wondrous beast. It’s hard to imagine as we were using dial up connections that one day the World Wide Web would become the backbone of our retail experience. Continue reading →
  2. No Fool

    No Fool
    Welcome back everybody to the Trade Furniture blog, our extended weekend is over and now its back to all the joys of Solid Wood Furniture here in the office. Of course in our 4 days off we passed through both Easter and April fool’s day. So while digging into those delicious chocolate eggs on your Mango Coffee Table, were guessing your Facebook notifications will have been going crazy with constant April Fools jokes. Continue reading →
  3. Which Works For You Mango or Sheesham

    Which Works For You Mango or Sheesham
    So your home design is meant to be a representation of what works for you and your home life. This means some homes you will see packed with elegant and detailed features. Yet on the other side of things you may see a room with a clean crisp and strictly functional design. Continue reading →
  4. Happy With Your Choice

    Happy With Your Choice
    Choices are always a factor within our lives. From the times you used to buy sweets from the corner shop, agonising over a Twix or a Kit-Kat, to choices that could change the course of your life forever. Continue reading →
  5. Switching Around

    Switching Around
    Some of us prefer to stay in a nice and stable environment where if something works why change it, from your favourite cooking recipes to your dress sense, if it works and you’re comfortable with it why should you go out of your way to disturb the status quo. Continue reading →
  6. The Living Room Triangle

    The Living Room Triangle
    The living room is one of the most important features in any home design. Not only does this room represent the main recreational area of the home, but is also the showcase of what your own home design. Frequently the living room design from décor to furniture choice extends through the household, setting the tone that you wish to achieve, be it modern and sleek or strictly traditional. Yet the living room must also strike the perfect balance between style and practicality, after all unless you live in a home with a spare living space this room will be used more than any other in the home. Continue reading →
  7. Custom to You

    Custom to You
    Take a look at the picture you see above, this is from a website that sells custom t shirts and other items where you can chose either a pre-existing design or upload your own customised design which they will print and ship out to you. So what exactly does this have to do with this week’s blog? Well from a certain perspective Solid Wood Furniture is custom to you as well. Now we don’t mean that we offer custom designs or anything like that. However with a wide range of brands available Continue reading →
  8. Off The Shelf

    Off The Shelf
    Let me ask you something readers, what is the most frequently used piece of furniture within the home? Is it the Dakota Coffee Table or perhaps your Mango TV Unit to catch the morning news (or to watch Piers Morgan start arguments with people, if that’s your cup of tea). However both of those answers would be wrong, in fact the furniture you are most likely in need of in the morning is the humble shelf. Surprised? Well when you sit down and think about it, how chaotic would your home life be without this simple yet effective piece. Continue reading →
  9. Forward Motion, Positive Emotion

    Forward Motion, Positive Emotion
    Don’t you just hate waiting? Weather your stood in a long que at the supermarket, waiting for your new parcel to arrive or even if your just stuck in traffic, waiting around is not something that anyone particularly enjoys. We recognise that this is also the case when someone is revamping their home furniture design, as after all you want things to move forward at something of a brisk pace. Continue reading →
  10. Moving House Tips

    Moving House Tips
    Moving House Tips It’s getting closer to that time where we are all dying to get ready and settled for Christmas, and well many of us like to find and settle into that prefect place to call home, with all the hustle and bustle of everyday life the added stress of moving house is just not something that you need! Well fear no more, we have put together a nice little list of tips to, well give you one less thing to worry about, or at least make it a little bit easier. Continue reading →
  11. Hitting The Right Note

    Hitting The Right Note
    Yesterday I was sitting in my living room with my laptop checking to see if a game I am after is available on sale, after all I am a gamer on a budget. Sadly it was not and although not overly expensive I still could not buy it at this very moment in time. So I decided rather than buy the game I would listen to its soundtrack for a while, so after a little searching I found the playlist on YouTube and sat it on top of my Cube Coffee Table. Before long I was sprawled on my couch, eyes closed in absolute bliss as the soundtrack gave me a taste of what awaited me once I finally got a hold of the game. Continue reading →
  12. The Finish Line

    The Finish Line
    When undergoing a task or challenge, reaching the finish line can sometimes seem like an impossible feat. Whether it be a school project, a work task or even a healthy eating plan we always set ourselves a point where we feel right this is where it ends. Now I can testify that sometimes reaching these goals can feel impossible. I can recall many university study nights with my head in my hands while sat at my Mango Wood Desk thinking how I am going to finish this project. Continue reading →
  13. Save Yourself the Headache

    Save Yourself the Headache
    Purchasing new furniture for your home can sometimes feel like a real uphill struggle. After all most contemporary pieces of furniture are large, handmade pieces that will sometimes require more than one person to get into the home. Continue reading →
  14. Exotic without the Excess

    Exotic without the Excess
    Good morning Natural Wood Furniture readers, hopefully you’re enjoying looking at our expanding range of Solid Wood Furniture we have on show here. Continue reading →
  15. Lock & Key

    Lock & Key
    Good morning Mango Wood blog readers, well todays article is an unusual one as I find myself locked outside of my office. Yes this means I am sat among our excellent sales team. In fact I can hear them now explaining the difference between one of our Dakota Sideboards and our Mango Sideboards collection to one of our loyal customers. Continue reading →
  16. Flawed Yet Flawless

    Flawed Yet Flawless
    Good Morning Solid Wood Furniture blog fans, it’s an early morning roll call for this week’s blog, after all after 2 weeks away from writing about the various adventures of Indian Wood Furniture. Continue reading →
  17. Keeping your cool

    Keeping your cool
    Good Morning Solid Wood Furniture lovers and well this is probably going to be the most obvious statement ever put onto paper – but man is it hot today. Now you’re probably sprawled out on your couch right now having many sarcastic and bitter thoughts in your head as you try to move in this heat. Continue reading →
  18. Adapting is the only way to progress

    Adapting is the only way to progress
      Humans are stubborn creatures; we all want certain things out of life and when we do not achieve these objectives there is frequent cause for frustration and angst. This is a frequent feature in designing a home, as if you’re in a party where there are multiple viewpoints and motivating factors. Continue reading →
  19. Feeling Old Isn't So Bad

    Feeling Old Isn't So Bad
    Good morning readers, this weeks belated Indian Wood Furniture blog has been something of an enigma in the past few days, as for once I really could not pin down a specific topic to base this week’s article on. Continue reading →
  20. Collision Course

    Collision Course
    Good afternoon Trade Furniture blog readers, for today’s blog we are going to be looking at the two routes that you can go down when re furnishing your home. These routes are quality simple; you are either a traditionalist or a modernist. Continue reading →
  21. A Change of Scenery

    A Change of Scenery
    Welcome to this week’s Trade Furniture blog, and after a busy week of listing and selling our extensive range of Solid Indian Wood Furniture, many of us here in the office were ready for the weekend and a nice change of scenery. Continue reading →
  22. A Voice That Will Never Fade

    A Voice That Will Never Fade
    The 90’s was such a good generation of music, with iconic band following iconic band however one of the biggest genres to explode in this era was the grunge movement. What made this genre so iconic was that there were 4 bands that lead the way Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains and finally Soundagrden Continue reading →
  23. The Reboot

    The Reboot
    We all have memories of waking up on a weekend and watching the Saturday morning cartoons, before the days of digital TV this was the day when all the new episodes came on with a usual 4 hour marathon of cartoons that have worked our way into our hearts. Continue reading →
  24. Location is Key

    Location is Key
    Good afternoon Trade Furniture blog readers, hopefully you’re finding much inspiration among our collection of Natural Indian Wood Furniture. Here in the office we are making preparations for our next big Facebook event; however despite the charm and charisma of Solid Wood Furniture something just doesn’t seem quite right. Continue reading →
  25. Wondering

    Wondering is a habit that the human mind seems to have taken quite a liking to. Whether it be in the car on the way to work or walking around your garden, our minds are always wondering what this could be, what are the positives and negatives of this. Continue reading →
  26. The Right Tools For The Job!

    The Right Tools For The Job!
    Good afternoon Trade Furniture readers, thanks for checking into this week’s blog. I guess the question would be how your Easter weekend has gone? Hopefully you got an extended weekend to enjoy all of your chocolatey treats at the Mango Dining Table. Continue reading →
  27. New Shade, Here to Stay

    New Shade, Here to Stay
    It’s the start of a new week, Solid Wood Furniture blog readers, and well there have been a few new changes – most notably I have dyed my hair. Now what does this have to do with my new Jali Sideboard I hear you ask, Continue reading →
  28. Perfect to Collect

    Perfect to Collect
    There is nothing more satisfying than getting something you want and not having to wait for it to arrive isn’t there. Think buying off eBay and having to wait for a brand new set of wine glasses as opposed to going out and buying some off of the high street. Continue reading →
  29. Mango Office Revamp

    Mango Office Revamp
    Good morning Trade Furniture blog readers, don’t know if you heard but we have had a recent move about here in the office, rearranging our Dakota Mango Desks and putting in some new Solid Wood Furniture (trust me we have plenty of it available). Continue reading →
  30. Distinguished Dining

    Distinguished Dining
    Here at Trade Furniture Company we sell a wide variety of Solid Wood Furniture pieces, from our living room collections, to our bedroom furniture ranges including our selection of bookcases and Mango Wood Bedside Tables. Continue reading →

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