Switching Around

Some of us prefer to stay in a nice and stable environment where if something works why change it, from your favourite cooking recipes to your dress sense, if it works and you’re comfortable with it why should you go out of your way to disturb the status quo.

This sort of thinking is very prevalent in the world of home furniture design, as most home owners will treat their furniture as a long term investment. This means your Dakota Coffee Table and Sheesham TV Unit are likely to be living room features for years to come.

Now for most people this is absolutely fine, after all Natural Wood Furniture pieces such as the Jali Sheesham Sideboard are built to go the distance which is often reflected in the price of such items.

However for some, the feeling of seeing the same pieces of Solid Wood Furniture every day can become tiresome.

If that is the case then it might be time to switch things up a bit.

This is the greatest advantage that comes with Natural Wood Furniture, as each design offers its own unique and fresh look setting them apart from their manufactured counterparts.

Say for example you like the look and feeling of Sheesham Wood Furniture, yet your finding your current design is in need of a revamp, then there are 2 routes you go down.

You can seek out a more exotic look which is found in our Jali Furniture collection, with pieces such as the Jali Bookcase featuring a Sheesham Wood frame and detailed cast iron fixtures and features.

On the other end of the spectrum there is the more reserved Cube Furniture range, offering a back to basics approach inspired by modern furniture design, with pieces such as the Cube TV Unit which is available with either sleek metal or matching Sheesham handles.