The 3 Bears!

The 3 Bears

Good morning readers! Happy Thursday – just one more push until it’s the weekend, we can do it! This is a blog about “The 3 Bears” and how I lost my cousins! Read more…

I’m Sorry!

I'm Sorry

Hello everyone and welcome to a Trade Furniture blog. Wow, it’s weird typing that it’s been a while hasn’t it? First of all, let me apologize I’m sorry for not doing a blog on here since November. I can’t apologise enough I’ve just been really busy. We’ve had a lot of projects that have been on going. For example have you checked the new industrial range on our website? If you haven’t I would really recommend for you to go see these IND codes as they are my personal favourites. As well have you also looked at our Social Medias because we are getting more active on them. These are:

Read more…

Bespoke Furniture For You!

Bespoke Poster

Good afternoon fellow readers, Friday has come knocking again. Ah, what a great feeling Weekend here we all come! However, that’s not the only fantastic feeling happening at the moment. At Trade Furniture Company we have released our ‘brand new’, excuse the pun… BESPOKE SERVICE!

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That Friday feeling!

Blue sky with the sun shining down.

Good afternoon fellow readers, Friday has arrived and once again it’s a hot one! This heatwave really isn’t stopping anytime soon is it? As the weather lady on my TV is stating, record breaking temperatures are to hit the United Kingdom very soon. Although, with hot weather thunderstorms to start to occur, so be prepared for the odd bit of rain here and there. Read more…

Time for something new?!

Flybe Purple Jet

It’s been an eventful weekend to say the least for me! On Sunday i had a 6 and a half hour plane delay from Toulouse to Manchester.

If you didn’t know, last weekend I visited France supporting my local rugby league team Batley Bulldogs as they chased their top 6 hopes. It was my first time ever visiting Toulouse and what an experience I had. Read more…

Networks’ listen to us!

TV Shows Collage

Good morning readers, it’s another day which means it’s another blog and what a perfect day to write one as well! For the first time in a long time, Britain has had some good constant warm weather. Lovely.

I thought today I would talk about TV Shows, seen as last weekend I spent most of my time in my beautifully designed Cube Bed sick. So, with me being stuck in my bed for most of the day, I resorted to grabbing my PC out of my Dakota Wardrobe and flicking on some TV Shows. Read more…

History brought back!

VW T2 Blue Campervan

Good afternoon readers, I hope that everyone is keeping well today? The sun is out, which to me makes for the perfect day to talk about hobbies.

Everyone someway has their own hobby that they enjoy doing in their free time, mine being my 1974 VW T2 Campervan which I am currently restoring. Read more…

Getting Noticed

Getting Noticed

Furniture at the end of it all is designed to meet a specific need within the home. whether your living room needs a new TV stand, your bedroom requires some extra storage space; practicality forms the basis for your furniture buying needs. Read more…

Genre Blending

Genre Blending

So if you look at the music charts today, the amount of rock songs which are present are zero. It is merely a sign of the times, tastes and society has changes where people will no longer head home with their new AC/DC or Black Sabbath Records. Read more…

The Happier Side Of The Web

The Happier Side Of The Web

It must be hard to imagine a retail world without the internet today. Before we got trolls, toxic web forums and idiots on YouTube, the internet was a simple and wondrous beast.

It’s hard to imagine as we were using dial up connections that one day the World Wide Web would become the backbone of our retail experience. Read more…

No Fool

No Fool

Welcome back everybody to the Trade Furniture blog, our extended weekend is over and now its back to all the joys of Solid Wood Furniture here in the office.

Of course in our 4 days off we passed through both Easter and April fool’s day. So while digging into those delicious chocolate eggs on your Mango Coffee Table, were guessing your Facebook notifications will have been going crazy with constant April Fools jokes.

Honestly we wouldn’t be surprised if you fell for a few either, given that a lot of the posts that I saw online were so straight faced that on any other day they would have sent the internet into ablaze (of course what doesn’t these days?).

Thankfully our range of Natural Wood Furniture is certainly no fool, with a vast and expanding collection based on what you find to your liking.

For example we have recently expanded 2 of our wood ranges to incorporate more designs.

The first of these is the Jali Furniture range.

In the next few weeks we will be launching 4 brand new Jali pieces, with a theme of home storage. Each of these new pieces will feature a stunning Indian Sheesham Wood Frame, with cast iron detailing infused into each design.

This detailing are all inspired by traditional Indian Jali design, giving each piece a unique international look and feel.

Alongside these new additions we also have the expanding Mango Furniture family with the Retro Mango collection.

This range takes our popular designs including our Mango Coffee Tables and Mango Bookcases and infuses them with a touch of late 20th century design. All of this leads to a stunning collection which blends retro themes that meets the needs of the modern home.

All pieces in this collection are available in both a light and a striking dark wood finish.

Thankfully today you’re not falling for any fools, as these pieces are available to browse at your leisure here at

Universal Language

Not So Identical Twins

You know the other day I was traveling to work on the bus with my playlist going full blast to drown out the fact that I am surrounded by people I don’t know.

So during my playlist I decided to switch to auto play and see what I ended up on. Suddenly I ended up listening to songs whose lyrics were not in my language.

Yet despite this I was there quietly content with what my playlist had selected for me, which got me thinking? Music is a universal language, even if we cannot understand the lyrics to the song, we can still feel the emotion and feeling that the artist is conveying.

So somehow after returning home, sitting down at my Dakota Coffee Table with my evening drink firmly in hand, I got to wondering; could furniture have a universal language as well.

For example TV Units may come in many different sizes and shapes yet despite this, we still immediately recognise a TV unit when we see one.

Another example could be one of the selections from our Sideboards collection. Our collection features highlights from all of our major ranges, including Dakota, Mango, Cuba Sheesham and Jali.

Along with this each of these ranges have their own unique wood finishes further diversifying their look and feel. With our Mango Wood ranges featuring and vibrant light and striking dark wood finish. On the other end the Sheesham pieces are available in 3 finishes, the light, the rich honey and the rustic natural wood finish. The latter retaining the natural tone and texture of the wood itself.

Yet despite this whenever you see a bookcase whether it be the Mango or the stunning Jali Bookcase, it is an instantly recognisable and even iconic feature that you would imagine in our living room and study.

Such is the universal language of furniture.

Not A Good Fit

Not A Good Fit

Good morning readers, how was your travel to work or school this morning? After all there was a lot of ice and snow about so we hope that you all took care this morning.

As you can see I made it to my Natural Wood Desk safe and sound ready to write this week’s blog. Read more…

The Shade Which Works For You

The Shade Which Works For You

So your home design is meant to be a representation of what works for you and your home life. This means some homes you will see packed with elegant and detailed features. Yet on the other side of things you may see a room with a clean crisp and strictly functional design. Read more…

Compilation Sensation

Complation Sensation

So I was reading through rolling stones list of 500 greatest albums of all time the other night and as expected the obvious faces. You know the Beatles, Chuck Berry, Elvis and the like, making me head to the Dakota Sideboard to check if I had many of these incredible and iconic albums. Read more…

British Weather

British Weather

Good afternoon, readers I hope that everyone is doing okay today. Hasn’t this weekend been eventful? Having none stop snow stranding people on their travels or forcing them to stay indoors, has certainly shaken us all up.

I mean, by now you think that us Brits would be used to this weather. Well… I suppose it’s just the normal over here; as we can have snow, hail, rain, sun and a thunderstorm all in the same day. Waking up on Sunday morning and picking up my phone off of my Mango desk, noticed a message had been sent, stating that my Rugby game was off. Read more…

Follow The Leader

Role Models

Good morning readers, I hope that everyone is doing okay this morning and has made it to work safe. I’ve just checked the latest weather forecast and apparently it’s just going to get worse. Read more…