The Finish Line

The Finish Line

When undergoing a task or challenge, reaching the finish line can sometimes seem like an impossible feat. Whether it be a school project, a work task or even a healthy eating plan we always set ourselves a point where we feel right this is where it ends.

Now I can testify that sometimes reaching these goals can feel impossible. I can recall many university study nights with my head in my hands while sat at my Mango Wood Desk thinking how I am going to finish this project.

However with perseverance, belief and a little bit of caffeine in some instances, it is possible to reach the finish line. Then suddenly it hits you that it’s over, a feeling of relief and accomplishment swoops over you as you head to your Cuba Sheesham Sideboard to grab a CD and wind down to your favourite music.

In a certain context this can also be applied to interior design. After all when you’re faced with a blank canvas the vision and ambition may be there, however accomplishing your dream design can be a challenge.

However the finish line is right in front of you, you can see it so how do you make sure you reach it with the best possible outcome.

Step 1 Clear Vision.

One of the biggest pitfalls of reworking your dream living room, bedroom or home study is that when faced with a blank canvas the mind has a tendency to leap all over the place.

One moment you have your heart set on a modern Cube Furniture look, however when you have found the furniture you would like, suddenly you have your heart set on the Jali Furniture collection, and the process begins anew.

This is why it’s important to keep a clear vision and be set with your decision.

Step 2 Execution.

So once your heart is set all you need to do is execute your new furniture vision. Thankfully if you order from one of our collections such as the Dakota Furniture range, we ensure that you receive the highest quality products with the highest quality service.

This process includes our easy to navigate website to our very own fleet of delivery drivers, means that the finish line to your dream home design is closer than ever.


Save Yourself the Headache

Save Yourself The Headache

Purchasing new furniture for your home can sometimes feel like a real uphill struggle. After all most contemporary pieces of furniture are large, handmade pieces that will sometimes require more than one person to get into the home.

Even pieces as elegant and striking as the Jali Coffee Table may prove some hassle to get into your living room, let alone getting it to your house in the first place.

However we feel that this process takes away from the experience and overall joy of having a brand new Solid Mango Wood Feature for your home.

This is why we offer our very own personalised delivery service, to help you get your newly acquired Dakota Bookcase to you with as little hassle of fuss as possible.

So how does our delivery service work? Well once we have contacted you with the number that you have specified to arrange a delivery slot we begin the process of picking your item from our onsite warehouse.

From here we load you onto a run which is specified around the time slot you agreed, meaning that you will be at home and ready to receive your Retro Mango Sideboard reducing stress on your part.

Then once the driver has arrived at your property he will proceed to bring your item in for you and unwrap the packaging. Now all of our items from the lavish Jali Dresser to the Cuba Lamp Table are all checked before being dispatched.

However just to make sure everything is absolutely perfect each piece will be given one last once over, where our driver will be able to answer any questions you may have about the piece, from the wood though to furniture care and so on.

From here the driver will clean up your packaging just to reduce any further headaches, leaving you with a wonderful new piece of Solid Wood Furniture fully satisfied from a stress free furniture buying experience.

Lost and Found

Lost and Found

It can be quite the journey creating your dream home furniture design, from finding the right carpet or flooring to the right wallpaper and even those little features that complete the room’s look and feel.

However the biggest chunk of any room design is furniture. This is because furniture is the most tangible aspect of a home design; you interact with it on a daily basis from your Dakota Bookcase through to your Mango Dining Table.

Unlike wallpaper where it somewhat stays in the background and does its own thing, furniture is in the forefront be it willingly or unwillingly.

This makes it all the more distressing when a piece of your furniture becomes damaged as this disrupts the synergy and unique charm you have tried so hard to create; often by no fault of your own.

This is furthered for those who own Natural Wood Furniture as often these pieces will be unique and rather pricey to get repaired.

However there are ways to get around the daunting cost of Natural Wood Furniture replacement, in fact you’re in one right now.

Here at Trade Furniture Company™ we have spent the better part of a decade selling high quality Indian Wood Furniture, with unique brands and styles that showcase the potential of Solid Wood Furniture for your home.

The great thing is that even though Solid Wood is often typecast with traditional and elitist. However many of our brands, including the Mango and Cube collections are designed with modern homes in mind.

This can be seen in a number of our popular designs including the Cube TV Unit and Dakota Sideboard to name a few.

However we have made it our mission to provide such high quality Natural Wood Furniture designs at an affordable price.  All of this means the synergy you have created within your home is now easier than ever.

All In Hand

All In Hand

Good morning Solid Wood blog readers, it’s a busy time here in the office thanks to a brand new range which we are going to be launching soon including many Natural Wood Coffee Tables and Bookcases.

Those who have visited our Facebook page will have gotten a sneak peek at our new collection, however until then we have many other Solid Wood Furniture collections available for you within our onsite warehouse.

What’s even better about our extensive range is that every example is handmade, that means each piece is built to last, with care and detail being put into every example.

So what pieces of Handmade Indian Furniture should you be on the lookout for?

Well to begin with there is our extremely popular Dakota Furniture collection. Here each piece is handmade from stunning Natural Mango Wood, creating a distinctive take on living room bedroom and home study favourites.

With all items available in a light and Dark Dakota wood finish, be sure to look out for our extensive Dakota Coffee Tables collection.

The next range to keep an eye on is the Jali Furniture collection. Available in a choice of 3 finishes (honey, light and natural) this range showcases how exquisite handmade Wood Furniture can be. This is thanks to every units Indian Sheesham Wood frame featuring an integrated cast iron design which is inspired by Indian Jali.

Because of this amazing level of detail and design, be sure to take a look at the Jali Dining Chairs and other dining room features in this collection.

Finally we have the Cube Furniture range. This is almost a complete 180 of the Jali collection. Yes each collection features a handmade Indian Sheehsam Wood frame available in a choice of 3 finishes. However this range aims for a more modern look, evidence by its sleek designs that incorporate brushed steel handles.

In fact this is the only collection we have right now that has its own dedicated bedroom furniture collection, filled with Cube Wardrobes and Cube Chest of Drawers.

Exotic without the Excess


Good morning Natural Wood Furniture readers, hopefully you’re enjoying looking at our expanding range of Solid Wood Furniture we have on show here.

In fact we hope that you enjoy it so much that you want to add many of these beautiful pieces to your home design, after all the Jali Coffee Table and Jali Bookcase are really show stopping features to add to the living room.

In fact why not just over indulge on Solid Wood Furniture, however many seem to have the impression that staying with the same design throughout the home will lead to an inflexible and boring design.

However we feel that sticking to your guns when it comes to your home design does not mean a lack of diversity or imagination. This merely demonstrates a practical way of thinking, as those who seek exotic and diverse furniture always have the means to pay for such exquisite items.

However to find a collection such as the Jali Furniture range which blends traditional Sheesham Wood design, with exotic Indian Jali cast iron detailing.

This leads to a range of stunning designs which blend style with cost effectiveness, which give you every reason to furnish your entire living room, bedroom or even the entire home with the Jali Furniture collection.

This is furniture complimented by this collections flexibility, as the Jali range is available in a choice of 3 finishes. These finishes include the rich honey wood finish, the vibrant light wood finish, and the distinctive natural wood finish.

Therefore if you are looking for a vibrant and lively living room design, you can find the perfect Jali TV Unit and Jali Lamp Table in a stunning light wood finish, which allows the units cast iron Jali detailing to pop off the unit.

Even if you’re looking for a down to earth and traditional design, you can find a Jali Wine Rack in its stripped back Natural Wood finish, which means your example will be unique to you thanks to the diverse nature of Sheesham Wood.

Lock & Key

Lock & Key

Good morning Mango Wood blog readers, well todays article is an unusual one as I find myself locked outside of my office.

Yes this means I am sat among our excellent sales team. In fact I can hear them now explaining the difference between one of our Dakota Sideboards and our Mango Sideboards collection to one of our loyal customers.

However I felt this was a great opportunity instead to talk about one of our other popular Solid Wood collections. This collection is our Cube Furniture.

Now many of our frequent visitors will notice this range pop up on our collections tab, and scattered throughout our tailored living room, bedroom and home study collections.

So what is it that makes the Cuba Furniture Range stand out, what is it that grabs your attention and makes you think ‘I need this in my home’?

Well the first thing that you must know about this collection is its unique frame construction. This steams from an Indian Sheesham Wood frame, which alone is regarded worldwide for its unique charm and distinctive tone and texture.

The second factor to consider with this collection is the flexibility that it offers homeowners. This is because each piece from the Cube Sideboard though to the Cube TV Unit is available in a choice of 3 different finishes.

The first of these is the honey wood finish, which provides each example with a rich and welcoming tone. Secondly there is the light wood finish, which takes the exact same design but injects it with a vibrant and theatrical feel. Finally there is the natural wood finish, which retains each pieces traditional Sheesham Wood colour and texture, creating a unique look each and every time.

Combine this with the option of metal handles in the Cube, and matching Sheesham Wood handles in the Cuba range; then you have a furniture collection that is worth a look for both modern and traditional wood furniture designs.

Flawed Yet Flawless

Flawed Yet Flawless

Good Morning Solid Wood Furniture blog fans, it’s an early morning roll call for this week’s blog, after all after 2 weeks away from writing about the various adventures of Indian Wood Furniture.

So during the course of my time off I decided to try and play on my Wii U, for the first time in quite a while since the gamepad controller went bust after it fell off of my Mango Wood Bookcase, cracking the ever fragile screen.

However despite the quite obvious flaw that I was presented with, as I played on Zelda Breath of the Wild for the first time in months I was reacquainted with the flawless gameplay experience that had me spending so much time in front of the Dakota TV Unit before my console was damaged.

So what does this have to do with our stellar range of Solid Wood Furniture?

Well my experience in a way reminded me of our Reclaimed Furniture collection, as this range embodies the flawed yet flawless motif.

When you look at our collection of Reclaimed Sheesham Furniture you can see that the designs are a little blunt and somewhat jarring, with paint scatters and mismatched colours being a focal point of the design.

This to many would seem like a flaw, however this is a flaw that gives the range its indistinguishable charm and character; making it one of the more popular collections for those looking for a distinctive design that demonstrates their creative flair.

This is because even though every example from the Reclaimed Indian Sideboard through to the Reclaimed Sheesham TV Unit features the distinctive layered look, each example is completely unique in terms of design.

This is due to each unit featuring different cuts of reclaimed wood therefore creating a different and unique colour pallet each time.

Combine this with a unique texture and you have a range that much like my broken console is flawed but flawless.

Keeping your cool

Keeping Your Cool

Good Morning Solid Wood Furniture lovers and well this is probably going to be the most obvious statement ever put onto paper – but man is it hot today.

Now you’re probably sprawled out on your couch right now having many sarcastic and bitter thoughts in your head as you try to move in this heat.

However you should not despair as there are plenty of ways to keep your cool in this scorching summer heat.

Of course the easiest of these is to keep yourself well hydrated, after all if you’re lucky enough to be at home today you can have a refreshing glass of orange juice or water sitting on your lovely Mango Coffee Table.

However for a lot of us we need to find more practical ways to keep ourselves cool in the heat.

For example here in the Trade Furniture office, we are all keeping very cool while sat at our Dakota Desks thanks to your lovely air con and office fans, with me personally having a large supply of water stored in the Mango Sideboard we keep in the office.

Now some of you will not be struggling in this weather, instead you will be embracing it by enjoying a variety of outdoor activities.

We guess the favourite of these will be the garden barbeque, getting the equipment and utensils out of the Cuba Sideboard and heading outside, embracing the sun while enjoying digging into your burger or whatever meal you chose.

You can even invite more friends over, using some Cube Sheesham Dining Chairs to provide additional seating for your guests.

You can even head down for a day at the beach, getting your sun cream and summer clothes out of the Dakota Wardrobe and enjoying a fun day in the sun.

However you approach this nice weather be sure to keep your cool.

Adapting is the only way to progress

Adapting is the only way to progress


Humans are stubborn creatures; we all want certain things out of life and when we do not achieve these objectives there is frequent cause for frustration and angst.

This is a frequent feature in designing a home, as if you’re in a party where there are multiple viewpoints and motivating factors.

One member of the party may like the look of our Cube Sideboard for its practical and stylish approach, whereas another may prefer the slightly smaller but more creative Jali Sideboard.

Now this might lead to tension and maybe some hurt feelings as both parties wish to implement their own take of traditional Natural Wood Furniture design.

However this is never the way to go about things, as after all even though you may be right or wrong in your opinions, being stubborn about things will not help and merely delay the new Mango Wood Furniture additions to your home.

Therefore it is better not to disagree but rather come together as one and adapt and find a compromise that will work for both parties.

And after all with such a wide and varied collection of Solid Wood Furniture it would not be too hard to find an alternative look to create your dream home design.

Take a look at the Dakota Furniture collection for instance; this range is filled with a wide variety of home favourites that balance style and practicality.

This stems from the living room with pieces such as the Dakota Coffee Table and the stylish Dakota Bookcase as well as bedroom favourites and lavish dining room features including a vast collection of Dakota Dining Tables.

With a further range of spectacular Solid Wood Items such as the Mango Furniture collection and the Reclaimed Indian collection, there is no doubt that you would be able to find common ground and adapt to find your dream furniture design.

Feeling Old Isn’t So Bad

Feeling Old Isn't So Bad

Good morning readers, this weeks belated Indian Wood Furniture blog has been something of an enigma in the past few days, as for once I really could not pin down a specific topic to base this week’s article on.

Honestly I have been writing for days here at the Cuba Desk just trying to think of a compelling article and suddenly I heard a song on the radio that sent me back to 2002, remembering as clear as day sitting in front of my old TV placed on the Mango TV Unit and listening to it on CD:UK.

And suddenly it hit me, man I feel old. What’s even weirder is that I myself am only in my mid-twenties, yet there has been such a generation shift that if I were to sit with someone from this generation and show them a Game-Boy and a and some songs from my youth around the Dakota Coffee Table they will probably brush them off, refusing to acknowledge their existence or impact.

These things in their minds are irrelevant now.

Yet despite the fact that I feel somewhat old now amongst a generation of millennials, this really isn’t such a bad thing.

After all if I look in my Mango Sideboard and see my collection of singles and albums that I bought back in the day from Woolworths (yes I am that old), along with the collection or Sega mega drive games.

Yet when I sit and I look at these things I think to myself you know what, I’m glad I’m not a part of this generation, I’m glad I was born in my generation, and empathetic to all these millennials who don’t seem to be having the same iconic experiences that I had growing up.

They never had the wonder of watching the lion king when it first came out, never had the wonder of research and acquiring knowledge without the use of the internet, never sat by the Cuba Coffee Table at your friend’s house and playing Mario Kart, never sitting in front of the Cube TV Stand and watching the Simpsons when it first came out.

All these precious memories that I got to experience first hand and in a way be a part of history.

So feeling old is not so bad.

Collision Course

Collision Course

Good afternoon Trade Furniture blog readers, for today’s blog we are going to be looking at the two routes that you can go down when re furnishing your home.

These routes are quality simple; you are either a traditionalist or a modernist. Traditional furniture design is often made from a wide variety of Solid Wood variations including Mango and Sheesham. These pieces carry a certain amount of untapped charm and charisma which is unequalled by any other piece, this is thanks to the unique nature of the wood it is sourced from leading to some truly spectacular designs.

However this does often come with some cost, this can be in the quite literal sense or via some of the pitfalls of traditional furniture design including aftercare and fragility.

This is why many flock to the more modernist design approach. With modernist design beauty often takes a back seat for function and form, with many modernist furniture designs being based upon the idea of making your home life as easy as possible.

This does lead to a slick and seamless home design, yet some would argue that this comes at the cost of personality.

So how do you blend the world of modern practicality with traditional personality, the answer lies in out Cube Furniture collection.

Each piece in this collection is made from the finest Indian Sheesham Wood, which is widely regarded and lauded for its dependability and unique tone and texture making it a popular choice for furniture.

This gives each unit unmatched charm which can be see within units such as the Cube Sideboard and Cuba TV Unit among other favourites.

However each unit is either fitted with brushed steel handles or matching Sheesham Wood handles, giving each piece a practical and easy to use design making opening the drawers on a Cube Bedside Table or the cabinet on a Cuba Dresser easier than ever.

A such two furniture words collide creating a unique dynamic which means that there will be no compromise needed, with your home embracing both sides of the furniture debate and looking all the better as a result.

A Change of Scenery

A Change of Scenery

Welcome to this week’s Trade Furniture blog, and after a busy week of listing and selling our extensive range of Solid Indian Wood Furniture, many of us here in the office were ready for the weekend and a nice change of scenery.

This ties in with this week’s theme as sometimes a change of scenery can often leave you feeling refreshed, revitalised and invigorated to embrace the day ahead.

This is why it’s so often important to revamp your home furniture, now no we don’t mean you should go onto our site right now and buy every piece from our Dakota Furniture collection (although we would definitely recommend checking it out).

No rather you should consider Solid Wood Furniture as a new coat of paint to your old dining room design. This is because it’s in Indian Sheesham and Mango Woods very nature to adapt and bring its own unique style to their surroundings.

This is why they are such a good choice to transform your home design as there is no need to rip off wallpaper or to smash through walls and create extensions, just have a look at our Mango Furniture collection; one or two new features from this collection will breathe new life into your home.

For example if you place a new Mango TV Unit and a Mango Coffee Table in your living room it will be hard to deny the energy that you will feel seeing this new piece of furniture in your living room.

Part of the charm that Solid Wood Furniture provides is the sheer versatility that is on offer. This is due to a number of wood finishes that are available with many of our brands, allowing you to create your own beautiful scene unique to you.

In the Mango Furniture collection you will find the light and dark wood finish, with our Sheesham Range featuring Jali, Cube and Cuba coming in a choice of 3 finishes; Honey, Natural and Light.

All of this will allow you to really transform your room and make it feel like you really have had a change of scenery.

A Voice That Will Never Fade

A Voice That Will Never Fade

The 90’s was such a good generation of music, with iconic band following iconic band however one of the biggest genres to explode in this era was the grunge movement.

What made this genre so iconic was that there were 4 bands that lead the way Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains and finally Soundagrden – each featuring killer hooks and unmistakable vocalists with Eddie Vedder and Layne Staley being among notable names.

However rising above all of them was Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell who with great sadness passed yesterday at the age of 52.

While his peers had equally powerful and charismatic voices in their own right, Cornell possessed something different, a piercing wail that would emerge from a soft baritone at the drop of a hat, filling the room with an energy that for its time was almost unmatched. Just listen to Jesus Christ Pose or Black Hole Sun – 2 of Soundgardens greatest hits for an example of this.

However when Soundgarden disbanded a solo album followed, however the next big project for Cornell was Audioslave. This Supergroup formed with members of Rage Against the Machine gave 90’s rock its final hurrah back in the early 2000’s with hits including Like a Stone and Show Me How To Live demonstrating a more gritty and rough and ready voice matching the more contemporary sound very well.

In the years that followed Cornell released more superb solo material, recorded the opening theme for the 2005 James Bond film Casino Royal.

However following the split of Audioslave, Cornell became something of a lone wolf in rock; as always carving his own path with 2 more incredible solo albums (a third being released in 2015), before reuniting with Soundgarden in 2010 to much fan applause releasing one further album, along with soundtrack work for avengers and touring.

A new album was apparently in the works however sadly this will now not come to be; yet despite losing this incredibly talented musician he will forever live on in the hearts and ears of fans such as myself, remembering that lone wolf who did things his own way with a voice and charisma that will likely go down as the greatest of his generation.

The Reboot

The Reboot

We all have memories of waking up on a weekend and watching the Saturday morning cartoons, before the days of digital TV this was the day when all the new episodes came on with a usual 4 hour marathon of cartoons that have worked our way into our hearts.

Of course depending on when you were born there will be different shows, from the 80s with Thundercats and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles through to 90s kids with Spiderman, X-men and Pokémon being very close to my own personal memories.

I remember it would barley be 7am and before I knew it I would be downstairs sitting at my Solid Wood Coffee Table with a bowl of cheerios’ ready to start my weekend.

Of course new for a new generation many of these classic shows are now receiving reboots introducing new fans to these classic series.

This is what leads to today’s blog as we have our own little rebooted series here at Trade Furniture – the Reclaimed Indian collection.

This collection features similar designs to many of our Indian Furniture collections; however each example is made from Reclaimed Indian Sheesham Wood.

By this we are referring to wood that has otherwise been cast aside, however rather than let it go to waste we’re vamp it into a number of home furniture favourites.

For example we take the large Dakota TV Unit design and re work it to suit the unique tone and colour pallet provided by the reclaimed Sheesham Wood to create a truly eye catching piece of home furniture design.

Another example could be the Industrial Crank Coffee Table, where we take the classic design and reinvigorate it with a Reclaimed Sheesham surface top.

All of this reboots our classic designs, retaining their original charm of the classic while giving it a new look that will hopefully inspire new fans of Indian Wood Furniture.

Location is Key

Location is Key

Good afternoon Trade Furniture blog readers, hopefully you’re finding much inspiration among our collection of Natural Indian Wood Furniture.

Here in the office we are making preparations for our next big Facebook event; however despite the charm and charisma of Solid Wood Furniture something just doesn’t seem quite right.

No matter where we moved the photoshoot to there always just seemed to be something out of place, then suddenly we found the perfect location.

This is what is always peculiar about Solid Wood Furniture, that unlike other furniture types the location of the furniture is key to it creating the perfect look.

You see Natural Mango Wood Sideboards and TV Units among other pieces in our collection are designed with the aim of keeping as much of the natural charm and character from the source material as possible.

Of course we give it a little bit of help along the way, with a choice of multiple wood finishes depending on your chosen wood. Our Mango Wood collections feature a choice in light or dark wood finishes (with Mango and Dakota each featuring their own unique dark finish). Among these finishes we also have the wide variety of Sheesham range variants, which include light, natural and honey wood finishes.

All this variation helps find the perfect fit and location for your new piece of Solid Wood Furniture.

Yet why is it so important?

Well unlike a lot of flat pack alternatives which are purposely designed to fit within a modern living room design, Solid Wood Furniture such as the Dakota Coffee Table, by its very nature is more restricted.

You can’t just take a shelf off of the Jali TV Unit for example to make it fit your current storage requirements, what you see is what you get.

Therefore picking exactly the right location and the exact piece you need is essential to creating the quintessential Solid Wood Furniture experience.



Wondering is a habit that the human mind seems to have taken quite a liking to. Whether it be in the car on the way to work or walking around your garden, our minds are always wondering what this could be, what are the positives and negatives of this.

This is never more prominent than in the world of Solid Wood Furniture, particularity on the customer side of things. Think about the last time you laid eyes on one of our Mango Coffee Tables, you were probably already off wondering about the potential that this piece could have within your living room. This is the same for all of our Indian Wood pieces, from the Dakota Bookcase through the Cube Sheesham Sideboard.

This is of course an understandable in the world of Natural Wood Furniture, as after all is not the cheapest thing in the world; representing the argument of quality over cost therefore it is important to see if your dream Jali TV Unit is financially viable.

There are many factors that go along with this looking at the Dakota Mango Bookcase as an example; the first question is will the item even fit within your home. This is always the thing that puts people off buying wood furniture, as even as you’re looking at a beautiful Solid Mango Wood Bookcase there is always that wonder of whether it will fit.

This is not such a problem with small items such as the Cube Lamp Table, regardless we ensure that all of our listings feature up to date and accurate dimensions, providing you with a snapshot of what the piece will look like within your living room.

Secondly is the long term practicality of each example, after all there is no point in investing the money in a brand new Jali Sideboard for it to be replaced within a few years, after all this is missing the point.

Thankfully each piece in our Solid Mango and Indian Sheesham Wood collections  are each professionally hand crafted to ensure the highest quality look and feel, whilst maintaining a rugged durability and dependability only found in Solid Wood Furniture.

Because of these reasons the next time that you look at our Natural Wood Furniture collection you can wonder no more.

The Right Tools For The Job!

The Right Tools For The Job

Good afternoon Trade Furniture readers, thanks for checking into this week’s blog. I guess the question would be how your Easter weekend has gone? Hopefully you got an extended weekend to enjoy all of your chocolatey treats at the Mango Dining Table.

But any who onto todays blog and this week we will be discussing the importance of having the right tools for the job, particularly in the realm of home furniture.

So what lead to this blog, well over the weekend while trying to play a brand new MMO with my friends, the laptop which I was using (which by the way is incredibly handy and frequently rests on my Cube Coffee Table while bidding on eBay) sounded like it was in agony?

The fan was blasting, the processor was reaching 100% constantly and the frame rate for the game was dropping to unplayable levels.

So what does this have to do with this blog? Well it’s a demonstration of how it is a must to have the right tools for the job, non-more so than in the world of Solid Wood Furniture.

Because items such as the Dakota TV Unit and the Jali Bookcase provide all with cost and logistical concerns, it is important to make sure that your investment is a one-time deal without the need to upgrade further down the line.

So what can you do to make sure that you avoid such a situation?

Well for one look at your circumstances. Now admittedly this is not as whimsical as I make it sound as after all you may buy a Jali TV Unit suitable for a small TV set and months down the line upgrade to a 50” 4K model.

However by considering you requirements both present and future you will not only get an elegant piece of Solid Wood Furniture but also one that will meet all of your needs.

For example if you collect vintage action toys, you could buy a Small Mango TV Unit to meet the current need, or you could invest more and buy a stunning Cube Bookcase which offers double the storage space allowing you to expand on your hobby.

Such are the perks of having the right tool for the job.

New Shade, Here to Stay

New Shade, Here to Stay

It’s the start of a new week, Solid Wood Furniture blog readers, and well there have been a few new changes – most notably I have dyed my hair.

Now what does this have to do with my new Jali Sideboard I hear you ask, well it turns out that I like this new colour very much, to the point where for the first time on a Monday morning I am in a good pre-coffee mood.

This goes to show how much a simple thing such as a new shade or colour can revitalise the way you think and feel none more so than when furnishing your home with elegant Solid Wood Furniture.

In fact one of the greatest features that Natural Wood Furniture such as our Mango Furniture collection can offer is the wide ranging finishes and colours available.

Now in the interests of quality and consistency we limit ourselves to a maximum of 3 finishes. Depending on the type of wood you can either have a choice of a light and dark wood finish available with most of our Mango Wood collections, or light, natural and honey available with our Sheesham Furniture collections.

The amazing thing is how much off a difference a mere colour finish can impact the smallest for features not just a room within the home. For example, I recently purchased a Japanese PS Vita, readily available in the UK however this version was bright neon orange – I’ll just let that sink in.

As a result every time I play it feels more special knowing that I have this exclusive Vita tucked safely away in my Dakota Sideboard.

However back to furniture, let’s look at that Dakota Sideboard. You may be looking to boost your home storage; however the Dakota Dark wood finish may not be to your taste. Yet thanks to the versatility of Solid Wood Furniture you may find the Light Dakota wood finish suits your home design perfectly, meaning you won’t miss out on a stunning addition to your home though such a restriction such as finish.

Perfect to Collect


There is nothing more satisfying than getting something you want and not having to wait for it to arrive isn’t there. Think buying off eBay and having to wait for a brand new set of wine glasses as opposed to going out and buying some off of the high street.

The end result is you now have a new set of stunning wine glasses which you can display with pride upon your Dakota Dining Table.

However more often than not this will come at a price. Think of ordering a DVD off Amazon vs buying it at your local supermarket, it will generally cost more than online prices however the benefit is that you get it there and then.

However we feel that this is something that should not apply to the world of Solid Wood Furniture. After all an evocative Jali Sideboard may be a stunning piece of living room furniture, however it’s not something that you would buy on a whim.

Therefore to paying a delivery charge may put some of you off ordering a Mango TV Unit due to the added expense as well as ensuring that someone will be home to receive delivery of your new Solid Wood piece.

Of course we do have a fully trained fleet of delivery drivers who will bring your item direct to your door; however for those who do not wish to receive this option, we do have an alternative.

Thanks to our large on site warehouse we do offer the option to collect your furniture free of charge.

This gives you a number of advantages over delivery, first is that you will be able to inspect your brand new Retro Mango TV Unit making sure that it is to your standards, ensuring quality and satisfaction all round.

The biggest advantage though is that you get your stunning piece of Solid Wood Furniture in your home right away without the need to wait, as well as making a significant saving.

Mango Office Revamp

Mango Office Revamp

Good morning Trade Furniture blog readers, don’t know if you heard but we have had a recent move about here in the office, rearranging our Dakota Mango Desks and putting in some new Solid Wood Furniture (trust me we have plenty of it available).

However after a few weeks we decided that the new office setup was not working out as well as we thought, something was missing that no Jali Side Table would be able to replicate.

So we decided to revert to the old office design, however considering that our old desks are a little long in the tooth it seemed like a good time to revamp our office design.

The old furniture we had was the Dakota Furniture collection, which we can testified is a comfortable and extremely resilient collection, this is why we had 2 handmade Dakota Desks and 2 spacious Dakota Sideboards which provided a practical and somewhat soothing office environment.

However we felt that we wanted to revamp the look of the office, yet we also wanted to retain the comfort and reliance of the Dakota Furniture collections Mango Wood frames.

Then like a bolt of lightning it hit us, why don’t we revamp our office with Mango Furniture.

This collection features the same 100% Solid Mango Wood Frame as the Dakota Furniture collection however, this range differs with its stunning Mango Dark wood finish which gives each unit a striking look and feel which would breathe new life into our office.

There are other collections we could pick from including the evocative Jali Furniture range, with its intricate detailing and charismatic Sheesham Wood frame, which is available in a choice of 3 wood finishes, the honey, light and natural.

However the infectious charm of Mango Furniture is something that cannot be overlooked even with such options available, as Mango combines 2 essential elements to any good furniture range – It’s charming and uncomplicated, perfect for an office environment.

Distinguished Dining

Solid Wood Dining Sets

Here at Trade Furniture Company we sell a wide variety of Solid Wood Furniture pieces, from our living room collections, to our bedroom furniture ranges including our selection of bookcases and Mango Wood Bedside Tables.

However one of our more complete collections is our selection of Natural Dining Room Furniture.

This is split into 3 different sections, the first being our selection of stylish Solid Wood Dining Tables. Featuring examples from all of our popular collections including our selection of Cube Dining Tables and Dakota Dining Tables, our vast and expansive collection of Solid Wood Dining Tables are designed for a variety of dining room designs.

From 2 seater Mango Dining Tables ideal for a small dining room or apartment, to our selection of lavish 8 seater dining tables including the Jali Dining Set perfect for beginning your dream dining room design.

Next we have our selection of Dining Chairs. These include our Leather Dining Chairs which are available in a Barcelona, Madrid and Rollback design, with each featuring Natural Wood legs that compliment not only the leather seating but also our range of Solid Wood Dining Tables.

On the other end of the spectrum we have the selection of Rattan Dining Chairs. A true representation of Natural Furniture design, these chairs are available in a number of different designs including Havana, Croco, Salsa and Rollback designs. Each design features a hand woven Natural Banana Leaf Frame that is hand woven around a Solid Wood Frame.

Finally we have our selection of Solid Wood Dining Sets. Combining both elements above, our selection of Indian Wood Dining Sets is hand selected by us here at Trade Furniture for how well they work together.

You may be presently surprised at how well a Mango Dining Set goes with our Rattan Dining Chairs or how a Light Jali Dining Set looks imperious and distinguished with a set of Barcelona Leather Dining Chairs.

Lust for Light

Lust for Light

Here at Trade Furniture we always try to make our furniture stand out from the crowd. Now Solid Wood Furniture doesn’t really need this sort of help, after all take a look at our collection of Natural Jali Sheesham TV Units, each with their own unique tone and wood grain.

However although evocative certainly distinct, there are times where it just does not fit with your current home design.

This is why many of our Indian Furniture collections are available in a number of wood finishes including the Mango Dark, Dakota Dark, Honey etc.

However when it comes to really transforming the way your home looks, the light wood finish is definitely a stands out from the crowd.

Available with our Mango, Dakota and all Sheesham Furniture collections, the light wood finish is just the ticket for those looking for a vibrant look and feel to add to their home design.

It’s amazing how a Light Mango TV Unit combined with a Light Dakota Coffee Table can transform a living room from a dull, dreary environment into a place that represents life and energy which is exactly what a living room should be.

However where the light wood finishes really makes its mark is in the Sheesham collections.

These include the Jali, Jali Sheesham, Cube and Cuba collections. See unlike any other collections, the light wood finish when applied to this wood leave each piece with distinctly theatrical knots and wood streaks for an unmistakable style that does not forget its natural wood roots.

This combination works very well with the Jali Sheesham collection with the theatrical light wood enhances each units Indian Jali inspired iron cast detailing meaning even one addition would be more than enough to inject energy and life into any room.

This is perhaps why many of our customers have always seemed to have a lust for light.

The Engines are Revving

The Engines are Revving

Hello readers, today the mad blogger is getting rather excited as we are getting closer and closer to the start of the motorsport year coming fully into fruition.

Now some of you lucky readers would have had the opportunity to watch the opening world superbike race of the season or even the world famous Daytona 500 on your Mango TV Unit.

However for many racing fans the world over the cherry on the Sunday if you will is the start of the F1 and Motogp seasons, which start within a few weeks of each other.

Now you have probably been looking with intent at the testing times and seeing all of the new cars and bikes out on track sitting with your laptop coffee primed on your Dakota Coffee Table, and the prospects as we are sure you can tell are very promising.

Now from a Motogp perspective there has always been a reason to be exited after last season being arguably the best in a decade where the form book was totally rewritten and there were a slew of competitive riders all in contention for wins.

Of course this season the biggest news stories revolve around Maverick Vinales, who was electrifying last season on a less fancied Suzuki, looking like a real title contender on board a Yamaha. Then on the other end of the spectrum Jorge Lorenzo switching to Ducati, now all of you motorsport historians will probably have books about Valentino Rossi’s switch to the enigmatic Italian squad packed in your Cube Bookcase, so it will be interesting to see how this plays out.

Then we have F1, with new owners in Liberty Media and a new regulation and technical specification that should hopefully stop people from heading for the Mango Sideboard for an old DVD review to remember the good times, which looking at early footage from the tests seems like it’s not going to be needed.

Faster cars, No more tires that are designed to degrade and a completely open championship with no reining champion and a new driver slotting into the current top team makes for exiting prospects.

So be sure to set your calendars as soon the engines will be revving and your entrance into the temple of speed awaits.

A Quick Breather

A Quick Breather

Today has been a busy morning in the Trade Furniture office, the team here working on many new ideas and revamping our website to give you a more user friendly Solid Wood Furniture buying experience.

However after a while we all need a quick breather, otherwise we risk burning ourselves out before we get to tell you about our Solid Mango Wood collections including the new Retro Mango furniture range.

However this week’s Indian Wood Furniture blog will act as a quick breather between listing and revamping, which also links into today’s topic, of how Solid Wood Furniture is a great way to deliver a relaxing vibe around the home.

There are 2 sides to this coin; the first is through a practical sense. Our Natural Wood Furniture collections from the Jali Sheesham through to the Dakota Mango collections are all made with the intention of making your home routine as relaxing as possible.

For instance our Dakota Coffee Tables featuring spacious surface tops so that no one’s mug is kept on the floor, preventing you from worrying about it being spilled all over your plush carpet. Other example could be our collection of Cube Bookcases allowing you to keep your favourite albums nearby for when everyone is out of the house and you just want to jam to some Stone Temple Pilots or whatever albums you keep in your Sheesham Wood Bookcase.

In addition to the practical elements, the other side of the coin is about the style of the wood itself. With all due respect to modernist furniture design it can sometime be a bit lifeless and clinical, whereas putting the TV on and looking at your Mango TV Unit you can see the natural charm and charisma of the wood which rubs off and make the home feel even more of a relaxing place to be.

A Social Affair

A Social Affair

Social Media, it’s almost unimaginable to think about the world without it now, the ability to follow your friends, family and celebrities and keep tabs on what’s going on in their day to day lives.

Personally I have mixed feelings on the whole thing as yes it is undoubtedly useful, after all I watch a lot of US sports such as Basketball and US oval racing which although great is often kept behind a pay wall, which is why social media is a great way to keep tabs on how things are going without having to wait for a YouTube upload a few months later.

However at times it is also somewhat grating when the things that are shared and commented on are either just plain stupid or annoying, i.e. people changing their profile pictures on an hourly basis or uploading snapchats constantly and other such things that make me want to break a Mango Coffee Table in two.

However despite these slight annoyances, it cannot be mistaken that Social Media will only continue to impact our daily lives, with many being able to share their recent Indian Sheesham Wood Furniture additions with people accords the world.

This in fact leads nicely into the theme of this blog as if there is any avenue that Social Media has impacted it is business.

Using ourselves as a case study, with Social Media it is possible for us here to connect with all of our customers, constantly keeping you in the loop about our recent Indian Furniture such as the brand new Retro Mango Furniture collection.

It also allows you to keep us in the loop about how we are doing; you can post your furniture on your timeline spreading the word about the amazing look of your Jali TV Unit, or the unique rough sawn finish found on our Retro Furniture collection.

In short Social Media has given business like ourselves the ability to extend an olive branch out to our customers, keeping you constantly in the loop about all of our collection from the Dakota Furniture collection to new additions to our Indian Furniture collection.

After all it is a social affair.

Alone With Your Thoughts

Alone With Your Thoughts

Well it’s Monday morning and my colleague has the week off which means that I have the IT office all to myself, which as a blogger is certainly a good thing.

See being alone when trying to write is a blessing in disguise as yes I may start to go mad in front of my Dakota Desk due to isolation, however when thinking of blogging topics being alone with your thoughts can lead to a creative flux, with inspired ideas following left right and center.

Of course today’s blog may not be the most inspired Indian Furniture themed piece in the world however it is certainly relevant to the world of Solid Wood Furniture.

After all great home designs are always brought about by a burst of creative thought, which for the most part would come around through just sitting down and having a long hard think about the direction you want to go in for your home design.

Some of these decisions will need a lot of thought as after all, choosing what kind of paint you want, or the flooring you are going to lay down is a onetime deal with not a lot of flexibility.

This is also often an assumption when it comes to furniture as inflexible and expensive are often words that are tagged with such pieces.

However if you know where to look, you can give yourself plenty of flexibility when it comes to furnishing your home.

One such place to look is Indian Furniture. Unlike most home furniture pieces or ranges, Solid Indian Furniture is flexible by design, with a vast range that includes Mango Furniture filled with TV units and coffee tables, to the modernist fusion of the Cuba Furniture collection and the evocative Sheesham influenced Jali Furniture collection complete with lavish sideboards and bookcases.

The choice of wood and differing finishing’s means that you can take you do not need to worry as much about whether your furniture will fit your look as with Indian Furniture there is something for everyone.

A Focus of Chaos

A Focus of Chaos

Ok as a Solid Wood Furniture retailer we understand that keeping everything focused and organised helps to keep everything flowing and efficient so that our customers receive their brand new Dakota Mango Bookcase on time and in pristine condition.

Therefore we also understand that chaos is never the right way to go about Solid Wood Furniture, be it on our side of things or when you are thinking about furnishing your home with new Sheesham Wood Furniture.

You see buying a brand new Dakota TV Unit is a lot different than heading down to a local department store and picking up a floating shelf, it is not something that should be decided on a whim as this will inevitably lead to chaos and a lot of Indian Wood Furniture that never reaches its full potential.

Here’s a quick hypothetical for you. One day you decide that you want a new coffee table for your living room, how are you going to go about this, are you going to spend time researching your options, seeing which style of Coffee Table you want, after all there are many styles that include Dakota, Mango and Jali Coffee Tables available each with their own specific measurements and quirks that make them unique.

Or do you take option B, seeing a coffee table at a furniture outlet and simply buying it outright without thinking of the consequences that may come from investing such a large amount of money without even seeing if the finished product will meet your requirements.

If we were you we would say option 1 is the better of the 2 options, which is why we encourage our customers to research as much as possible before considering their purchase.

Of course we do as much as possible to help you with this decision; if you were to take a look at one of our Mango Wood Coffee Tables we provide detailed images of the item, a description which sets the scene for the product as well as up to date dimensions.

All of this we hope will allow you to make a focused decision when purchasing your Solid Wood Furniture and not slip into the void of home furniture chaos.

What’s My Motivation?

Whats My Motivation

Good morning Trade Furniture blog readers, so for this week’s Indian Wood Furniture blog there is a simple question to ask … What’s My Motivation?

Seriously what is making me put pen to paper right now (hypothetically of course), what is the inspiration the motivation for this Solid Wood Furniture blog.

This is a question is often posed when purchasing some brand new Indian Mango Wood Furniture, because let’s be honest here Natural Wood Furniture is two things, heavy and expensive.

This means even buying a Mango TV Stand is a big commitment let alone furnishing your entire living room with fine Mango Wood Furniture.

But say for arguments sake you decided to take the plunge and invest in some new Solid Wood Furniture, what would have made you make this decision.

The most common motivation for investing in new furniture is an upgrade. Your current dining set is insufficient for your needs for whatever reason be it a new home, growing family etc, leading you to look into a durable yet well priced alternative such as the Jali Dining Set for instance. This is not just limited to the dining room as you may need a new Sheesham TV Stand for the living room, or a Dakota Desk for that Mac you just ordered.

Another motivation may be of a more aesthetic nature, after all Indian Furniture does have something of a unique look to it, from the evocative Jali Furniture designs to the modernist Cube Furniture collection all the way to our ever popular Solid Mango Wood collections. Each piece carries its own unique look and feel that may trigger a wave of new inspiration and in turn a revamp of your current home furniture design.

However like me writing this blog, motivations are unique to the individual alone, so next time you’re looking at some Solid Wood Furniture the question we would love to ask is … What’s Your Motivation?

In The Frame

Hello all of you Dakota Mango Wood Furniture fans (I’m assuming so considering your on our site), todays Solid Wood Furniture blog is about how it is so hard to get into the frame.

Let me elaborate further on this, now this is not a favourite term that I like to use but the selfie. Yes an act that has been conducted for centuries but that now has pop culture relevance and seems to be a way of self-expression now.

However trying to take one of these things is almost impossible, at least from the experience. Think about it when have you ever taken a picture of yourself and have been totally satisfied with it, our hair isn’t right, the picture makes us look boated or the lighting isn’t quite right.

Maybe this is just something that I myself find however unlike taking a picture of someone blowing the candles out on their birthday cake on a Jali Dining Table, I find that it is impossible to always get into the right frame when taking a photo of yourself.

Perhaps because we are so self-conscious of how we look in our photos is why we often look so awkward in selfies (or whatever they will be called next), as frequently the best pictures are taken when it is not planned, such as winning a game of Magic the Gathering on your Mango Coffee Table and that moment of celebration captured on camera, in this instance we are not concerned about how we look as the picture is unplanned and is in the moment, usually when we are at our most relaxed.

However this makes Solid Wood Furniture somewhat lucky, I know they have the drawback of not being alive or anything, but have you ever noticed that once of our Mango TV Units is always in the frame, always looks like it has just the right amount of light and the perfect angle every time.

Updates, So Many Updates

updates, so many updates

Good morning Solid Wood Furniture blog readers, this morning I was rearing to go with many titles that would allow me to talk at great length about our Solid Mango Wood pieces among other favourites.

But before this I decided to go and clear my head with a good cup of coffee, after all nothing lets ideas flow from your head like a good brew at our Jali Dining Table. However to my horror windows had begun an automatic update, yes one of those updates.

So I sat at my Dakota Mango desk thinking ok this won’t take too long and then I can get on with today’s blogging action.

Unfortunately the update seemed like it was going to take a lot longer than it originally seemed and the longer I stared at the swirling circle thing the longer I thought I was about to lose my mind.

So what options did I have at this point I hear you ask? Well the first would have been to go into our onsite Solid Wood warehouse and help the warehouse staff out in moving our furniture around.

However I quickly remembered the last time I tried to lift a Jali Sideboard, which with its Solid Sheesham Wood frame and intricate Indian Jali iron cast detailing is the equivalent to picking up 25 dumbbells at once.

So that option was out as more and more time passed and frustration was building as my blogging topics were a lot less fresh than they were before – as a writer if you have a topic in hour head its better to put it to paper immediately rather than waiting around as it will never seem like its fulfilling its potential.

So what did I chose to do, well I decided to draft my blogs, what they are about and what the inspiration was, this allowed me to not only keep the ideas fresh but make sure that they could all be easily related to Solid Mango Wood Furniture to keep with our sites theme.

And as a result I’m now brimming with content ideas, and once this final update is finished I will be unleashing all of my Indian Furniture blogs to the web.

The Land of Confusion

The Land of Confusion

Here at Trade Furniture Company we have learnt something from our years of selling Solid Mango Wood Furniture, and that is that confusion is bad.

This is a fact not only from the consumer perspective but also us. You see furniture is a complicated entity in itself, it’s not like going down to the Games store and buying a new game for yourself as that is pretty self-explanatory, it works with this hardware and has this many players £8.99.

However with Dakota Mango Furniture it’s not as simple as there are always factors to take into account.

For instance say you’re looking at one of our Jali Coffee Tables. This elegant piece of furniture is designed around beautiful Indian Jali detailing with a Solid Indian Sheesham Wood frame.

So the first factor before just popping down to your local Jali Sheesham showroom is will the design fit with your current living room aesthetic, and given that most furniture of this type is available in only 1 finish this may lead to difficultly.

This is why we show on our website all finishes that are available with our furniture which is this case we offer the Jali Honey, Light and Jali Natural Wood Furniture.

Next there is the case of what it looks like, after all the Solid Wood Coffee Table that you see whether it be the Jali or the Dakota Mango Coffee Table will not be the one you will receive most of the time.

This is why we unwrap and show you the furniture ourselves for you to personally inspect and make sure that your happy with what you will be taking home is completely to your satisfaction, which is no trouble with a Solid Wood Furniture warehouse on site.

This conveniently leads to the final concern that many have about buying wood furniture, how we will get this Mango Bookcase home, thankfully we work around you with this as we offer a collection service as well as delivery planned around you.

All of this will get you away from the land of confusion.

The Clarity of Reality

The Clarity of Reality

Online retailing or e-commerce has become integral to modern business; no matter what it is from a small Solid Wood retailer through to billion dollar enterprises, the importance of having an online presence is essential, just look at Formula 1 if you don’t believe me.

Of course the biggest way a company can have an online presence is through online retail as this acts as a one two punch of both advertising your goods and converting that advertisement direct into revenue almost instantaneously.

For example someone clicks on one of our Mango TV Units found on our site, within seconds this is converted into revenue, all through merely having an effective online presence.

However should a business merely have an online only presence is there a chance of restricting yourself?

There are many ways such a restriction can affect a company, however for this blog the consumer is the key factor we will be highlighting.

When buying online you are in essence looking at a picture, judging the product by what you are seeing on screen and making your decision based upon that. Now for some industries this is fine as some products do not have such concerns, for example a new phone case.

However for a retailer of Solid Mango Wood Furniture pieces such as the Dakota Coffee Table this is more difficult as during the process how will the customer know what they see is what they get.

This may seem finicky however as a collector of classic video games I empathise with this.

Because of this we try to give as much clarity as possible to the customer when buying from our online sales platform, this includes letting the customer personally collect their Solid Wood Furniture from our onsite warehouse, having a dedicated quality control team ticking off every piece before dispatch as well as having a friendly sales team ready to answer any and all questions you may have about our Solid Wood Furniture.

All of this will provide clarity and confidence when buying your new Jali Sideboard or Mango Coffee Table.


Price Point – Quality or Prestige


Well good morning Trade Furniture blog readers, well this morning while on the bus to work this morning I was looking on my phone for various products and one thing that I was observing was the price difference between certain products.

For instance while thinking about what the theme of this Solid Wood blog would be I saw 2 phones, both had equal capabilities and both looked very similar, however they had a 150 price point difference.

So what was the difference, well one phone was a Sony brand whereas the other was not.

And this is what leads to today’s blog theme. What a price point represent quality or the prestige of a product.

For example you will find many TV Units online that have extravagant price tags attached to them, however should you assume that these units are of higher quality that lower cost alternatives.

For instance take a look at our Mango TV Unit, this is a handmade unit made from the finest Solid Mango Wood and features ample media storage for DVD players and other media accessories.

However despite this our Mango TV Units are often lower in price than alternative units despite their natural handmade finish.

This is the question, does paying more mean that you get a better product, or for the feeling of quality rather than actual quality.

For instance is having a £1000 mac book placed upon your Dakota Desk superior to having a £300 laptop on your Jali Coffee Table – they do the same job to a point and have their advantages and disadvantages.

However the reason that many are willing to pay the extra money is for the prestige that comes with the brand and the bragging rights of the new technology.

A similar scenario would be one home owner paying £2000, for an elegant Dining Set from Italy, which needs to be heavily maintained and is rarely used or a £400 Dakota Dining Set which is purpose built for family use.

Furniture Care 101

Furniture Care 101

One of the biggest drawbacks of Solid Wood Furniture is that it is delicate, its just in its nature after all if you treat a Natural Mango Sideboard without care is going to leave a ding or too, no matter how durable the wood is.

Perhaps this is why so many bails on the idea of furnishing their homes with Solid Wood Furniture, feeling that the machine manufactured alternatives will be easier to replace if broken.

However it is hard to see where this stigma arose from, it seems like if you mention the words Dakota Mango TV Unit to someone and immediately thoughts go how best to protect it and how it can be fixed if something does go awry.

Thankfully being experienced the Natural Wood retailers that we are, we understand delicacy of our wood furniture and that caring for it can be more of a challenge.

This is why we take the time to research our furniture, making sure that we understand the wood and the different finishes that are available.

One such development of this is our range of correction pens, these pens are made to match the colour finish of the wood for a seamless and cost effective means of keeping your furniture in prime condition.

The pens themselves are designed to match the finish of the wood with our light scratch pens designed for the Mango and Dakota Light collections, the dark wood pens which are designed for pieces such as the Mango Dark TV Unit with the final pen being designed for our honey wood ranges.

In addition to this we also sell specialised wax which will accentuate the natural colours of the furniture with a showpiece gleam that will rival any piece of Jali Furniture you see in magazines.

All of this allows you to take no compromise when outfitting your home with Solid Wood Furniture allowing for a truly unique and practical home environment.

Putting a Spin on Things

Putting A Spin On Things

Good afternoon Trade Furniture blog readers, it has been a very busy period of revamping our Solid Wood Furniture site – in particular our collection of Solid Wood Dining Sets getting a facelift with some lovely new images that we are sure will showcase the beauty of our Mango Dining Sets among other things.

In fact this is somewhat relevant to today’s blog topic as by revamping, we are putting a new spin on our previous listings, making one small adjustment that will have a big impact.

This sort of thought process is relevant to many of our Solid Wood Furniture pieces as many of them have unique ‘spins’ put on them to give them a different perspective.

Sometimes these spins are very subtle, such as one of our Dakota Bookcases which by itself is a very useful and practical addition to any Study or Living Room. However the addition of a hand woven Rattan Basket showcases the design potential of the piece and offers some much needed home storage.

The area in which this is most noticeable however is in our collection of Solid Wood Dining Sets. With a wide range of Indian Wood Tables including selections from the Mango and Jali collections, the majority of which are available with matching Solid Wood chairs.

However although design symmetry may be what some are looking for, a lot of our customers really like a new spin on their dining table, a unique touch that defines their set from others.

For this reason we sell a lot of out Dining Tables as a set with either leather or Rattan Dining Chairs.

The Leather Chair option we feel represents elegant sophistication contributing to a definitive dining experience with the smoothness of the leather complimenting the tactile nature of the Natural Wood table.

However on the other end of the spectrum there is the Rattan Dining Chairs, this is all about charm and charisma, representing a complete natural furniture experience. As you sit down at your Mango Dining Set complete with Rattan Rollback Dining Chairs the wood of the table meshing with the renowned and ever distinct charisma of hand crafted works.

Combining Powers Engage

Combining Powers Engage

Combining, the term that represents combining for a common purpose with the hope of improving on something that as individual pieces would not be as effective if the elements were separate.

So what brought such a topic to mind, well after lunch I decided that it would be nice to have a hot chocolate after lunch to hopefully get some inspiration for the latest Dakota Furniture blog.

However during this time I found some marshmallows that just happened to conveniently be stored within one of the Mango Sideboards we have around the office. So this got me thinking that a hot chocolate would be much improved with some marshmallows in it, reminding me of sitting in the university canteen with a nice hot chocolate and my revision papers resting on a Solid Wood Table.

So the combination was so, and as I sat at my Mango Desk and although the combination itself would normally be amazing, the added sugar of the marshmallows I found sort of ruined the experience unfortunately.

However despite this, inspiration was now mine as it got me thinking about all of the great combinations that you will find in our selection of Indian Furniture.

These include a variety of pieces that we sell with Rattan Baskets, such as our Mango Open Coffee Tables which on their own are a solid if not simplistic piece of furniture design. However add a set of Rattan Baskets to the equation and suddenly you have some ever useful living room storage with the charm of Natural Banana Leaf Fibre design.

You will also find a number of combinations within our Dining Sets. You are able to go down the all-natural route with one of our Dakota Coffee Tables being combined with a set of Solid Wood Chairs. However the experience would be whole improved with a set of lush Leather Dining Chairs or some Rattan Dining Chairs.


Game Time With Mango

Game Time With Mango

In a world where video games are rivaling Hollywood movies in terms of revenue and a new leap in technology called VR is developing at a rapid pace it’s hard to think there was a time when games did not require a stable power supply.

However even in this environment board games and card games are still not only popular but also thriving, but why when there are so many heavily marketed alternatives available.

Well for one a quote ‘traditional game’ is such a great form of self-expression. For example many of us hold games nights and the games that are played represent our hobbies and interests. For instance you can have a game of Wiess Schwartz at the Jali Dining Table, which on paper this is a simple 4 player card game. However each set of cards is based upon a different show or video game, which means that you deck can be a completely original creation of your own.

Another factor that helps traditional games be so popular is that they are so easy to access. In a world where some new Video Games are costing upwards of £50 not including additional content which in the end may end up costing you more than a Mango Bookcase, it is somewhat refreshing to hop on eBay and buy a special edition of monopoly for about 20 quid if you know where to look.

And considering that most games released by major developers today are online multiplayer based it is refreshing to sit around the Mango Coffee Table and interact with people you know and have fun with, with the added bonus of having a Dakota Sideboard with more games that you picked up.

Now granted not all ‘traditional games’ are good, if you ever gave me the choice between Ludo and Street Fighter on the PlayStation, then I like many would be shimming over to the Mango TV Unit.

However it’s nice to find that gaming in its most pure form is still giving enjoyment to many the world over.

The Perfect Host

The Perfect Host

Indian Furniture is a wonderful thing isn’t it, 100% natural, durable design and versatility that allows it to be anything from a Sheesham Coffee Table to a Mango Dining Set.

However despite all of these positives there is a slight drawback to Solid Wood Furniture like the Dakota Coffee Table is that it’s not exactly accommodating – especially when you think many of the items require at least 2 people to lift them.

Therefore it requires a lot of planning ahead of time in order to be the perfect host for your new piece of Indian Furniture to slot nicely into your home design.

We here at trade feel that this is a tale of 2 sides as yes ensuring that your home can host your new Shessham Bookcase, as this would be a sensible option and make thing much easier.

However you bought the furniture from us (we assume), therefore we feel that we have a part to play in you becoming the perfect host for a stunning new Mango Coffee Table.

So once you have purchased your furniture we will ensure that the furniture itself is to the absolute highest quality without compromise, as one of the drawbacks of handmade Natural Wood Furniture is that there can be some imperfections, which is understandable considering the distance it has traveled. This is why before we load it onto one of our delivery runs it is meticulously checked and tested.

To ensure that everything runs smoothly our delivery team will contact you and arrange a delivery slot that suits you, allowing you to sufficiently prepare for your new Dakota Sideboard or Sheesham TV Unit to arrive.

This will allow for easy implementation of your new Indian Furniture without all of the faff and fuss that is normally associated with collection and arranging new Solid Wood Furniture for the home making you the perfect host.


New Year, New Mango

New Year, New Mango

Well lets get started by wishing all of our Solid Wood Furniture readers a happy new year, hope all of you are looking forward to what will hopefully be a much more positive year than last and yes everyone is justified in sating that.

So what are your plans for the new year, do you plan on getting fit, living out your childhood dreams, traveling the world or perhaps revamping the home furniture.

Of course if you so conveniently select the final option and decide that your old furniture is in need of some Solid Wood supercharging.

Well no need to brag but you are certainly in the right place as what better way to revamp your furniture look than with some stunning Mango Furniture.

Now some of you may be thinking that yes a revamp would be welcome to bring in the new year with a sense of a fresh beginning, however some may be worried that it may lead to a stale look in your home.

While this is true in some instances the great thing about Mango Furniture is that it is such a versatile wood that there are multiple brands that feature this unique wood.

Of course there is the classic Mango Furniture, with finishes in light and dark and a wide selection of all of your home furniture favorites including Mango Coffee Tables as well as unique and creative pieces such as our ‘E’ shaped side tables.

In addition we have our Retro inspired Mango Wood collections, these include the Retro, Vintage, Retro Chic, Retro Mango and Vintage Mango collections which put old school twists on contemporaneity Mango pieces such as Dining Tables and ,Mango TV Units.

With this level of variety available we are certain that the best way to embrace the fresh start that each new year gives us is through our Mango Furniture collection as with such versatility available each room in the home could be injected with that definitive Mango touch.

Christmas Movies and Mango

Christmas Movies and Mango

Christmas is always a special time isn’t it readers, everyone’s getting exited for that porky red man to leave presents under our tree, somehow without being charged with breaking and entering.

Now everybody has their own special traditions art Christmas, from visiting family to a seasonal holiday every holiday tradition is unique to every family.

However for me one of the best Christmas traditions is the Christmas movie, yes that one movie every year that everyone in the home can gather round and get excited about.

So what makes it so special, well for me it is something of a centrepiece of the day, the gifts have been opened and the Christmas meal is out of the way, making it the perfect opportunity to get the treats out on the Mango Coffee Table and turn up the volume on the TV and get cosy in front of the Mango TV Unit.

Now what constitutes as a good Christmas film, well personally I feel that any film with joy and an upbeat message is always the best way to go at Christmas.

This normally means Disney films, which to be honest are plentiful in many a Mango Bookcase however to watch Aladdin, The Lion King, Cinderella or Toy Story at Christmas time is always more special than at any other time of the year, an honorable mention however goes to Die Hard.

In fact I will never forget the time when Titanic was premiered on Christmas day, which seemed like a stage choice considering the foreboding nature of the film’s plot (if you don’t know what happened I recommend a history lesson at your Mango Desk and a book on 20th century events).

However despite this it still did its job at bringing the family together with almost everyone (me not included – I had Pokémon to play), all gathered round the TV surrounded by the characteristic warmth and charm that only Mango Furniture can deliver.


Cut Out The Wait

Cut Out The Wait

Well everyone the countdown to Christmas is here and I know a lot of you will be doing your final Christmas shopping blitz.

I of course will not be one of them as regular readers of our Indian Sheesham blogs will know I got my Christmas shopping all out of the way in the quickest and calmest way possible.

However despite my great online shopping master plan being a resounding success, for many of you the thought of being at the mercy of a delivery service as to whether your items come on time.

This sort of thought process is especially prevalent when it comes to ordering Solid Wood Furniture, or any furniture for that matter as the reason for ordering new furniture at this time of year is that we often have family and friends over for the season.

This means having a new Jali Dining Table for Christmas dinner or a new Solid Wood Mantelpiece to hang your Christmas stockings on.

Therefore to have all of these ideas of what your new piece of Indian Furniture will look like at Christmas could be put in jeopardy by a delayed delivery. Now we here at Trade Furniture do offer an excellent delivery service with plenty of experience in Solid Wood Furniture delivery.

However we understand that some of you will want some immediacy to your order, that satisfactory and security knowing your new Indian Sheesham Wood Furniture is in your home, this is why we offer a collection service.

If you select this option you can chose a time to suit you, come with your own vehicle and pick up your furniture from our warehouse.

Once you arrive a member of our sales team will direct you to our warehouse, where we will have your item unwrapped for you to inspect personally and before you know it your Indian Furniture will be heading our of the gate in your car.

Present Rush

Present Rush

Well good morning Trade Furniture blog readers, hope you enjoyed your weekend and are all set for the week ahead, after all we are only 2 weeks away from having presents under the tree and a sizzling turkey of nut roast steaming on the Jali Dining Table.

However I’m sure that all of you are currently thinking about getting your presents in order, for some it may be only a few close to you while others may have many more people to get presents for.

Now every year we all have this same situation, the present rush if you will some panic running around town like a mad man (or woman) thinking what to buy and weather it will be in stock or not.

However for me this is as pleasant an experience as lifting a solid Jali Sideboard up a flight of stairs, and believe me when I say this those things are heavy and very unpleasant to lift.

This is why during this time of year, I don’t go out to the high street, I don’t get stressed and I don’t feel like I this is a do or die moment that I must get absolutely right otherwise I will be sacrificed to the almighty labradoodle.

No rather what I do at this time of year is I lie on the couch for a few minutes, and then I sit up reach for my Jali Coffee Table finish my tasty beverage and head upstairs to my laptop.

Now this is where the my process really takes shape, as I already I know what I want and where to get it – such is the joy of the internet, this means that all of my Christmas shopping is over within minutes.

As such while the majority of shoppers will be getting stressed I will be relaxing with my favourite show playing on the Jali TV Unit and cheer and merry all the while.

Shake the Room

Shake The Room

Well everyone the Christmas party mix tape is on and the all-time classic (sort of) boom shake the room has just started playing, which got me thinking about shaking up our furniture layout around the home.

Now the cynical ones among today’s readers may be thinking that such a thought may be somewhat convenient for a blogger who writes for an Indian Wood Furniture, to which I say you are absolutely correct.

It is convenient however it is also a very valid point especially considering that at this time of year we like to invite friends and family over for the holidays. If this is the case do you really want them to see some old battered furniture lying around the house?

Considering that most of us are house proud by nature then it may be a good time to invest in some durable and long lasting furniture for the home.

So what should you look for when upgrading your home furniture roster, well a ‘Solid’ recommendation would be to invest in some Natural Wood Furniture as it offers a unique blend of style and durability?

With a wide selection of Natural Indian Furniture available we are sure you will be able to find an upgrade to impress your loved ones with, perhaps a new Mango Coffee Table is on the cards for those party snacks and drinks, or maybe a new Sheesham Dining Set complete with leather Rollback Dining Chairs for a homely Christmas meal.

In fact there are almost limitless options for how you can upgrade your home furniture for Christmas, you can either go small by upgrading your Coffee Table or perhaps getting a stylish new Jali TV Unit or maybe go all out with a new dining set or perhaps even a Sheesham Wood Bed, the options are limitless.

Has Hollywood Run Out Of Steam?

Has Hollywood Run Out Of Steam

Ok pop quiz everyone, when was the last time you saw a film that was based completely on an original IP, this means something that is not derived from any other form of source material and no Netflix originals do not count even though they are often very entertaining in front of the Sheesham TV Unit.

The fact of the matter is that the majority of movie revenue streams from either, animated features from Disney or superhero films either from Marvel or DC. What about the major Hollywood studios I hear you ask as you look to your film collection all placed neatly in your Sheesham Bookcase such as paramount or 20th Century Fox.

Well given the recent announcement of the Mummy reboot, you have to wonder if they have flat out run out of team, think about it how many films you have gone to see that have not been either an animated film or superhero film has been a reboot of a previous franchise.

I think this is the result of two variables in the cinematic universe. The first of these is that Hollywood knew what people wanted, to see superheroes brought to life on the big screen, which film studios were of course all getting in the on the action – however it soon became apparent that the licences of the source material saw potential in this for themselves so when the rights to their characters expired with the studios, they snapped up the characters, leaving major Hollywood studios with a serious hole to fill.

This lead to the reboot scenario, with these studios in question looking though the treasure trove of past titles that we find in our Indian Sheesham Sideboards, here’s a list for you to look at Terminator, Ghostbusters, Robocop, Fantastic Four (20th century fox’s licence), Jumanji (Pending).

All of these are classics that have led to many laughs and empty popcorn bowls left on the Sheesham Coffee Table, in their original form which in turn leads to my second point.

What more is there to be done in the cinematic world, every ground breaking and iconic film has been made, so what can possibly be created that would be entirely unique and original.

The question to ask is has Hollywood run out of steam?

Romanticist or Pragmatist – Which Are You?

Romanticist of Pragmatist – Which Are You?

Good morning readers, I hope you were able to get a hold of some wonderful Indian Furniture pieces during our recent Black Friday sale, which actually got the resident Mad Blogger here at Trade (that being myself of course) is there a way to define how we shop.

For this question I sat and thought what sort of thought process would make you want to buy one of our Dakota Sideboards or a piece from our Jali Furniture collection.

Actually this came down to quite a simple question really, are you a Pragmatist or a Romanticist.

These two outlooks probably don’t seem at all related to the world of shopping, however in fact it is paramount to the consumer decision making process.

First of all let’s look at the pragmatist outlook. This term is to define someone who is practical and focused in reaching their goals. For example if they set out to buy a Solid Wood TV Unit then this is exactly what they will set out to do by whatever means they can, entering our Indian Furniture showroom their eyes only pointing towards the TV units and nothing more.

This sort of outlook does have both its advantages and disadvantages of such an outlook, first the advantages of being a pragmatic buyer is that you will fulfill what you set out to achieve, therefore if you need a Solid Wood TV Unit then you will get one. However the disadvantage of this is that sometimes you may make too many compromises in your desire to achieve your goals.

Second there is the Romanticist approach which is the opposite of the pragmatist approach where the shopping experience is based on expression and emotions letting your imagination run wild. The advantage is that you are unrestricted by objectives or preconceptions therefore you would end up with a room full of Retro Furniture after you merely went out for a Jali Lamp Table. The disadvantage is that this sort of approach can lead to a lack of focus and the main objective may be overlooked which means a lack of progress and maybe missing your initial objective all together.

So which are you?

What Would You Do?

What Would You Do?

Well after a hard fought and long Formula 1 season Nico Rosberg claimed his maiden world title ending the 2 year domination of his team mate Lewis Hamilton.

Rosbergs remarkable run of consistent finishes and capitalising on the problems of rivals was the recipe for success, however it is his outgoing champion teammate who is stealing all of the headlines after delivering an edge of your seat twist at the end of the race – honestly I nearly fell on my Mango Coffee Table as a result.

So what was the twist, well Hamilton needed to win with Rosberg 4th to win the title (10 wins to 9), so he proceeded to slow the pace of the race backing his rival into the clutches of Vettel and Verstappen.

However his team instructed him to speed up aka let his rival win the championship, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing in front of my Sheesham TV Unit why would a team ask their driver to do such a thing knowing their world championship was at stake.

Hamilton ignored the call and as such the internet and media is now ablaze with speculation as to Hamilton’s future with the Mercedes factory team with a possible dismissal being on the cards for disobeying team orders.

However this is where I came up with the topic of this blog, as I was laying on my Solid Wood Bed reading the comments from some people calling his tactics unsporting and dirty.

However the question I put to these people is what would you do? Have you ever been in a position to win a world title, would you not use any means at your disposal to win even if it means slowing down a rival.

I think there is a slight naivety among some of the Formula 1 fan base to be honest, forgetting legends such as Senna, Prost, Schumacher and Alonso who have done much worse in order to win world championships.

For me I would have done the same as Hamilton, play the cards that I was dealt and try to win by any legal means I could, after all no world champion has ever won a world title being a gentlemen racer, all of this has left Mercedes rather red faced thanks to their naivety in believing this would play out any differently – double so for trying to interfere.

This is what F1 should be, ruthless, dramatic and filled with suspense. perhaps this is exactly what the sport needs to remind people of that.

On That Note

On That Note

Ok it’s time to be honest with ourselves here, music today is awful, yes there are underground and indie artists still out there however gone are the days where you could go to your Jali Sideboard and simply switch on the radio and hear something that is somewhat audible.

Instead we find a song catalogue filled with terrible rap, auto tuned to devastation voices and repetitive generic sounds which for someone who used to watch top of the pops back in the 90’s in front of my Sheesham TV Unit is an utter tragedy.

I mean yes every decade has some terrible records released, even my wonderful 90’s were not exactly innocent of one or two terrible tracks from time to time (se-la-vie anyone). However now it seems to have devolved into a cash cow phenomenon with everyone jumping on the bandwagon.

But why I ask writing with a warm cup of coffee placed on my Sheesham Desk, perhaps tastes have changed, perhaps it’s down to a culture that is desperate to be accepted that they are frightened to branch out on their own in fear of being shunned.

These are definitely factors to consider however, maybe the problem is not the fact that the music today is terrible but that the music of the past was just too good, with all of the classics that have come before, many of which are slotted neatly in your Jali Bookcase maybe it’s just a case of the music world simply running out of notes and therefore having to rely on these methods to earn an income.

However this does not excuse the music industry’s cash cow mentality focusing on releasing singles as their own entirety with albums taking a back step due to their lesser commercial value, to music stations who shun new artists in favour of getting listeners , capital being the worst offender here.

For me I’d say looking at my album collection I keep in my Sheesham Bookshelf that really as much as new music is irritating in both sound and representation, the option will always be there to listen to the music that was a true expression of creative freedom – because back then they had the notes and boy did they use them.



Sheesham is quite an incredible wood, exotic, pleasing to the eye and amazingly tantalising to the touch it’s a wonder why it has taken us so long to name an entire range after this incredible wood.

However regular visitors of our Indian Wood Furniture site will know that we have had Indian Sheesham Wood as a part of our range for a long time, in fact in mentioning that here is a countdown of our Indian Sheesham Wood collections.

  1. Madison.

Our Madison range is one of the younger members of our Indian Sheesham Wood family which features 3 finishes available, the natural, honey and light wood finish this range is all about simplicity with no added fat, when you buy an Indian Sheesham Coffee Table from this collection that is exactly what you will get.

  1. Cube/Cuba

Next up we have the twins of the Sheesham Furniture family. The Cuba and Cuba Furniture range is all about practicality in the modern home with all items from the solid wood sideboard to the Indian Sheesham TV Unit all featuring either brushed steel handles representing the Cube collection with the Cuba collection featuring matching Natural Wood handles.

  1. Jali

Finally we have the Godfather of Sheesham Furniture, available in 3 stunning finishes the Jali Furniture range is an evocative and understandably awe inspiring range. Each item in this collection features Iron Cast detailing from handles through cabinet doors and other fixtures, which blends well with the natural tones and texture of the Sheesham Wood this collection is made from.

So our new Sheesham Furniture range sure has a lot to live up to with the standards that have been set by our previous ranges, however with its 2 evocative finishes and wide range of versatile pieces in its roster the Sheesham Furniture range will be right at home here at Trade Furniture Company™.

It’s no sham!

Sheesham Furniture

Well regular visitors of our Trade Furniture™ site will have noticed one or two new additions to our collection here however one of the most prominent we feel is the Sheesham collection.

Hang on your probably wondering at this point you already have a Sheesham Furniture Range, and from a certain perspective you are correct as we have a variety of ranges which are all made from Indian Sheesham Wood – however these are split into numerous different collections that include our Jali, Madison, and Cuba Furniture ranges.

However this is the first time that we have had an entire range called Sheesham.

So what are the key features of this range, well for one thing each piece is available in one of two finishes, the first of these is the honey finish this gives items such as the Sheesham Coffee Table a warming honey wood finish that will surely enrich the home and provide a feeling of warmth and security in the home.

Then there is the light variation, something of an antithesis of the honey range each piece whether it be a sideboard or a Sheesham Bookcase is given a vibrant light wood finish, which not only gives the unit its bright colour and tone but also gives each unit theatrical knots and wood streaks.

So what can you expect from this range, well launching but a few weeks ago each collection both the light and the honey Sheesham will feature 13 products ranging from the living room, bedroom and study with many multipurpose Indian Sheesham Wood pieces as well, with a hope to expand on this in the future.

Who knows you may find that Sheesham Wood is an incredibly versatile for home furniture and may suddenly be watching all of your favourite shows on a Sheesham TV Unit or having dinner on a Sheesham Dining Table, the possibilities are truly only bound by your own limits.

Tailoring to your TV

Tailoring to your TV

TV’s have reached the same level as the bath or the refrigerator – it has become an integral part of the home landscape where to be in a living room without one somewhat seems strange and unnatural in a sense.

Due to this the TV unit, has become a customary in many living rooms as much as the coffee table due to its relation to this home byword, be it a metal, self-assembly or Indian Wood TV Unit.

But when buying your new Solid Wood TV Unit, it is important to take into consideration how you must tailor your TV unit to your individual needs.

The first factor to consider is the size of TV unit you will need – we here go by a personal size guide for this.

Any TV Unit that is under 100cm Wide we would recommend for a Small TV Set, with many units including the Sheesham Media Unit and Cube TV Unit being ideally suited for those smaller sets in smaller rooms.

100 – 200cm wide is perfect for any regular sized TV set with plenty of rooms as evidenced with pieces such as our Mango TV Stand as well as our corner units such as the Jali Corner TV Unit.

Any unit that is 200cm wide or larger is designed for Large TV sets such as the with examples being lavish Madison 8 Drawer TV Unit that are ideal for such sets.

Of course that is not the only consideration, most of us have external media devices such as DVD players which need to be stored away to maintain their shelf life, therefore storage is an essential component to a TV Unit, thankfully our range of Indian TV Units come with ample amounts of storage from Drawers to shelves and even cabinet sections.

With all of this at your disposal tailoring to your TV should be no problem at all.

Historic to The Final Curtain

Historic To The Final Curtain

Well everyone this year’s MotoGP season may be drawing to a close, and the championship may be decided however that does not mean that there is no reason not to sit in front of the Sheesham TV Unit and enjoy the remaining races of the season.

Now a pre-warning to all you Indian Wood furniture readers there are spoilers ahead so unless you have somehow avoided the internet and are waiting for the replay tonight on ITV 4 don’t read on until later.

However, for the rest of us who already know what happened we saw more history as the season saw its 9th different winner as Andrea Dovizioso took his second career victory for Ducati in a rain soaked Malaysia race.

This extends the record of different race winners to 9 in a single season which is something no race fan be it at home with a warm cup of coffee on the Dakota Coffee Table or track side hearing the roar of the engines has ever seen.

What is even more amazing is that these 9 winners have been spread through 4 of the 5 contending manufacturers something which would have seemed unlikely 2 or 3 years ago.

2016 features a real rules shakeup which with those of you who keep rule books in your Mango Bookcase (we won’t judge), saw the introduction of a new standard ECU and that combined with a new tyre supplier in Michelin has put much more focus on rider skill as opposed to simply having the best equipment, as was the case over the past few years with private teams scraping for podiums – now fighting for victories almost every race (3 private entries have won this year alone).

So if you’re like me your just itching for the next round of what has been an amazing MotoGP season, sitting before your Solid Wood TV Unit thinking just who is going to win next.

3 Drinks, One Coffee Table

3 Drinks, One Coffee Table

The Coffee Table has become a staple of living room furniture design with almost every living room or lounge area consisting of at least some variation of Solid Wood Coffee Table.

And this got us here at Trade Furniture thinking about what is the best drink to have placed on said Coffee Table while sat in front of the warm winter fire with your magazine in hand.

Well that’s what were about to discuss, to make this a debate that will not go on for eternity we have narrowed our choices down to 3 options.

Option 1: Tea

Ah yes is there anything more quintessentially British than a simple cup of tea, easy to make and with so many refreshing variations (as well as disgusting ones), in fact there is no limit to what you can do, as you can easily make as many cups as you need and place them on a stylish Jali Coffee Table for all of your guests.

Option 2: Coffee

Coffee, the survival tools for all of us on the 9 – 5 grind as we drag ourselves out of bed in the morning head downstairs put the kettle on and make a delicious cup of coffee placing it down on the Dakota Mango Coffee Table putting the morning TV on (or if your me sitting there and moaning about everything) allowing the caffeine to alert all of your senses and warm you through preparing you for the day ahead.

Option 3: Hot Chocolate

Is hot chocolate quite possibly the best thing ever, maybe not but it comes very close – ‘chocolate as a drink you say?’  how is this possible. Well frankly I don’t think any of us care as we are glaring into its temping swirl seeing the chocolate bubbling just waiting to be drank, to be honest it’s quite a torturous experience as it sits on the Indian Wood Coffee Table while we wait for it to cool.

The Top 3 Trade Furniture Study Essentials.

The Top 3 Trade Furniture Study Essentials.

Hello all you weekly Trade Furniture blog readers, glad you took the time to come away from our lovely selection of hand made Solid Wood Furniture to read todays blog – and for this we are going to look at the study.

Yes a room that some people relish and fear in equal measure the study is the place where you go when you want your brain to take 5 and get away from all the hustle and bustle of everyday life allowing maximum concentration with minimum disruption.

Personally, I love the study – the opportunity to completely escape from the world and allow my brain to truly thrive and unleash the creative spice that awaits within.

So without further or do here is my picks for the Top 3 Trade Furniture study essentials.

  1. Dakota Mango Desk

Yes, for starters lets go with what is the center of the study. Now unless you live in the dark ages or just have some sort of irrational fear of technology then you are more than likely going to have a PC. PS’s are amazing as not only can they used for work but also for play which means having a computer desk is a must have as not only can you work hard but also have some down time with no disturbances from anyone which is ideal for both working and gaming all in the comfort and security of Solid Mango Wood Furniture.

  1. Madison Small Bookcase

Now we here sell a variety of Solid Wood Bookcases however for our study essentials list we have gone with the Madison Small Bookcase. The reason for this is simplicity as its design incorporates 3 spacious shelves that each can hold anything from folders to books to old documents and more Study essentials without the fuss and without the ‘did I put this in the drawer or on the shelf’ scenarios.

  1. Cube Console Table

So to finish our list we go with the Indian Sheesham Wood Console Table, this example being from our Cube Furniture collection. This simplistic piece has one very important purpose as it is an ideal place to put your broadband router keeping it out of the way and off of the floor.

Steak Bakes and Solid Wood

Steak Bakes and Solid Wood

Ok for today’s Indian Wood Furniture blog we are going down a quintessentially English route – yes were talking about pastries today.

Ok well not exactly, you see while reading up for some material for today’s Solid Wood Furniture blog I found out that Greggs were planning on trailing a new service where they will offer a delivery service for businesses and workers who are in need of a good lunch.

Now I’m thinking that this service will be targeted towards construction workers or labourers who are outside a lot and having lunch with their co-workers would be a good way to build up trust among colleagues especially if your 50 stories high at times – trust and comradery should be paramount.

Now I know what you’re thinking ‘sweet I can order a steak bake from my sofa and put my feet up on the Indian Wood Coffee Table while it arrives’. Unfortunate for you lazy person this is not how it works as this delivery service will only be available for orders  that are over £25, so yes you can have your Steak Bake delivered to your door – but you will need to order at least 20 of them.

However considering that I am quite hungry at the moment and have been writing about Indian Sheesham Wood pretty much all day I think this blog should be more of a petition for us here at the office to get a delivery of sausage rolls, pasties and other assorted goodies which we can delve into and eventually end up in a brawl over who gets the last gingerbread man.

As always there is a catch, this time being that this is only a trail service that will be in Newcastle only for the time being as a test run – however I hope that one day we will all be able to enjoy the gloriousness of a good pastry on a busy work day.

Make it so!

A Handful Of Bricks

A Handful Of Bricks

Did anyone hear the news about LEGO today announcing their latest edition to their Creator Expert Modular Building range which is a complete assembly square, celebrating 10 years since the launch of the range.

The set is to include a 3 level assembly square with shops including a bakery, music store and photo studio among other business environments with 8 mini-figures with the entire set consisting of 4,002 pieces.

Now this does come at a price, that price being £169.95 – the same price it would be for a piece of our Indian Wood Furniture which means that this is more for serious Lego enthusiasts.

This does not mean that we should not give credit where credit is due as Lego is still one of the most beloved toy ranges in the world with many claiming it to be the best ‘toy’ ever created.

Even in today’s world where technology is somewhat making creative activities less prominent you will still see kids up at the Jali Dining Set creating their very own Lego masterpieces from a tub that they got for their birthday or for Christmas.

The appeal of Lego surely comes from that very concept, here is a blank canvas of assorted pieces laid out on the Mango Coffee Table and let’s see what you can create – this is the appeal of traditional Lego bricks the feeling of seeing something develop before your very eyes and ending up with a creation that is somewhat original and of our very own design.

That being said the Lego brand has expanded over the years to movies and video games further extending the pop culture legacy of the little yellow mini-figures as well as themed sets which somewhat nerf the creative aspect of the brand in favour of ease of use which to me personally misses the point.

Yet despite all this Lego was and still remains the peak of creative entertainment with generation after generation remembering sitting on their Solid Wood Bed playing with their new creation they literally made from a handful of bricks.

An Explosive Predicament

An Explosive Predicament

So I guess all you techies reading today’s Solid Indian Wood Furniture blog today will have heard the news about Samsung, yes the news that the Galaxy S7 is officially discontinued.

The reason you wonder – well it seems that the S7 had an unfortunate design flaw where they would explode at random, yes this thing would be tucked safely in your pocket, inside your Indian Beside Tables or even when you’re talking to your friends boom a possible hospital appointment awaits.

The issue being defective batteries that would cause the subsequent self-destruction.

However our anatomies and Solid Wood Furniture is safe from explosions as Samsung have taken the decision to recall them ending production immediately.

Now call me a cynic sitting in front of the Solid Wood Desk that I have here in my office but does this not represent the problem with the smartphone industry in general.

I mean considering that a phone has a life span of about 11 months before the new model is released, it makes sense for Samsung to cut their losses and try to find the link in the manufacturing chain that lead to this fault but the fact that they know they can do this just shows the problem with the industry.

Think about it a smartphone these days new costs upwards of nearly £600 new and those are normally the base models – that’s the cost of one Indian Wood Dining Set, the question being what exactly are we paying for considering that the quality of such phones is clearly suspect and with their limited shelf life is such a high mark-up really justified.

In time it is not hard to believe that some sort of homebrew fix will come along that solves the exploding battery issue which means the phones will not go full Wall Street crash, but hopefully this whole incident will make Smartphone manufacturers wake up a little and realise that they cannot keep adding such self-indulgent mark ups to products as consumers will not be fooled twice no matter how shiny the new model is.

Could Bond Be Back

Could Bond Back

Has anyone been keeping up with the film news this year – one of the biggest stories of this year has been the speculation around the James Bond franchise after Daniel Craig’s infamous comments where her said he would rather ‘slit his wrists’ than play 007 again.

This obviously sent the entertainment media ablaze with news stories appearing on everyone’s Indian Wood TV Stands and who would potentially replace him as the next 007.

A few names floated around and lead to some great chats around the Dakota Coffee Table, Tom Hiddleston and Idris Elba being among the notable names.

However for me there was always a hint of sadness despite the possibility of Idris Elba playing James Bond which would be amazing given his acting credentials.

You see Craig’s tenure as Bond completely reinvigorated a tired franchise that was mired in tradition and the ghosts of its past – this all ended in 2005 where we saw a reboot of epic proportions with an all new approach to the Bond character.

That new approach blowing us all away and continues to do so to this day in front of your Indian TV Units as we saw a Bond that was less sophisticated and level-headed, but one who had a take no prisoners approach who would do whatever it took to achieve his objective often disregarding authority entirely and stripped of all the gadgets and gizmos and bringing the Bond character bang up to date.

This less jetpacks more Intense and darker approach to Bond has become something of a standalone in the Bond cinematic universe as there is no previous connection to anything that came before, so it’s understandable that to have this come to an end so abruptly for me left me with a dash of disappointment sitting in front of my Indian Desk reading the news.

However this week Daniel Craig hinted at a 007 return stating I’ve got the best job in the world doing Bond’ at a press conference in Manhattan – of course he never formally stated that he had given up the role.

This means that a great chapter in one of cinemas most recognisable franchises may continue, even if it is just for one more film at least we will be left with a conclusion to one of cinemas most successful reboots.

Gaze Long Into The Abyss

Gaze Long Into The Abyss

‘Gaze long Into the abyss and the abyss also gazes Into you’, this famous quote from Friedrich Nietzsche that over time has become an iconic quote that has been referenced over and over again by philosophers the world over.

Of course working for a retailer of Solid Indian Wood Furniture we have a different take on what this classic saying means.

We understand that investing in a piece of Solid Wood Furniture is a daunting task after all the invoices can sometimes go into the thousands and considering that this is possibly a onetime purchase we understand that this can be a daunting decision which can sometimes feel like your gazing straight into an abyss and become consumed by the decisions and make no progress what so ever towards furnishing your Indian Wood Furniture.

However we understand this and try to make our shopping experience as pleasant and stress free as possible to make it feel like you’re not just staring straight down a black hole of doom no matter what you order from a Cuba Lamp Table to a full bodied Dakota Dining Set.

We make sure our website is as clear and concise as possible when looking for a new Indian Sheesham Sideboard we display large detailed images, a description that rounds off all of the uses and details that you may not know about, the dimensions as well as links to the alternate finishes that we have which in this case is 3 (light, natural and honey).

This continues through to when you purchase your furniture as well with our warehouse being open 5 days a week we allow you to come and personally check and pick up your furniture, of course we will always deliver to you instead.

By doing this we hope we can make your furniture buying experience as pleasant as possible and not be staring into an abyss of despair.

Premium Service Without The Premium Price

Premium Service Without The Premium Price

You know I was looking on the internet this morning for a new laptop and I saw some that were over £800, of course these were built specifically for gaming which admittedly would be pretty sweet sat on top of my Dakota Desk.

However the price is certainly steep but some would see this as ‘getting what you pay for’ however moments later I saw a laptop with similar capabilities at almost half the price.

The moral of this story is that sometimes it is not always necessary to overspend in order to get the premium option.

I mean a perfect example of this would be our collection of Indian Wood furniture.

You see all of our furniture is made from natural Indian Wood and is assembled by hand over in India with rigorous quality control checks implemented at every step of the manufacturing process.

This applies to all of our collections from the Mango Wood ranges of Dakota and Mango to the Sheesham collections including Madison Jali and Cuba.

In addition all of the ranges are truly unique from the evocative Jali designs featuring iron cast iron work emulating Indian Jali design to the modernist touches of the Cube range with their brushed steel handles.

Normally to get this level of quality and satisfaction you would expect to pay a premium price for it – however we here at trade furniture have made it our mission to provide this level of quality at a price that is reasonable and with comparable service.

This is why we try to make your experience buying Solid Indian Wood Furniture as stress free as possible from your initial research to coming and collecting the product from our warehouse or getting your Jali TV Stand delivered right to your door.

Because we believe that premium Service should not come at a premium price.

A Bubble Fit to Burst

A Bubble Fit to Burst

You know sometimes we at Trade Furniture thing of ideas as a bubble.

Now I know my reputation as the resident mad blogger here has lost yet another marble however hear me out here.

Now this is just a guestimate but I think you may have just come here from looking at one of our Solid Indian Wood Furniture ranges, Dakota maybe even Jali, in fact that doesn’t matter the point is that you came here because you had an idea which has grown and grown to the point where your so close to fitting a brand new Solid Wood Sideboard in your living room.

This is where this metaphor comes in as when that idea to upgrade your living room storage the idea bubble is just beginning to take shape, where with each piece of research ad fact finding you do makes the bubble bigger and bigger where soon enough it pops and your idea is brought to life.

I know this may seem weird here but people for years have been trying to rationalise this sort of thing at their Solid Wood Desk so this is me sort of putting forward my own little metaphor.

So anyway out of curiosity what was it that brought you to our site today – did you think of buying a new Indian Wood Bedside Table, a Mango TV Unit perhaps.

Maybe you’re just browsing trying to find the inspiration to get your thought bubble going finding inspiration in Indian Wood Furniture.

Maybe you’re a returning customer who enjoys our Indian Sheesham range so much that you decided that your dining room needed a Jali Dining Set to compliment the Jali Wine Rack you had purchased a few months back.

Or you just feel like reading one of my blogs today to which I say thank you and be sure to check out all of my other Indian Furniture blogs on the Trade Furniture website


The Big Ticket

The Big Ticket

Good Morning Trade Furniture blog readers, today in keeping with the theme of aggressively avoiding the upcoming (and ever overhyped) football season this week’s Indian Wood Furniture blog will be reflecting on the career of one of my favourite basketball players growing up who over the weekend announced his retirement from basketball.

Yes everyone as it pains me to say it Kevin Garnett announced that he would be calling time of a 20 year career that is hall of fame calibre and captured my imagination all those years ago sitting in front of the Rustic TV Unit back when the NBA was shown on free to air TV (yes there was such a time)

Being drafted straight out of high school his career ironically started a little slow as the Minnesota Timberwolves had him coming off the bench for much of his first season as the 5th pick in the draft was still coming to terms with the intensity of professional sport.

However soon enough Garnett blew up and became the face of the Timberwolves franchise putting up insane numbers night in and night out – there is a reason that I had a poster of this guy above my Mango Sideboard in my younger years as he displayed a versatility that was not often seen.

It’s actually quite fun to watch the old highlights of him in his prime swatting a shot away rushing down the court and throwing down an alley oop dunk on the other end all while screaming and acting like a man possessed, ironically most of today’s players don’t even come close to that level of dedication and intensity night in and night out.

Despite this however the road to success was not so easy for KG – unlike his fellow retirees Kobe Bryant and Tim Duncan, winning did not come easy as for 12 years Garnett would often be the one carrying his team on his shoulders to success and despite a very competitive 2004 season winning an MVP in the process no championships would arrive until his trade to Boston in 2007 where in an inspired year he won that elusive championship he had worked all his life for, complete with a defensive player of the year award.

However after another finals appearance in 2 years later and a couple of patchy years in Brooklyn it was back to the Timberwolves to don the Iconic Number 21 for his final season acting as a mentor to younger players and deciding that it was time to call it a career back where it all began.

So I hate to say it but so long KG and thanks for all the memories – looking forward to watching your 21 being raised to the rafters in front of my Solid Wood TV Unit.

Never Say Die – Determination Of A Champion

Never Say Die - Determination Of A Champion

Well everyone the Paralympics are fully underway and admittedly this blog has been a little late coming. You see it’s very hard to talk about the Paralympics because it is such an inspirational event with people basically show what the human mind and spirit can accomplish.

However over the weekend sitting in front of the Mango Wood TV Stand watching the hand cycling I witnessed something that capped off an incredible story of determination and perseverance that makes you really think what can be done with the right amount of dedication.

Yes over the weekend Alex Zanardi took his second gold at the Rio 2016 Olympics wining the event 15 years on from the event that would change his life forever.

So reach to your Indian Coffee Table and take a sip of tea as here is some background on this man’s incredible story.

Alex Zanardi was at one time an accomplished racing driver with stints in Formula 1 (I remember watching his races in 1999 in front of my Madison TV Unit) with his peak coming in the American CART series taking 2 titles in 1997 and 1998.

In 2001 Zanardi was re-establishing himself in the CART circuit and after a season of relative non competitiveness yet at American Memorial round at Lautsitz, Zanardi was having the best race of his comeback and was leading with 13 laps to go when he came in for a pit stop.

However after emerging from the pit lane he lost control of his car careening into the track where he was struck by fellow racer Alex Tagliani at full speed ripping the front of his car off claiming both of his legs in the process, I remember reading the news on my Solid Wood desk wondering how on earth he was going to survive such a horrendous crash.

One thing was certain through – his racing career seemed to be over, however Zanardi’s never say die attitude to life would not let him give up and he began an ambitious recovery from his injuries developing a custom set of prosthetic legs he eventually got behind the wheel of a racing car in 2003 lapping 13 laps around the track he lost his legs at the amazing thing is had he have been racing that weekend he would have qualified 5th for the start.

This lead to a full on racing comeback in touring car racing using a BMW with modified with hand controls eventually taking 4 race victories in the World Touring Car Championship.

In addition to this he competed in competitive hand cycling eventually representing Italy in the 2012 Paralympics wining 2 gold medals and adding a third over the weekend at Rio. It’s hard not to be in awe of this man’s determination and drive to live his life to the fullest after what would have seemed like the end of it all 15 years ago adapting to his situation and getting the most out of his limitations showing that it’s an athletes mental approach rather than their outright physical gifts that is what pushes them to greatness.

Congratulations Alex Zanardi you are an inspiration to so many all over the world.


Some Things Just Won’t Go Together

Some Things Just Won’t Go Together

Ok reality check here people, the Solid Wood Furniture world can be a fickle kind of business – despite all of your best intentions and adapting to the situation there are time where it’s just not meant to be, like when you put together a Dakota Sideboard and a Madison Light TV Stand in the living room there will just be a clash.

Of course sometimes the risks just pay off like when you combine a Jali TV Unit with a Madison Coffee Table this is a risk that will pay off due to most items being made from Indian Sheesham Wood and therefore sharing a similar design and layout.

However the thing with Solid Woof Furniture is that even when you buy 2 pieces from the dame range you will never be able to get an exact match due to the nature of solid wood such as buying 2 examples from the Dakota Light collection despite them being from the same collection and being made from the same wood the natural knots and creases are unique to each example of Dakota Furniture and as such it will be impossible to match perfectly.

In a philosophical sense humans can be seen in the same way, we are all totally different and individual even if we take influences and inherit personality tropes from people we admire or respect – however it is exactly because of this some people are just destined not to get along despite the best efforts made it just part of the cause with humanity’s penchant for individuality.

So what is the best way to go about this when you just can’t get 2 pieces of Indian furniture that match?

The simple answer is to give up – who cares if the Dakota Sideboard and the Rustic Coffee Table do not go together these are not the only examples of Solid Indian Wood Furniture available and there are plenty of alternative options so why expense any more energy than is needed.


Standing In The Hall Of Fame

Standing In The Hall Of Fame

Well nobody probably paid any attention to this what with the usual sporting subjects dominating the headlines however over the weekend the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame had its annual induction of the best and most impactful athletes who have contributed to the sport of basketball.

Now if you’re not like me and diligently sit at your Jali TV Unit watching the NBA highlights then this will have gone unnoticed however for me it feels appropriate to blog about this topic as the 3 big names at this year’s induction are some of the most influential athletes in my basketball life and in highlight the players that I grew up watching.

So let’s begin with number 1 – Yao Ming.

Yao Ming was something of a revolution in the NBA being one of the first Chinese basketball players to have a successful career in the NBA he helped the league reaching the Chinese market. However for his induction to be based on this would be a mistake, Yao was an incredible force on the court with a great jump shot, excellent defensive capabilities and the ability the carry the Houston rockets to one of their most competitive eras in recent history all while being an unthinkable 7”6 inches tall, that’s 2 Dakota Bookcases stacked on top of each other with room to spare. Despite a career that was sadly cut short by injury’s Yao’s impact on the game from both on and off the court warrants his induction.

Number 2 – Shaquille O’Neal

With no justification needed Shaquille O’Neal’s induction is probably the biggest highlight for the hall since the superstar class of 2009 which featured the likes of a certain Michael Jordan. In what can only be described as the perfect hall of fame speech Shaq brought the laughs as well as the heart-warming memories and was sure to thank every single person who helped him on his journey to the hall remaining as humble as he was proud.

Of course it was not just the help, Shaq was probably the most dominate center the league has ever seen or probably ever will see, in a 21 year career the 7”1 athlete left audiences in awe while watching him on their Solid Wood TV Stand whether it be in his early Magic days or when he won 3 world titles with the LA Lakers to his time in Miami and beyond this is a player that combined raw strength with quickness that the league had never seen before leading to a career average of 23.7 points per game over his career I remember watching one of his playoff games in 2001 and the defence could not stop him no matter what they tried simply too strong and too fast for anyone. But beyond that Shaq is one of the leagues greatest entertainers remembering that despite his responsibilities as a professional athlete people show up to these games for a show and for 21 years that’s exactly what they got.

And finally number 3 – Allen Iverson

Fearless this would be the one word to describe Allen Iverson one of the most skilled 2 guards to ever grace an NBA court. In a heart tugging speech that was emotional as it was inspiring A.I. as he is known reflected on a glittering career that had him not only average 26.7 points per game but become a cultural icon of the sport right up there with Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan.

Of course being at a mere 6ft tall and weighing in at 165lbs the fact that he achieved these numbers just add more to his incredible accomplishments, despite his height A.I. would just score, and score and score finding ways around defences with his trademark crossover and ball handling skills that literally made defenders fall to the ground charging into the paint not afraid of what 7ft goliath may be waiting for him carrying the Philadelphia 76ers to their last NBA finals appearance to date and their most successful period in recent memory.

In fact you could say his shot heavy all out approach is a dying breed in today’s game with more of a focus on efficiency – however back then there was no more spectacular player to watch than A.I.

Of course sitting here at my Madison Desk typing this blog I’d like to point out that there is no disrespect to the other inductees at this year’s ceremony it is just that these 3 players were part of a generation that brought me into the sport of basketball and considering I live in the UK that is quite an accomplishment.

Spokes Of The Wheel

Spokes Of The Wheel

Well it’s time for the second of this week’s Indian Wood Furniture blogs and this one will be looking at the principle of structuring your room’s furniture.

You see there are 2 facts that I think all of us know about Solid Wood Furniture that its big and its heavy and as such that your room has a coherent and free flowing structure to avoid inconvenience and distress.

So for this you need a game plan, for some going by an ad hoc basic may be the way to go as after all a lot of home furniture is purchased bit by bit like when you’re out at the market and you see a Mango TV Unit and a few weeks later you find a matching Natural Wood Sideboard.

However for some a structured approach is necessary to keep the vision and ideas in focus and to see some sort of progress as your room takes shape.

To do this I personally think of the room as a wheel with a center point and spokes maintaining the wheels structure symbolising the smooth and dependable qualities of a common wheel. Let’s take the living room as an example, first of all the center point needs to be determined this can either be a personal vision or a physical item.

For this example let’s say you purchased a Madison Coffee Table and have decided that this will be the center of your living room, from here you can plan out the rest of your room as with a center point such as the coffee table you can visualise how each piece of furniture will fit and continue the flow of the room.

This leads to the spokes traveling from the center in the form of a Dakota Bookcase, a Retro TV Unit and Mango Sideboard that flow around the Sheesham Wood Coffee Table you defined as your center resulting in an even living room flow that is as smooth and flawless as a wheel itself.

Be Water My Friend

Be Water My Friend

Hi there all you Solid Wood Furniture blog readers, it has been a while since the last post and to be honest it has been a little hard to find anything worth putting finger to keyboard about as it seems the world is going through its celeb gossip period which for me is time to back away.

So I’m sitting here at my Indian Wood Desk with a bottle of water and as I was taking a sip looking for some inspiration it got me thinking about the philosophy of legendary martial artist Bruce Lee.

For those of you who haven’t seen this either on your laptop or in front of your Dakota TV Unit it goes like this.

“You must be shapeless, formless, like water. When you pour water in a cup, it becomes the cup. When you pour water in a bottle, it becomes the bottle. When you pour water in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Water can drip and it can crash. Become like water my friend.” – Bruce Lee

This is how Lee himself defined his own martial art of Jeet Kune Do a fighting system that is based around adaptability and self-expression as well as working with your environment.

Over time people have taken this philosophy and applied it to numerous principles far beyond the martial arts to the point where people use this as a way of living their own lives.

I personally live by this philosophy, whether it be at home playing on my video games in front of my Mango TV Unit, working on personally projects or when I’m here writing these blogs, making keywords that I use in these articles become the article being one with it and flowing seamlessly into what can sometimes be an inspired piece, sometimes to the point it can start like a mere drip of water thinking about one of the Madison Sideboards to then flowing thorough until each paragraph thunders down the page – flowing and adapting to the piece much like water.

In a way you could see furnishing your home like this as well as to have a truly inspired home design, each piece of solid wood furniture must flow and be formless complimenting each other both stylistically and functionally such as how the Coffee Table flows with the sideboards and the bookcases where rather than merely forming the living room they become the living room.

These examples alone just go to show how one man’s legacy can have such an impact on our daily lives.

So go forth and Be Water My Friend.

Debut of a Legend

Debut of a Legend

Well Indian Wood Furniture blog readers todays blog will be keeping with the recent motorsport theme as today we look back on a moment that would in essence change the sport forever – the Formula 1 debut of Michael Schumacher.

Now if you’re like me and grew up watching f1 in the late 90’s and early 2000’s then you probably remember being sat in front of a Mango TV Unit like myself seeing this incredible driver absolutely crushing all who stood in his way (which admittedly could get a bit annoying).

However what not a lot of people will know how he got his big break in F1 and the legacy that it would lead to, now for those of you like me who have an entire Dakota Bookcase with F1 books will already know about his extraordinary debut, however for those who don’t well here’s what happened.

In the middle of the 1991 season Jordan F1 driver Bertrand Gachot ended up getting jailed after a confrontation with a London taxi driver this meant that team owner Eddie Jordan was without a second driver for the upcoming Belgian grand prix.

Schumacher by this point was making quite the reputation for himself in feeder series such as Formula 3 and being competitive in the World Sportscar Championship for the Sauber Mercedes Team.

So it was soon announced that Schumacher would be taking the seat in the Jordan car for the Belgian Grand Prix being held at the daunting Spa-Francorchamps circuit regarded as one of the toughest tests on the formula 1 calendar, even in its video game form I struggle to get round sat in front of my Jali TV Unit, so imagine making your Formula 1 debut here.

However Schumacher performed the unthinkable, in his first race he managed to qualify the Jordan in 7th position ahead of a lot of well-established and experienced drivers at the time, including his team mate who started 11th.

Of course those who know their F1 history will know that the race itself was not the best as Schumacher was only able to complete barley half a lap as the car gave out on him, however he had made his mark.

Sadly F1 politics tarnished such a debut as for the next race he was immediately signed up by the Benneton team cruelly and unfairly robbing Jordan F1 of their new star. However considering that 1 year later at the same track Schumacher took his first of 91 victories few would argue that this was a bad move career wise especially considering what was to come.

So next time you’re watching a review or old race featuring the 7 time world champion just remember as you reach to the Madison Coffee Table for a drink, that young driver in a little green Jordan who set the F1 world alight – without even completing one lap of his first race.

And I think we all wish Michael Schumacher all the best as he continues his brave recovery.

End of a 35 Year Wait

End of a 35 Year Wait

Well did everyone catch the Moto GP race this weekend – actually that’s a bit of a trick question as motorcycle racing is as nice as a Reclaimed Indian Coffee Table.

However for those that did watch it we witnessed history in the making as Cal Crutchlow crossed the line to win the Czech Grand Prix and in doing do taking the first win for a British rider in the premier class of motorcycle racing since Barry Shene back in 1981.

But it’s not just the historical significance, more it’s the race in which this took place in, if like me you were watching the race on a Madison TV Unit you knew something special was happening in what will no doubt go down as the race of the year.

On a track that was sapping wet the field got away and somehow the two factory Yamahas went backwards quicker than how we sell Dakota Furniture soon finding themselves 12th and 16th with no signs of progress.

This lead to the two factory Ducati’s taking the lead in difficult conditions ahead of Marc Marquez which soon became a Ducati 1,2,3 as Scott Reading snatched third place away and Hector Barbara on another private Ducati closing in fast.

So this was already getting the anoraks twitching heading for their Madison Bookcase to check statistics and records however soon things came into play as the Yamaha of Rossi began closing in and picking back up places, which was no doubt helped by tire problems for the front runners.

However behind all of this chaos Crutchlow was picking his way through the field like they were standing still rising all the way from 10th to lead with 7 laps to go, a lead he would not relinquish and in doing so took the victory – the first for a brit in 35 years in premier class motorcycle racing as well as the first for LCR Honda.

Of course Cal being call made a few fans face palm, including myself so much that I at least nearly spilt my coffee over my Mango Coffee Table, when he proclaimed the other riders as ‘wimps’ – showing Cal still needs some work on his PR skills.

However despite this, Cal Crutchlow has made history and adds another chapter to what has been a magnificent season of Moto Gp – are you listening F1!

Contest of Common Sense

Contest Of Common Sense

Hello there Trade Furniture blog readers, today’s Solid Wood Furniture blog will be about a serious passion of mine Formula 1.

Actually let me reiterate that point – you see this blog will be less about my passion so much as how it has been dwindling over recent years to the point where the only reason I watch this sport is for nostalgia of being a 10 year old with my snacks on the Madison Coffee Table watching these thunderous cars being raced flat out around a track – on ITV no less.

But what cause this sudden reflectiveness – well I guess we can narrow it down to a few decisions that have been implemented in the sport changing it for the worse so here we go.

  1. Cheese Tires

Hang on now don’t think that this is going to be an outright attack on Pirelli here, despite everything that has happened they are only producing designed to degrade tires because they have been asked to do so.

This all started back in 2010 with the Canadian grand prix, the annual lets have F1 go mad for 2 hours race. And mad it was sitting in front of my Mango TV Unit watching a race that was sheer chaos as the Bridgestone tires did not work with track conditions leading to a barrage of pit stops leading to the most exciting and unpredictable race of the year.

This lead to their replacement being asked to create designed to degrade tires for the upcoming season, now admittedly this worked for the first season and produced some exiting racing, however soon enough (as always) the teams caught on that the best way to win a race was to make limit pit stops as much as possible.

This in turn lead to a ridiculous situation where cars were suddenly being driven well below their limits – I remember watching an infamous incident in Monaco where Sebastian Vettel set the fastest lap of the race – on lap 77! Such was the speed or more to the point lack off that they were racing at.  In turn this lead to aerodynamicist’s creating cars that deliberately carried dirty air in order to damage their opposition’s tires knowing how sensitive they are.

The common sense solution would be to ditch these tires as I don’t know about you but the exiting part of this sport is seeing drivers pushing their cars to the limit, not driving conservatively and pitting all of the time.

  1. DRS – Easy peasey passes for me

So if your still reading then you obviously feel as strongly as I do on these matters, well I’ve take a sip of coffee placed on my Dakota Desk and am ready to discuss point number 2 – DRS.

Formula 1 has never been a sport where overtaking has been a major part however a small collective believes that F1 should behave like Nascar where instead of the enthralling cat and mouse games of f1 of previous years, f1 should have cars passing each other like it’s going out of style.

Now don’t get me wrong I’m excited as the next viewer watching a wheel to wheel battle play out while sat in front of my TV Unit remembering all of those years watching legendary battles between Hakkinen and Schumacher (Spa 200, watch it!).

However the difference being that example was a showcase of dedication, commitment, trust and race craft that DRS has all but eliminated from the sport as those iconic moments of commitment and bravery are no more as all a driver needs to do is wait for the DRS zone to get the speed boost making passes seem hollow and to be honest not very exciting.

The solution to this would be to ditch DRS and stop the teams creating such drag heavy cars putting more of an emphasis on mechanical grip over aerodynamic grip.

  1. Engine is power – in more ways than one.

So now we move onto the final point, the current engine regulations. Now the V8’s were an almost flawless power supply being both cheap (around 5 mil a unit), reliable and in good supply – however in 2014 the time had come to move on from the V8’s.

This would make sense if the new engines were superior however the current engine regulations and specs are so confusing I could read an entire book about an MGU from my Jali Bookcase and be no closer to understanding it.

I’m not against the hybrids per say but there must have been a way of producing these engines in a more cost effective way that what we have now with the average unit going for at least 20mil a pop which really puts a strain on the small budget competitors who also receive inferior equipment to the factory effort so there is almost no chance of success.

If this was not bad enough the FIA exasperated matters with their handling of these new regulations, rather than keeping them open and allowing the manufacturers to push the technology like in the WEC, we ended up with a complicated penalty system where unreliability is punished and if parts of the engine should need to be replaced then the driver is docked down the grid. Leading to the laughable situation where Fernando Alonso was left with a 35 place grid penalty, on a grid with only 24 cars.

In addition to this there is a token system where developers a limited to what they are able to upgrade and work on throughout the year meaning that you’re essentially stuck with the engine you have at the start of the year.

The solution to this would be to simplify the engines making them more affordable as well as opening up development to ensure fair competition and allow the technology to advance.

Do Not Go Quietly

Do Not Go Quietly

Well everyone it’s happened, the 100m sprint is over the medals have been won and everyone got the result they wanted.

You see it doesn’t matter what country you’re from, what biases to certain athletes you may have when your sat in front of your Mango TV Unit and the 100m men’s final comes on there is only one name that comes to mind – Usain Bolt.

Yes the 29 year old sprinter delivered on what is the Olympics biggest stage for a historic 3rd consecutive time becoming the first athlete to win the event 3 times on the trot which means he is likely to go down in history as the greatest sprinter in Olympic history.

However it’s much more than historical records that journalists and enthusiasts will read in books placed neatly in their Madison Bookcase.

No you see Bolt announced that the Rio Olympics will be his last quoting that “I have done everything, and have proven myself”. Despite this sad news that the Olympics biggest draw has decided to hang up his sneakers it’s hard to argue with the man’s decision.

You see a lot of athletes don’t know when to stop and continue on well past their prime eventually coming under increasing pressure from younger hungrier athletes, however Bolt is calling time on a decorated career while he is still on top of the sprinting world and sealing his legacy.

And what a legacy is has been as since winning his 7th gold metal last night Bolt has in essence gone undefeated in individual Olympic competition since 2008 whilst also taking team relay gold medals in the process.

However I feel bolts biggest legacy will be what he did for the Olympics and sprinting in general, walking out on the track back in 2008 with a swagger and stage presence that had not been seen in the Olympic world in a long time Bolts infectious charisma and showmanship made him the star attraction injecting the Olympics with a burst of energy it sorely needed and reinvigorating an event that had become somewhat vanilla.

However it’s more than that as Bolt has achieved something that few athletes ever achieve – transcending their very own sport. For example if you’re sitting around your Dakota Coffee Table and the friend you have over mentions Michael Jordan you think basketball, someone mentions Muhamad Ali its boxing, and if you mention Usain Bolt you instantly think sprinting.

And with these final forays onto the track the world is embracing Bolt and his achievements from the 2008 Beijing games and being completely blown away, to 2012 where it was all about who can beat Bolt. However in 2016 as the curtain is coming to a close we celebrate an athlete who’s like we will probably never see again and whose infectious showmanship and flair is destined to be duplicated but never replicated.

So with 2 more races to go Bolt intends to put the final touches to his legacy – as this is an athlete who will not bow out gently.

I Finally Have A Radio!

I Finally Have A Radio!

Hello Trade Furniture blog readers, today is a very special day as I have finally acquired the missing piece to my office – yes I have finally acquired a Radio.

For those of you not in the know, and that includes all of you reading I have been working here for over a year and yet I have never had a Radio in my office, believe it or not a radio is not easy to come by when you work for a retailer of Solid Wood Furniture.

However after much deliberation on the course of action to take regarding this the solution to the problem was sitting just across from me.

What I have processed to do is hook up one of the spare computer that we have lying around the office setting a monitor up on the small Dakota Bookcase we have here and adjust the volume to non-rave levels and voila I now have a radio.

For some the thought of having music on while they are working is something of a no no, almost as much as putting a cup on the Sheesham Coffee Table without a coaster!

However I feel that music is a very important part of the work environment for me in particular. First is that music can be a great motivator, having a catchy tune on in the background while writing about a Vintage Sideboard helps keep the momentum up and the day goes by faster as a result.

The second reason is how useful music is to writing my Indian Wood Furniture blogs, you see when brainstorming a blog hearing a particular lyric or musical theme can trigger a writing spark like nothing else can, its almost as though their creativity is stemming my own creative impulses which leads to some unorthodox yet original Natural Wood Furniture blogs that I’m sure you all enjoy reading.

Cast No Shadow – Knebworth 1996

Cast No Shadow - Knebworth 1996

Well Trade Furniture Blog readers today is a very special anniversary in the hearts of any music fan of the 90’s or the Britpop movement.

Yes today 20 years ago on August 10th 1996 Oasis played live at Knebworth and doesn’t time sure fly, after all who would have thought that a 5 year old boy listening to his favourite band live on the radio would be writing about this very gig 20 years later at an Indian Wood desk while feeling very old while doing it.

So what is the big deal some of you will ask – You see by 1996 Oasis had achieved mass popularity worldwide and in Britain especially were at Beatle levels of popularity thanks to their 2 critically acclaimed albums ‘Definitely Maybe and (What’s The Story) Morning Glory’.

So it seemed only right that such an achievement should have a great show to go along with it and what we ended up with was the crowning moment of the 90’s Britpop movement.

Now all of you who love your statistics go grab your pen and paper out of the Madison Sideboard as here’s some statistics for you, 2.6 million people applied for tickets to which a lucky 250,000 were given the opportunity to attend the 2 night gig which at the time was one of the biggest concerts in music history and certainly one of the biggest if not the biggest of the decade.

But it’s so much more than just the statistics it’s what was represented here it was perhaps the cap on what was an already amazing decade by this point.

I mean the support acts alone that included manic street preachers and prodigy and yes I did say they were the support acts. Then there was the big names who attended that included a TFI Friday fresh Chris Evans (anyone remember watching that anarchy on their Mango TV Unit), Kate Moss and Mick Hucknall who took Martine McCution on what has to be the best date ever – it can’t get more 90’s than that.

So we had the typically 90’s celebrities in attendance but it also represented the joy of the 90’s where everything in Britain at least was going swimmingly and for the first time in many decades the country was able to cut lose and not wish that we were America for once.

And finally there is the musical importance of Knebworth 96. As I mentioned earlier this was the peak of Britpop being its crowning achievement and celebration of the optimism and positivity of British music at the time before ‘girl power’ descended on the world.

It also represented the peak of Oasis as in a mere 3 years they had claimed the honour of most popular band in the country, released 2 killer albums and had played a landmark gig to cap it all off – of course it was never going to get and never did get bigger than this gig, as I’m sure music buffs will tell you as like me they are probably writing a blog or article reflecting on that incredible 2 nights in  1996 with a cup of coffee on their Cuba Coffee Table as they type away.

So today why not crank up Wonderwall or Some Might say on your record player conveniently placed on the Sheesham Sideboard and remember the crowning moment of 90’s British music – The 60’s had Woodstock, the 80’s had Live Aid and my generation had Oasis Live at Knebworth 1996.

Truth or Nostalgia

Truth or Nostalgia

Ahh nostalgia, that moment when something from your childhood triggers happy childhood memories that you wish you could go back to and at the same time make you feel very old.

So for today’s trade furniture blog I will be biting the nostalgia bait and seeing if my childhood memories hold up as well as a Cube Bookcase in your study so let’s get on with it.

  1. Physical Activity

The year is 1996 and I was but a mere boy so playing outside was you know just something that had to be done, and considering this was the 90’s and the internet was only just picking up steam it was great fun going to the park with my friends, playing outside with a ball or whatever I had decided to entertain myself with, coming in and getting some juice out of the Dakota Sideboard lots of happy memories.

2016 verdict: Now being 24 physical activity has become something of a taboo like leaving a cup on the Retro Coffee Table without a coaster, too many alternatives to running around the place all of the time.

  1. Xmen Television Series

The 90’s were a great time for TV as cartoons particularly superhero ones actually had a decent story and the pinnacle of this was the X men television series. 3 full seasons of seeing my favourite superheroes kicking bad guy but on a weekly basis was a great as well as each episode a good as the one before, and with it being a mainstay of Saturday morning TV.

2016 Verdict: Unlike a lot of shows back then this is not only still watchable today, but is genuinely engaging all these years later, you see the show did not water anything down it told a mature storyline that dealt with serous subject matter something that only the Batman series was able to emulate but never surpass – as such listening to that theme song start on my Vintage TV Unit shows me I’m still up for a good time.

  1. Video Games

Back in the day my games console of choice was the Nintendo 64 and I had years of fun with this thing, so many classic games that are considered not only timeless but also revolutionary, games like Mario 64, Goldeneye, Star Fox and of course Zelda made this a mainstay till around 2002.

2016 Verdict: Well considering how much time has passed since then, it a little hard to sing their praises when you see what can be done today, at least from a technical perspective. The gameplay is till amazing as is the level design, however seeing as how a lot of these classics have been remade the verdict today is that it was of its time.

  1. Saturday Morning TV

In my child hood my Saturday mornings were filled with Digit, SMTV, CBBC and CD UK which pretty much kept me entertained till midday with my breakfast on the Mango Coffee Table.

2016 verdict – considering Saturday morning TV no longer exists in a traditional sense I cannot say how it is these days, however when I see what the kids do get to watch on a morning now I pity what is considered entertainment as the shows that I got were much, much better and are still on loop to this day.

Bat Suit Crazy!

Batsuit Crazy

Well good morning Trade Furniture blog readers, today while doing my morning research goings on in the world I discovered something that would make any film buff giddy at the heels.

You see I found out that a whole lot of film memorabilia is going up for sale and the list of items it truly a dream come true.

The headliner of the auction is of course the Bat suit that Christian Bale wore in the Dark Knight Rises which is on sale which will be going for £100,000.

Now of course you would have to be completely crazy to purchase something like this, for one you could probably buy our entire warehouse of full of Indian Wood Furniture which would probably be a lot more practical that having a piece of movie memorabilia. Second there is the inevitable day that you will end up sitting at your work desk dressed as Batman.

Of course anyone sitting with their laptop next to their Madison Coffee Table should seriously take a look at this because there is more than just the Batman childhood fantasy on offer here.

Of course there is the Bat Pod which if you could drive it on the road would be amazing but would surely have a price tag to match let alone the insurance. Of course there are other pieces of childhood nostalgia bait on offer such as star wars memorabilia that includes an original storm trooper helmet as well as a helmet from a TIE pilot, both from A New Hope, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s costume from Terminator 2 and Spielberg’s clap board from jaws.

Of course now I’m going to nearly make you spill your coffee and make you rush to your Mango Sideboard for a cloth to wipe it up.

The final thing that will be on auction is a suit from the classic Ninja Turtles movie which is on sale for £6,000 and would certainly be a hot seller, more than our Dakota TV Units.

So happy bidding those lucky enough to afford these priceless pieces of memorabilia because you are all Bat Suit Crazy!

Uncompromising Self Belief

Uncompromisisng Self Belief

You know the amazing thing about humanity, we all have such amazing potential hidden within us be it writing, playing an instrument or even perhaps coming up with new philosophies and discoveries, each of us has the potential to achieve something we never thought we could do.

Now some would argue that this is something of a fault as discovering that we can do something does not mean that we should – however if the potential is there then why not explore it and see where it leads. After all working for a Indian Furniture retailer helped me discover a writing talent that was somewhat dormant despite certain detractors.

But what it is that constantly pushes us to better ourselves, to better the world around us, some would say dedication, some would say natural born potential.

However sitting here at my Dakota Computer Desk I would say it’s something else that helps us to reach our true potential, uncompromising self-belief.

Self-Belief is an amazing thing when you think about it, much like one of our Sheesham Tables it can somewhat transform your outlook.

However rather than making you think about what the best form of Solid Wood Furniture to furnish your house with – what self-belief does it help you to unlock your potential.

See self-belief allows you to put the blinkers on to all detractors and push forward on your own path, say you want to learn how to play the drums then your self-belief that you can do it will deter any detractors who would say that the investment is not worth it.

The same goes for someone who wants to be an artist, rather than listen to anyone else’s ideas only their unwavering self-belief in their artistry will allow them to create inspirational pieces.

This can also relate to us in a way, in fact it more relates to you as when you come and purchase some of our Solid Indian Wood furniture it is your confidence and belief that the Madison Honey Sideboard is the perfect fit for your home and no one will deter you from this.

Such is the power of uncompromising self-belief.

Buying First Class

Buying First Class

First class, can you sense it that aura of pomp and circumstance that comes with spending that little (or sometimes a lot extra) in order to get the best possible service.

However sometimes it is not necessary at all to spend ludicrous amounts of money in order to get the best possible service. To go with a metaphorical example think of buying a Gibson guitar which can at times be upwards of £3,000 pounds for a classic model, however there is no reason why you cannot buy a Stag or Westfield model which would be significantly cheaper while still delivering the same sound.

We here at Trade Furniture are in a similar situation. Of course there is nothing to stop you from purchasing an elaborate had crafted Sideboard if you are willing to pay the exorbitant prices that are attached to them.

We however go out of our way to offer you a first class product without the prices that will make even make a bunny cry.

Take a look at our definitive Mango Furniture range, this furniture range is made from 100% Indian Mango Wood which is hand crafted into products such as the Mango Sideboard or Mango Chest of Drawers.

All of this makes it seem like the products will have a price tag that compliments the cost of the sourcing, manufacturing, shipping and marketing will be inflated as a result.

However we here at Trade Furniture believe that exotic Indian Wood Furniture should be something that everyone should be able to enjoy and not just for the elitist masses.

Another element of buying first class is thought the customer service element. After all the customer service process is just as important as making the sale itself, this is why we ensure that your pre purchase, purchase and post purchase experiences are as smooth and pleasant as possible.

This includes sending you out samples of our Solid Indian Wood Furniture, walking you though our showroom, unwrapping your Mango TV Unit so you can take a look at it before you take it away and even when it comes to deliveries we ensure our drivers take the up most care and even clear away all the packaging for you as well.

All of this ensure that you are paying for a first class product, with a first class service without the bloated price tag.

Get Up And Go!

Get Up And Go!

Yes Trade Furniture blog readers the inevitable has happened, it has been a few weeks since its release but Pokémon GO has finally gained some steam and has become one of the year’s biggest free to play games.

It’s not hard to see why after all finding a Bulbasaur as walk around an Indian Wood Furniture showroom is both a fun and distracting experience – after all this is probably the closest that the world is ever going to get to seeing a real life Pikachu.

However I think Pokémon Go represents more than just the latest step in mobile gaming, I think it represents what a cultural phenomenon Pokémon was and still is.

Let me take you back to 1999 and to a boy sitting in front of his Madison TV Unit watching these adorable creatures on his TV screen and their adventures, then imagine this young person had a Game Boy with the all-time classic Pokémon Red on it and then battling his friends with their copies of the game – yes this young person was me.

You see it’s not hard to say that Pokémon came closer than any entertainment IP to taking over the entire world. However a lot of the people who were fans of the series and the games back in the day left it behind – it seems to be a thing in our society that once we reach adulthood we must let go of the things we loved in our younger days and replace them with the monotony of responsibility and the hassle of re furnishing you home with Indian Mango Wood Furniture.

However with the release of Pokémon Go!, all of these people who left Pokémon behind have rediscovered a precious part of their childhood, seriously the other day one of my co-workers was getting all excited about catching a Pidgeoto someone who works a 9 – 5 job at a Solid Indian Wood Furniture retailer. All of which just goes to show you the unmistakable and irresistible charm of Pokémon and why it not only rekindles old memories but also makes new ones.

Now excuse me while I go hunt down this Charizard!


Don’t bite the hand that kickstarts you

Don’t bite the hand that kickstarts you

So those of us who keep up to date with video game releases will have jumped for joy with nostalgia with the announcement of mighty number 9.

Sitting at my Cube Desk eyes widening at what this game was going to be and what it represented – a complete throwback to the 8 bit gaming era with up to date graphics and deliciously brutal level design which may make some Dakota TV Units bear the brunt of cheap game overs.

Even better was that this project was funded through Kickstarter, with incredible success thanks to the anticipation of fans who remember getting their copy of Mega Man 2 out of the Madison Sideboard and having a blast with that timeless theme in the background – in fact this was being dubbed as a spiritual successor to the classic.

Then it came out and well critics were mixed but the fans, the people who funded the game were not as gentle as the disappointment in the title let to negative reception and backlash.

Now I’m not here to beat a dead horse or anything, what has been said about the gameplay has been said, rather here at my Dakota Computer Desk I am going to try and answer the question of why did it fail.

  1. The hype train

The first reason that I believe this game failed to live up to expectations is that the hype surrounding it was just too much to live up to. After all it was billed as the successor to a gaming icon, developed by many of the same people involved with the original mega man project. All of these ingredients would make nostalgia monkeys like myself blow off the bust on the NES and have some 8 bit fun on the Jali TV Unit (or whatever TV unit you have).

  1. Expectation

This leads onto the second point – expectation. To use where I work as an example if we promise someone a Mango Bookcase to be delivered on such and such a date and it’s not delivered then the customers’ expectations have not been fulfilled and therefore this leads to disappointment and backlash.

Now back to the game, let’s be honest here it’s not at Superman 64 levels of awfulness, there have been worse games than this. The problem is that with hype comes expectation, first off all you are funded through Kickstarter, this means you have no fancy million dollar budget – you funded by the very people who like what you are trying to create and want your vision to come to reality.

Combine this with the level of talent that was on board and the fact that it’s not a big budget AAA we will fix it later type of game, after all it’s a 2D Side Scroller, the Solid Wood Coffee Table of video game design – so it’s not unreasonable to have some expectations of a great gaming experience.

  1. Execution

I feel that this is where things really started to go wrong for mighty number 9. You have the concept, you have the funding, you have the talent, and you have a bunch of eager gamers just willing to embrace your creation.

Unfortunately the execution was lacking. In fact the game was delayed several times, during which another Kickstarter campaign was launched, wait what! You need to make sure that the game you are making is finished before you start funding another. Combine this with poor communication, mismanagement and perhaps getting a little ahead of themselves by seeing this IP as a franchise before the first plane had landed.

So as I said this is not the worse game ever made, not by a long way – however I think this is an example of a project that just went off the rails and failed to deliver what should have been a throwback to when gaming really meant something.

A Solid Argument

A Solid Argument

Warning: Bad Pun Alert, I Repeat Bad Pun Alert!

Ok Joking aside for this edition of our Indian Wood Furniture blog, we here feel that it is time to take on a glaring argument in the furniture world – Why should you buy Solid Wood Furniture?

After all this is a serious consideration to make when looking to replace you old TV unit or Bookcase, with arguments on both sides that deserve consideration.

After all it is not like there are unknown factors that make people turn away from Solid Wood items such as the Dakota TV Unit.

After all we live in a society of based around convenience, thus we are going to go for the cost effective, time saving option – which lead to the rise of the supermarkets over the high street stores, remember Mary Portas made a Channel 4 show about it. This sort of convenience culture has led to a rise in ‘flat pack’ furniture, its significantly cheaper, easier to move around the house and takes no time at all to assemble, compared to say ordering an item made from Solid Indian Wood which is not exactly the lightest thing in existence (believe my I’ve tried lifting one).

Looking at this argument it seems that Solid Wood furniture is at a massive disadvantage, however hold on as the argument for traditional wood furniture is just as valid.

The fist argument is unique appeal, after all being made from 100% Indian Wood means that each piece comes with a unique grain that can be nearly if not totally exclusive to that item for example 2 Cuba TV Units which come in the light finish will almost always have some distinct variations.

The second is the quality of the furniture, this is not only something that you see in the wood with your eyes, but the quality is also reflected through touch as well, for example when you place your hand on the piece you can see that it is real wood not artificial boarding made to look like wood – also remember when I said they were heavy try lifting one of the Jali Sideboards to really feel the quality you’re paying for.

Finally there is the scope of Solid Wood Furniture. When you think about it what makes you metal TV unit any different from someone else’s. However with our wood furniture you are looking at least 10 different brands made from either Indian Mango Wood or Indian Sheehsham Wood – This sort of scope is more than enough to justify the investment of Solid Indian Wood pieces, they may lack the short term convenience but they more than make up for it with long term appeal.

Staying In Tune

Staying In Tune

Hello Trade Furniture blog readers, I have been off on holiday for the past 3 days so this week has been a little short on the blog posts.

Any who so this week’s Solid Wood Furniture orientated article will be taking a musical theme, over the course of my 3 days off I decided to finally buy some new strings of my guitar and actually learn how to play the thing.

The catch with this is that I can never get the thing in tune, however not one to be defeated I ordered a guitar tuner and a set of strings from my laptop – then it was to the Cube Coffee Table and a sip of my coffee feeling satisfied that I can finally learn to play my guitar.

So the next day my strings arrived and I spent my time tuning the strings EADGBE the order, so I opened the strings and laid them out on the Madison Sideboard. It was all going according to plan, the tuner was giving me accurate readings, however then I got to the B string and all plans went out the window as the string snapped due to over tuning.

So how does my tragic tale relate to Indian Wood Furniture I hear you ask, well in a way this can be a metaphor for laying out the furniture in your room.

Each piece that you buy, you are trying to create a seamless effect much like tuning a guitar – but instead of notes you are trying to outfit a living room with Indian Mango Wood furniture.

But like my situation if you try to overdo it things can go wrong however instead of a snapped string you may end up with a room that does not flow, cluttered with pieces of furniture not suited to each other or the rooms layout, like buying a 6 seater dining table when you only have a small family dining room for example it will feel out of place and as such out of tune.

However like my guitar when you finally get things in tune in your living room you may not be shredding chords like in my situation but it will certainly look amazing.

Such A Basket Case

Basket Case

Despite we here supplying any number of elaborate Indian Furniture pieces such as the Dakota Wine Rack and Teak Root Coffee Table to name a couple of examples.

However we feel that our blogs focus too much on the more extravagant items which is why this week we have decided to focus this blog on our Rattan Baskets collection.

You see along with our Solid Indian Wood Furniture collection we also supply a vast range of Rattan based furniture most prominent of which are our Rattan Dining Chairs. However in the Rattan Furniture range there is an unsung hero that often gets overlooked but is no less an essential item is the collection of Rattan Baskets.

So what makes Rattan Baskets an item that deserves to have its contribution recognised – well the items versatility is one of the major factors to consider with Rattan Baskets.

First of all the items look great in their own right, after all the natural banana weave and colour means there unmistakable charm will shine through and certainly add a dash of personality to any  room they are in. Of course this is only focusing on the stylistic element, on a practical side these charming units certainly pull their weight as each basket is not only durable but can store a wide variety of items from DVD’s to socks, magazines and other accessories.

However the second element that makes Rattan Baskets such a must have for the home is how they complement our Solid Indian Wood furniture. Take a look at our Dakota Tall Shelves as an example particularity the dark finish, as you can see the baskets offer a fantastic contrast to the dark finish of the wood which not only gives this unit an added element of style but also substance.

So don’t be a basket case and think these items are mere afterthoughts of the Rattan Furniture collection as who knows when you will need that perfect balance of style and substance.

Natures Finest

Natures Finest

You know seeing as how we are a retailer of Solid Indian Wood Furniture it is actually surprising the variation of products that we have here.

If you were to visit our showroom you would find a number of different finishes and brands of Indian Furniture from the Dakota and Cuba ranges to the exotic Mango and refined Madison collections.

However despite all of these different ranges and finishes that you will find there is always one thing that catches customer’s eyes, the Natural finish.

This you will find in 3 of our collections the Madison, Jali and Cube/Cuba collections, however maybe it is better to elaborate on what we mean by natural finish.

You see by natural ‘finish’ we do not mean that the wood has had any veneers or colouring applied to it, the wood maintains the colour of the tree it was cut from. This gives a number of benefits to items such as the Madison Coffee Table.

For one the natural finish greatly improves the presence of the item, with the other finishes that are finished to enhance a rooms vibe such as the Honey adding warmth and the Light adding vibrance – the natural finish does not adhere to this as the colour is dictated by the tree it has come from and therefore catches the eye more with its distinct look.

In fact that leads onto my second point, the unique appeal of Natural Wood Furniture. When someone orders a Jali Bookcase in the natural finish they can have a rough idea of what the colour will be however as the wood is 100% Natural the colour always has its own variations and distinctions.

This means that every item in the natural finish it completely unique as no 2 items are ever quite the same meaning you will have a piece of furniture that is truly unique to you.

Chocolate Pudding Pizza

Chocolate Pudding Pizza

Now before you all think that I’ve lost it (to which I’m actually surprised you think I have any sanity left so well done you), this blog does have a serious point at the end of it that does relate to Solid Wood Furniture.

See the other day I was watching something where the host referenced chocolate pudding pizza as an argument for when a combination of good things does not always make for good results. This got me curious so I googled said delicacy into google and well the monstrosity that you see at the top of this blog is what emerged.

And this got me wondering that this is something that can applied to the furniture world, wait hold hon don’t start smearing chocolate pudding all over your Jali Sideboard, this will void your warranty.

No what I’m going for here is that when buying furniture 2 good things don’t always work well together. For example take our Madison Light TV Stand, this would look great in living room, then take a look at the Industrial Coffee Table that would also be a great addition to the living room.

However purchasing these two pieces of furniture you come to the realisation that you have bought chocolate pudding pizza, both elements are great on their won however combining them in the same context i.e the living room leads to a confusing blend that may not pay off like you expected it to.

After all the Madison range is all about clean crisp wood furniture design, whereas the Industrial range is all about rugged almost ruthless simplicity.

Of course sometimes combining ranges in a room works very well such as combining a Light Dakota Dining Table and a Light Mango Sideboard in the dining room, this is a combination of good things that leads to an even better thing.

So as you see I have not lost my mind completely as this blog lead to a very well established conclusion, that furniture may all seem the same however sometimes they don’t always work very well together, but when they do the payoff is all worth it.

Pragmatic Impulse

Pragmatic Impulsiveness

Ok Trade Furniture blog readers it’s time to get a little philosophical about what buying furniture is actually like.

The pragmatic among us will say that buying a Madison TV Unit is nothing more than fulfilling a need and that said item fulfils this needs quickly and efficiently. Now in a way I empathise with this point of view, after all I need a new TV unit, not because I feel that it does not fit with the room or that it out of style – the fact is the reason I want to replace it is that the unit no longer meets my requirements.

However is this always the reason that we buy new furniture, based on a pure need to replace what we had before – or is there more too buying furniture than the pragmatic approach is it an emotional journey that represents our personalities?

After all think about the last time you went into a furniture showroom, and there was a Jali Sideboard sitting in the corner of the showroom that made you have a second glance, this is the emotional element of furniture design taking over, your mind is working on impulse.

Now of course it made you take that second glance, however to then take this item home paying what is a quite significant amount of money for it not to be able to fit anywhere – all of that money squandered by the realities of your present situation.

Once against the argument for pragmatism comes into play here as because the process is based more on need rather than emotional impulse then this situation would not have arrived.

You see a pragmatic approach would conduct research before buying examining every possible angles to achieve the optimal result, however the argument from an emotional viewpoint is that by engaging in only pragmatism all of the furniture will become bland and samey rather than unique and characteristic like the Jali Bookcase or Rustic Coffee Table.

From Dusk till Dawn

From Dusk Till Dawn

So in keeping with the theme of trying to ignore the ongoing Euro 2016 frenzy that often takes over the internet especially here in the UK, this Indian Wood Furniture blog will be discussing, reflecting and celebrating the Le Mans 24 Hours.

Now for those of you that are unaware of what this is, first of all go to your local book store as I’m sure you have room in your Madison Bookcase for an encyclopedia on this race, or you could just listen to me go on about it for 300 words or so.

The Le Mans 24 hours is one of the oldest annual sporting events in the world with the first event taking place in 1923 and taking place annually each year uninterrupted since 1949 with manufacturers bringing their A game to this once a year event.

This year the dual was between Porsche and Toyota with the later seemingly having the race in hand until losing it at the death to Porsche in a thrilling and somewhat hear breaking finish.

Of course like most people I caught up with the results at my Dakota Desk going to my usual online Motorsports blog and checking the results.

And this leads to what is so impressive about this race, see every year I go out get some snacks and drinks, lay them out on the Retro Coffee Table, invite over my mates so we can watch the race and have a fun night.

Unfortunately we never make it through the race, we all always end up falling asleep during the race – this is ironic because as we are taking a nap in front of the Mango TV Stand these drivers are still racing, yes this race literally takes place for 24 hours straight.

That means 3 drivers, their pit crew and the team managers have to maintain a level of focus that is almost mind boggling when you think about it considering the mental strain of trying to concentrate but also the mechanical strain for the car being run at racing speeds for tat length of time.

But I can only imagine what one of those trophies must look like in my Cuba Display Unit – for those who even get a sniff of winning the first jewel in the triple crown of Motorsport I can only envy you among my Indian Wood Furniture.


We Are The Champions!

We Are The Champions

Hello readers, yes as many of us are aware (or can’t escape from) it is Euro 2016 meaning that we have a month of insufferable hype and obnoxiousness that is this nation’s favourite sport – Football.

However sitting here at my Cube Office Desk I am not going to write about the usual hype train that follows this sport, rather I am going to celebrate the recent NBA finals and a surprising turn up for the books where the Cleveland Cavaliers upset the heavily favoured Golden State Warriors.

Now for those of you lucky enough to view this incredible Game 7 showdown on your Mango TV Unit you will have seen history right before your eyes.

So first of all as I reach for the book of NBA records from the Rustic Bookcase you will see one of 2 things, the first thing is that no NBA team has ever come back from being 3-1 in the finals, now unlike a lot of European sports that have a regular season and the winner is decided with a final showdown, basketball works in a best of 7 series.

So that should have been significance enough as even armchair fans with their snacks laid out on the Dakota Coffee Table could work out is that Cleveland had to win every single game after dropping 3, if they lost again then they would concede the championship to Golden State (a team that set a record for regular season wins).

But somehow they pulled off this historic comeback making history not only once but twice by giving not only their team but also their city a first professional sports title with many a fan in Cleveland celebrating and partying with a certain queen song being played from the Jali HiFi Unit.

So I know the football may be taking up a lot of the hype but to all basketball fans let’s take a moment to embrace a rare moment of true sports history.

Colour Coordinated Conundrum

Colour Coordinated Conundrum

Colour – the spice of life – that wonderful thing that allows us to express our individuality as well as expressing our emotional state and tone that we want to convey, for example yellow for happiness, red for passionate and black for sorrow.

However one of the things that can be most difficult to convey this level of emotion through is furniture, now yes it is possible to paint your furniture however this leads to 2 problems First of all there is a certain problem with taste – after all what is the point of spending all of this money on a Madison Sideboard only to paint it candy pink is not only a waste of money but also spoiling the furniture itself.

Thankfully we at Trade Furniture go out of our way to ensure that you can get past the colour conundrum with our extensive range of furniture finishes.

Now no we do not offer you in house painted furniture for 2 reasons, one we would be tripping over paint cans all of the time and second is that it in our view ruins the integrity of Solid Wood Furniture.

This is why we offer a range of natural finishes that complement the wood as well as maintain the core principles of wood furniture.

So with our Indian Sheesham Wood range featuring the Madison, Jali and the Cube/Cuba ranges you will find 3 different finishes the rich Honey, the vibrant Light and the Natural wood finishes.

With our Indian Mango Wood finishes you will find 2 different finishes. Both our Dakota and Mango Ranges feature the light wood finish however they both have their own variation of the Dark finish with the Dakota featuring a more medium brown tone and the Mango Dark being much a much darker shade of brown.

So you should have no issues when expressing your individuality and setting the tone of your room and home thanks to our extensive Indian Furniture Range.

Last of The Heroes

Last of The Heroes

Well ladies and gentlemen this week is the start of the Isle of Man TT – well its practice week at least, so this is perfect time to sit here at my Solid Wood Computer Desk and chat to you about what I feel are the last of the racing heroes.

Now people who sit in the higher echelons of society feel that this even needs to be banned, that it’s a needless exercise and that its too dangerous for today’s safety first society. Of course it’s easy for me to say this while sitting in front of the Madison TV Unit watching these people – however I am one who dismisses this opinion.

Now no before you call me a sadistic person who wishes to see people risk their lives let me explain my stance on this. Growing up I quickly dismissed football – I just plain didn’t like it as entertainment, however racing was something I truly embraced – why because while sat down on a Sunday with my juice on the Mango Coffee Table watching the fast cars (and later bikes) being raced to the absolute limit.

It captured my imagination to the point where it is my dream to one day become a Motorsports journalist of sorts. Anyhow back to the point at hand over the years Motorsport has become something of a commercial enterprise, especially my childhood love of F1 and this is where my love for the TT comes in.

You see the TT manages to be a commercial enterprise for the Isle of Man as it brings in lots of money each year to the Island. However the race itself remains the same aside from the bikes and technology changing its still the same track that has been raced on for the past 100 plus years.

But there’s more than that, it’s the fact that the riders are still true heroes in my mind, whereas other sports are all about sponsorship and marketing this is all about the racing and the test of man vs machine vs track.

I’ll be honest with you this sport can be a little grim at times, I remember the day of David Jefferies accident and hearing on the news about Joey Dunlop on the radio which we had on top of the Cuba Sideboard – but the fact that these people were not only incredible racers, they were ordinary people who made a choice, no one forces these men and women to roll up to the start line.

And this is why I feel that the TT represents the last of the racing heroes as these people do what most of us cannot – Take control of their own destiny.

You Can Bank On It

You Can Bank On It

Well hello everyone, so how is your bank holiday Monday going, meeting up with family, having a day down at the park or perhaps like me you are sat at a Dakota Computer Desk working, so I guess this blog goes out to all those people who are in work today.

Now the title of this blog is more than just a pun – will it kind of is as if there one thing that you can bank on other than a bank holiday is Solid Indian Wood Furniture.

And let the plugging begin, you see this bank holiday we have an extra special sale on offering 10% off our items.

So what items are we talking about? Well for those of you knew to the Trade Furniture website I will happily go through what we do here, and for those of you who are familiar with what we do you can go right ahead and enjoy the bargains we have on right now.

So here we go – what we do is manufacture and sell Solid Indian Wood Furniture, that’s right we literally get our furniture manufactured in India then shipped over here for you to browse and purchase at your leisure.

In order to make this process easy for both you and ourselves we split these into different brands and sub genres to represent the different woods and finishes we offer.

To start with we have the Dakota and Mango ranges. Here we have 2 ranges that are made from Indian Mango Wood and are available in 2 finishes the light and Dark finish – with the Dakota range featuring a medium brown finish and the Mango being more of a deep brown.

Then there is the Sheesham collection which features the Madison, Cube/Cuba and Jali range, the last being the most unique of these as it features Indian Jali inspired Iron Cast features. Of course all of the Sheesham items come in a light, honey and natural finish.

There are also unique ranges and one off pieces for you to find so now that you’re up to speed go ahead and enjoy our range of Solid Indian Wood Furniture.

Springtime Sales


Well everyone were only a few days from summer now so how are we going to celebrate such an occasion. Well how about we offer you a 10% discount off of our furniture.

Yup while everyone else is catching some rays, we here at trade furniture are giving you even more value Solid Wood Furniture that so not only great value but also very unique.

For one let’s have a look at where this is made, each item that you see in this collection is made in India, we don’t mean that it’s just made over there, it is sourced and designed there as well which leads to some truly unique items and also someone offs that will never be made again.

So let’s talk about these sources, with our collection of Solid Indian Wood Furniture you will find 2 consistent woods, Indian Mango Wood and Indian Sheesham Wood – yes a lot of our items deviate from this however a lot of our ranges are based on this wood.

So let’s start with Mango, this wood is featured in 5 of our ranges the obvious one being our Mango Furniture collection, however you will also find this wood as a feature of our Dakota, Rustic, Retro and Retro chic collections most of which are available in both a light and dark finish.

So the Sheesham Wood also has a variety of different forms, these include the Madison range, Cube/Cuba Reclaimed and Jali ranges. However this range is much more diverse than the other ranges as these are available in 3 colours the light, the natural and the honey finish the honey being very warm and rich in tone.

So don’t forget to type in our spring discount voucher during your checkout process to get these bargains while they last.


Forcing the Issue

Forcing The Issue

You know subtlety is a great thing in our society, you know going about things accepting the situation and adapting to it with the same classiness as a Dakota Bookcase.

However more often than not you will find people trying to force the issue – now what do I mean by this, well what forcing the issue is when you try to make something happen that is just not meant to be, or at least cannot happen the way you want it to.
Of course there are many examples of this around the world and the internet – however for the sake of argument (and this whole blog) let’s go with Indian Furniture as an example.

You see you have a beautiful Cube Sideboard in a honey finish, however it turns out that the space you left is just too small, I mean by literally millimeters. So what do you do – well you could try and make it fit however this will only end in one of 2 ways – one you will end up damaging your brand new Indian Sheesham purchase wasting what is a lot of money, or 2 you could end up chipping your wall trying to force the unit and therefore actually damaging your house.

In fact the picture above is a perfect metaphor for this blog as this polar bear is unwilling to swim, unwilling to compromise and therefore forcing the issue.

So what do you do – well continuing to force the issue is not going to get you anywhere to what do you do. Well you have more than one room in your house don’t you. Well why not adapt to your situation and create a positive out of your disappointment – Bookcase don’t fit in your living room, well why not put it in your study or bedroom such is the adaptability of Solid Indian Wood Furniture.

Adapting To Your Environment

Adapting To Our Enviroment

On average a person will move house at least 4 times in their lives, of course this leads to the title of this blog. After all why do we move house, after all a standard house with a living room, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom should be all you need.

However there has been one consistency throughout human existence is the need to adapt to survive.

So how do you ask does this relate to Indian Wood Furniture, well you see like moving to a bigger house adapting to your new needs, so too it is with furniture.

You see the entire purpose of Solid Wood Furniture is to make our lives more comfortable and easier on a day to day basis, I can personally give you an example of this – you see I collect games consoles, like old games consoles and I am officially out of room. Therefore I need to purchase a new Mango TV Unit as my current one is insufficient to support my current collection (believe it or not I only have 4 consoles – that’s how small my TV unit is), therefore I am adapting to my current situation to look after my collection.

Another example could be in the dining room – for you singles out there a small 2 chair dining set is ideal for one person, however what if your part of a growing family then you may need to invest in a Madison Dining Set, adapting to your new environment.

Another example could be starting a degree at university and only having a laptop and no dedicated study area – well you can create a new study room easy enough a Dakota Computer Desk for starters, then how about a new Rustic Bookcase for all of those books that you will need.

So you see even in the world of furniture adapting to survive still applies even if it is a different context.

Piece By Piece

Piece By Piece

Ok look before this blog begins its best to clear up that, no this title was not taken from the book of interior decorating cliché’s 101.

However it is an important aspect of furniture design that even though a lot of big shot designers will never admit is that their showcase designs that are in all of the magazines started out as a simple idea that developed piece by piece into something truly magical.

This is something that applies to our own homes, I mean the average family are not going to be able to afford an entire range of Madison Living Room Furniture right off of the bat. No rather living room design is created through an organic process where everything just falls into place sometimes taking years to come into fruition.

Now the word pieces has been used often so far so what do we mean by this. Well think of your living room as being a jigsaw (I swear I didn’t get this from a book) and a lovely Madison Lamp Table that you see while you’re out and about is just a piece to complete that picture.

Of course this leads to you adding more pieces to your living room such as a Madison Sideboard, Madison Coffee Table and even diversifying things by adding a Cuba Corner TV Unit into the mix as it is made from the same Indian Sheesham Wood.

Before you know it your living room is rivaling those fancy showrooms in the magazines, the difference being you have been able to do it through a more modest budget and representing your own vision.

Of course there are some challenges that you face with this the first one is demonstrating a degree of patience as building up a showroom quality room is something that will take time and a lot of effort, especially as new inspiration can come from anywhere resulting in a complete rethink.

However perseverance is the key here as piece by piece your dream home will come true.

All those complications

All Those Complications

Complications, those awkward and very annoying moments where things just don’t go from A to B and seem to make every possible detour on the way to your goal.

Now this is something that apples to everyday life very often however one thing that complication can be applied to is the world of furniture.

This can be viewed at from 2 perspectives, the first being the complications that come with getting the furniture in your possession in the first place. I mean when was the last time you walked into a shop and bought a Madison Sideboard outright and had it in your house immediately. The answer is probably never as purchasing furniture especially Solid Indian Wood Furniture requires significant planning beforehand.

After all what’s the point in getting in purchasing a stunning Dakota Bookcase  only to find out that when you take delivery of this item that you can’t fit it anywhere, also elaborate items like this are not exactly cheap.

However there is a second interpretation to this, the design of the furniture itself. Let’s elaborate further on this, take the Dakota Open Coffee Table for instance – when you look at this items design you see there is very little in the way of clutter as the unit takes a simple approach with a spacious surface top and humble shelf space underneath it. Because of this the unit has a certain charm and blends seamlessly into any number of home designs.

This is the advantages of furniture being ‘uncomplicated’ and focused in its design as there is no added bloat, giving items such as the Cube Bookcase added versatility which gives you further freedom when decorating your home.

So complications may arise during your furniture buying process but remember to keep this simple and well thought out and soon you will have a room that is the talk of the town.

Seeds Of Creativity

Seeds Of Creativity

Creativity the ‘phenomenon whereby something new and somehow valuable is formed’ is something that we all come across with regularity weather you’re out an about or lounging on the couch in front of your Dakota TV Unit.

However creativity cannot just happen alone, there has to be a seed planted in your mind to be able to be creative. I mean after all sitting at this Cube Computer Desk eating some mixed fruit and seeds, which lead to the title of this blog and therefore this article as a whole.

You see its little things like that that can lead to bursts of creativity like this. So this leads me to the point of this blog, what is it that leads to burst of creativity in the home.

More often than not it is merely a matter of circumstance, ‘oh look the TV unit legs are coming loose, let’s go and buy a new Cube TV Unit it will look great’ this of course leading to a catalyst of moves which involves you doing up your entire living room with solid Indian Sheesham Wood.

Sometimes it can be something that you see that sparks your creativity, such as window shopping and seeing a Mango Sideboard in a furniture shop window, this leads to you investigating into Solid Mango Wood Furniture. Before you know it you’re taking delivery of a brand New Mango Wood Dining Set and matching Sideboard.

Sometimes creativity can be brought about over time, after all we don’t all have eureka moments, sometimes creative thought builds up slowly over time and much like a real life seed will at some point blossom into a creative outburst where you end up with a brand new study.

Either way Creativity is a truly magical moment, sometimes which leads to truly awe inspiring moments which could have you go down as a true visionary.

Sideboards Supreme


OK so I’ll be honest right now, I really don’t like writing about sideboards. I don’t know why I don’t but I find that sideboards are incredibly hard to write about.

The funny thing is that I don’t know why as the Sideboard is one of the most versatile and useful pieces of furniture within the home. I mean just look at our collection of Indian Wood Sideboards as an example of the versatility of this piece of furniture.

First of all there is the fact that there is not one type of sideboard available. Just like us as humans Solid Wood Sideboards come in a wide range of shapes and sizes from 2 door to 4 door a single drawer to 4 the sideboard is almost chameleon like with the ease in which it is able to change its functionality.

Of course this leads to the second aspect as to why solid wood sideboards are supreme. You see with being able to take so many forms and shapes, it makes sideboards (In particular our collection of Indian Sideboards) practical in multiple rooms around the home.

In the living room for instance if you need to store some paperwork or ornaments that are not on display then the Madison 3 Door Sideboard would be ideal here, need to keep some spare cutlery and glasses in the dining room then the Dakota Sideboard would be ideal.

The sideboards even have their uses upstairs for example in the bedroom the Mango 2 Drawer Sideboard can be used for keeping makeup, toiletries and other bedroom accessories. Even the study is an ideal place for Indian Wood Sideboards as you can keep stationary and important documents safe and well maintained.

Thankfully for you we have a staggering collection of Sideboards from the casual look of the Madison collection to the bold statements made with our collection of Jali Sideboards rest assured that you will find just the right Sideboard for you.

A Concert For The Ages

A Concert For The Ages

As I’m writing this blog I find myself in a conflicted state. For one I am in giddy fan boy mode as Coachella Music Festival  have announced the line-up that can only be described as legendary. Let me just throw a few names out here for you, Paul McCartney, Bob Dylan, The Who and The Rolling Stones, will all be performing this year at this festival the only question being where do I get tickets.

Of course this is where I hit a little bit of a snag, after all its all well and good writing a blog of exited fanboyism at my Dakota Desk however then I find out about where this concert is going to be … California.

That’s kind of awkward as there is no way I would be able to arrange the flights, book the tickets as well as arrange accommodation for October on such short notice. So rather than lament that I don’t live in California instead of Yorkshire what can I do to make myself feel better about this.

Well for one considering it is likely going to be the only time this line-up will ever feature in concert together its sure to be broadcast on television, this means that I will be glued to my Rustic TV Unit that evening (or early morning when I think about it).

I can also get out the old CD player and place it on top of my Sheesham Sideboard and blast out some old tunes, I’d be doing people a service after all what better do today’s generation have to listen to.

So yes there may be logistical, financial concerns that will stop me from going to this festival however I shall keep the dream alive and who knows I may be writing a Solid Wood Furniture Blog from the sunshine of California …. As if.

Now where abouts is this place …. Seriously It’s in the middle of a desert !!!!!!

Is It Time For An Upgrade

Time For An Upgrade

You know there’s an unfortunate fact in life that we all need to accept, nothing will last forever be it electronic equipment, clothes or Solid Wood Furniture thing will eventually need to be upgraded, I’m in this situation myself with my PS3 that sits in my Sheesham TV Unit wondering whether it’s worth upgrading to the next generation.

Now most people don’t live such a life which involves such ‘difficult decisions’ (yes a bit of self-deprecation) – however most people have more important replacement concerns. Let’s take that furniture idea as the topic for this blog.

Take this scenario, you have a wonderful Mango Wood Coffee Table and it has served you well for many years, however you feel that the limited design of the unit does not fit with your living room anymore.

So what do you do, after all – you want to maintain the high quality and standards that come complete with Indian Wood Furniture. However this furniture is hard to acquire – at least in the sense of a value for money piece.

Well lucky for you we at Trade Furniture have made it our mission statement to provide high quality furniture while keeping the price affordable. This really opens up the options for you to upgrade your coffee table.

So what should you go for, well you could go for the traditional approach of a simple coffee table or you go with a more practical approach. After all you will notice that a lot of our solid wood coffee tables come with additional storage that in modern living room layouts is always a positive.

Examples of these are the Cube 4 Drawer Coffee Table which comes with 4 drawers that are able to open both ways which allow for extra versatility, a similar example would be the rustic coffee table which has a similar layout but with 3 drawers instead of 4.

For The Record

For The Record

Well everyone it was record store day on Saturday, the annual celebration of vinyl music and the culture that comes with it. Of course being the music lover that I am, I headed straight to my local record store to see what was on offer and if there were any gems that I could add to my record collection.

So about 10 minutes later and flipping through all those records I eventually ended up with a decent psychedelic record line up with Jefferson Airplane, Jimi Hendrix and Cream being the highlights.

So home I went happy with what I had received and looking forward to the experience of listening to these classic records once again. So at home I placed the records on the Mango Coffee Table and sat deciding what to play first. Before I go on its important to discuss with you readers what all of the fuss is about, well you see there is a lot of nostalgia regarding records as people often grew up and bought their first single or album it was in vinyl format so hearing that nostalgic scratching as they put down the needle on their record player on top of the Sheesham Side Table and embrace all of those old memories – yes I write that in jealously.

So what about someone like me who was born into an era where CD’s there the most popular medium for music, what do I see in vinyl records after all aren’t CD’s and even digital downloads more convenient nowadays and are more likely to last longer than a vinyl record.

However for me as I slip a record out from the sleeve, look at the insert to see what tracks will be on there and head over to my Vinyl Record Player and drop the needle, by comparison if I head to my Dakota Bookcase and get a CD out or play a song on my iPod player it just does not feel the same as an old fashioned vinyl record.

Duality or Distinction

Duality or Distinction

When looking around furniture showrooms you see many pieces of furniture that are completely unique to one another, however one question that we often get asked around our showroom is the difference between certain furniture ranges, the most prominent of these being the Mango Dark and Dakota Dark comparison and the Cube and Cuba comparison.

So are these furniture ranges a case of duality or are they truly distinct from one another. Well on closer inspection you will find that both of these furniture could not be any more different.

Let’s start with the Mango Dark and Dakota comparison, now these ranges are more often than not confused with one another so it is best that we just clear the air. The first thing that separates these ranges is their design – yes the base design is the same however looking at the Mango TV Unit and the Dakota TV Unit you will notice that the design of the handles alter from the thing rectangular handles of the Mango to the Square and more bulky handles that come with the Dakota range. Now something that many people do not notice especially with the dark ranges is the change in tone between the two as the Dakota Dark is much more like a medium brown compared to the dark brown of the Mango.

So how about the Cube and Cuba comparison. Well this one is a little more subtle as both ranges share the same base construction with the same material used, that being Indian Sheesham Wood as well as the same colour variations with the Light, Honey and Natural finishes. However these ranges are separated by a small but ever important design change. You see the Cube range is fitted with metal handles whereas the Cuba range is fitted with wooden ones, this may seem like a small change however it is amazing how it changes the dynamic of the furniture.

Well that wraps it up we hope this blog has been informative on the differences between these ranges and how what may seem like duality to begin with is on closer inspection are a set of truly distinct features.

A Helping Hand

A Helping Hand

We all feel like we are totally invincible no? That we can do everything ourselves and need no one’s help. However in reality there are always those situations where we need to count on others, meaning it’s always nice to have a helping hand every once in a while.

Perhaps you can’t get that Retro TV Unit up the stairs or perhaps your moving house which is always a big deal and is way too much for one person to take on single handily.

We at Trade Furniture like to feel that we offer people a helping hand with what we do, after all we supply high quality Indian Wood Furniture which is affordable ensuring that everyone can enjoy the grains and unique tones of Indian Wood.

Of course there are many reasons that you would want to replace your old furniture, the most drastic is that your furniture is damaged beyond repair – this is something that no one wants but if you must buy a new piece of furniture then it is best to go for something that is going to go the distance.

Thankfully our entire range of furniture is designed around practicality and long lasting appeal. For example take a look at this Mango Sideboard, made from nothing but Indian Mango Wood which not only can take a knock or two but is also really, really heavy.

Although you may not need to necessarily need to replace your furniture however it is always nice to have an upgrade every once in a while, after all tired old furniture is by no means comparable to something like the Rustic Bookshelf or Rustic Coffee Table with their rough swan finish adding a unique touch to a household classic.

So everyone needs a helping hand every once in a while and here at Trade Furniture our Solid Wood Furniture collection is ready and waiting for when you need that helping hand updating your home furniture.

The Logistical Solution

The Logistical Solution

So let’s have rain check for a minuet here bloggers, you contact a well reputed furniture supplier who has over 10 years’ experience (we don’t mean to brag … well maybe a bit), as you are looking for a beautiful Retro Sideboard to add to your collection of rough sawn furniture.

However there is a catch, these things are really heavy, no seriously I have lifted one of these things, I was on the floor afterwards (of course this can be attributed to a lack of fitness I am an IT guy after all).

This presents you with a problem as even if you manage to fit it into a car lifting it into a getting it into your home is going to be difficult in itself.

So this leaves the only logical or logistical solution to your dilemma and that is to take advantage of our excellent delivery service.

Let me just give you a walk though of how this works for those of you who are new to our company, what happens when you order one of our items such as the Mango Corner TV Unit is that your order is processed and it is passed onto a member of our deliveries team.

From here your order is processed – this involves you being placed on a rota and the soonest slot that is available in the que will be offered to you. Of course we don’t expect people to revolve themselves around our service – you have lives after all, this means that we will go the extra mile in order to offer you greater convenience we will call you in order to confirm this slot with you and if not arrange a new slot to best suit your routine.

So this means that you are unlimited in scope as you are not restricted by logistics instead your are only limited by your budget and your vision.

Supply and Demand

Supply and Demand

This is something that we come across regularly in the retail world, particularity from a consumer perspective. The amount of times I have gone onto eBay looking for a game or movie from my childhood only to find that this very thing is so ridiculously expensive that I would not be able to buy anything again for the next 5 years.

Sadly this is often the reality when it comes to home furniture as well – let’s look at the facts here, there is high demand for furniture from small items like the Madison Lamp Table or larger items such as the Cube Dresser, however furniture take a long time to manufacture and therefore it can be hard to find exactly what you’re looking for when you need it most.

Of course this is something of a mission statement here at Trade Furniture as we aim to provide you with high quality furniture that we can supply to you the consumer without the wait or the highly inflated price tag attached.

So how can we possibly achieve such a goal – well first of all is how we acquire this furniture in the first place. You see here at Trade Furniture we supply Solid Indian Wood Furniture, this we feel gives us a certain niche in the market for a number of reasons.

For one there is the sheer range of Indian Wood Furniture that is available, after all there is more than one type of tree that grows in India – so you will find that our range consists of items made from Indian Sheesham Wood, Indian Mango Wood and some items that are made from the root of a teak tree.

This allows us to keep supply up and be able to provide you with a vast range of stylish and cost effective furniture that comes readymade and is delivered directly to your door.

You have the demand so we certainly have the supply.

Legends Of The Living Room

Legends of the Living Room

You know what the term legend is used way too much in this world, it seems like every time someone does something moderately successful that they are declared legends. However we digress as for us the term legend is someone who does something so revolutionary that everyone else beyond them is seen as merely trying to emulate them rather than setting a new benchmark, people like Michael Jordan and Jimi Hendrix are a couple of examples.

So how does this relate to Solid Indian Wood furniture – well you see some pieces of furniture are so impactful that they become hallmarks of the home and legends in their own right. Of course items such as the refrigerator and Television are also legendary additions to the home however in this instance we are going to stick with furniture specifically wood furniture.

Number 1 – Coffee Table.

Yes the coffee table, how can this not make a list of living room legends? Imagine how bare the living room would feel without a Mango Coffee Table, the coffee table has become the center of the living room and one of its more iconic features that will endure for years to come.

Number 2 – Sideboard.

Now this may be a surprising entry to the list however when you think about it the simple addition of a Cuba Sideboard is such a bonus to your living room. The amount of storage that these units offer allow you to keep clutter at bay and our living room pristine, someone has to do the dirty work and that is why the sideboard makes it onto this list.

Number 3 – TV Unit

So here’s the final entry on this list – now yes the Rustic TV Unit may not have the iconic status of the coffee table or the sheer usefulness of the sideboard however as a representation of modern day practicality this earns a spot. We all have TV’s right, we all enjoy watching TV in our living room therefore having a convenient place to place your TV and all external media devices.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

So as I’m writing this the world seems to be leaning more and more into the virtual world, now I’m not saying that we will all be acting like neo from the matrix doing crazy backflips  and dodging bullets (not yet anyway). No I’m of course referring to the ever pending release of virtual reality headsets.

Now the concept of devices such as the Play Station VR among others is quite remarkable when you think about it – if applied correctly this could be a one of a kind experience that offers a level of emersion that is completely unrivalled.

However the thought of wearing a headset and controlling a game with your mind may have a flaw already. Now this might just be me being a child of the 90’s however video gaming is at its most fun when you’re playing with other people.

Now yes I’s sure that the VR headset with have online connectivity and other such features but it’s not the same, if I put on the VR headset and say play a fighting game with someone it feels slightly hollow as the person I’m fighting is in Australia.

See for me getting my old ASC2WARE arcade sticks out and placing them on our Rustic Coffee Table, and reaching for my copy of Street Fighter out of the Madison Bookcase and going head to head with a friend is a much better experience. Why well for one it is much better to beat someone who is sat right next to you, that feeling of hearing KO and either joy or despair depending on how things turn out. Also this is a much better social experience as the person you’re fighting is someone you actually know you’re interacting with someone, having fun grabbing some Pringles all the while having a great laugh in front of the Mango TV Unit – that is what gaming is, not being so emerged that you lose track of reality.

Oh one final point that setup I just mentioned you can get for around £150 good look finding a VR headset online at your Cuba Desk.

Finding That Perfect Fit

The Perfect Fit

The perfect fit – as elusive as it is satisfying to attain the perfect fit is something we all try to find throughout our lives, be it our social lives, clothing, media and more.

However there is one area where finding the perfect fit as undervalued as it is essential to our homes and that is finding furniture that is the perfect fit.

Now yes there is the obvious point here which I will get out of the way now – there is no point in spending hundreds of pounds on a Cuba Sideboard only to discover that it will not go through the door, let alone fit it the space that you have ready for it.

Now that is one way of looking at making sure Solid Indian Wood Furniture is the perfect fit – however when you look deeper you will find that the perfect fit is much more than point of measuring.

You see as even though all of our Solid Wood Furniture ranges are manufactured in India they all have their own unique charm and character. First there are the different ranges that we offer, there is the Dakota and Mango ranges that are made from Indian Mango Wood as well as new additions such as the Retro and Retro Chic collections that are made from the same material. Then there are the ever popular Madison, Cube, Cuba and Jali collections made from Indian Sheesham Wood. Therefore finding the right wood (and finish) for you home will be a challenge in itself.

Adding to the challenge is that no 2 items are the same. Now don’t take this out of context, if you buy a Mango Corner TV Unit it will be the same size and design of any other unit – however as each item is made from a different tree the units are reflective of this with their won individual grains that ensure that the unit that you receive is truly unique to you.

That Happy Customer Feeling

That Happy Customer Feeling

As consumers we are picky to say the least – we often will go to extreme levels in order to get the service we want. However when you get that perfect product the feeling of total satisfaction and gratification is more than worth the effort.

So as you can expect here at Trade Furniture we take great pride in making sure that our customers are totally satisfied with their product as well as the service they receive. This is important for every company however especially so for a distributer of Indian Wood Furniture such as ourselves, as furniture is not something that is a high volume consumer item.

After all when have you ever gone out for a pint of milk and come back with a Dakota Coffee Table, furniture is something that consumers spend a lot of time researching exactly what they want. Therefore when it comes time to buy the furniture it is important that the customer is satisfied on every level – after all have you ever tried to return a Retro TV Unit before, all the hassle and time it will take to return does not look good and therefore we have not only lost a sale but also the customer.

So what can we as the retailer do to ensure a happy consumer experience – well first is we offer a number of channels in which you can purchase products such as our website, eBay, and amazon and of course a phone order or collecting in person is always welcome. We also have a showroom so you can take a look at that Jali Sideboard in person.

Of course then we have the actual collection – this we allow you do either in person as a member of our team will assist you in unwrapping the furniture so you can check the quality of the furniture and assist you loading it into your car.

Of course you can always have your furniture delivered to your door – here a member of our sales team will contact you with a delivery slot, then the driver will lift the Solid Indian Wood Furniture  into your house, unwrap it and take the packaging away.

All of this is part of the Happy Customer Experience that we as seller and you as customers should strive for as consumers.

It’s Go Go Go!

Its Go Go Go!

Yes all you motorsport fans, the day has finally arrived. If you’re like me and have no interest in football or other cliché only like them because they are popular sports, then in the winter you are pretty much just waiting around twiddling your thumbs waiting for the engines to start revving and the new motorsport season to get underway.

Well the wait is over as this week we get not only 1 but 2, races over this weekend. Yes I can hardly wait to sit in front of my Solid Wood TV Unit to hear the roar of the engines … well at least for one of the events.

So what’s on well the more publicised one will have to be the new formula 1 season getting underway in Australia this weekend. Of course I have mixed feelings about this as after all I have a Solid Wood Bookcase full of reviews of previous seasons and when I watch these I think ‘where did it all go wrong’. However I stick with my sport in the hope that one day it will sort itself out and return to its glory days.

So that’s the one everyone will hear about so what about the second of the two – well this one I have a special place for because as formula 1 has gone into disarray the Moto GP championship has only gotten better as the premier 2 wheeled championship kicks off in Qatar.

Now I am a big advocate for the free to air coverage of F1 and Moto GP, after all it was free during my childhood and I would have never have discovered these great sports that have become such a part of my life – So I shall be kicking back with my warm cup of coffee and perhaps some Doritos or something nice on my Solid Wood Coffee Table, because ladies and gentlemen ‘It’s Go Go Go’.



Pick ‘N’ Mix

Pick 'n' Mix

Now unless you were strictly forbidden from eating sugar at all as a child (like that would stop you), or perhaps grew up a little too quickly – most of us as children remember going to the local sweet shop and digging into a bag of pick ‘n’ mix.

The great thing about this is that who knows what you would get with your pound, the possibilities being endless and when you look back it made junk food fun (of course now heaven forbid if we want we eat what we please).

I guess this leads swiftly onto Solid Indian Wood Furniture. Now yes this is quite a jump from a small bag off sweeties to something costing in the hundreds, but there is a point to be made here.

You see the furniture world is a lot like those pick ‘n’ mix areas, as with furniture you really can’t be certain as to what you will get. Of course you will have some idea of what you will want however seeing a Jali Sideboard on a computer screen and seeing it in the flesh is a completely different thing – that is why when furniture shopping it is best to come to the place you want to buy your furniture and see for yourself – then it becomes something of a pick ‘n’ mix as there will not be just one range there for you to see so you may end up walking away with a Retro Chic TV Stand instead of the sideboard for example.

Another similarity is the way that we furnish our homes in general, after all its very hard to get your entire home furnished in the exact same style with the exact same wood, without at least paying for it in a big way (empty wallets anyone). This therefore encourages the mix and match style where we pick ranges that look like they will fit well together rather than being identical twins which leads to unique combinations such as the Retro Coffee Table and the Rustic Sideboard.

Adding that touch of retro flair

Adding that touch of retro flair.

It’s funny isn’t it – despite all the advances in technology over the years and how we as the human race continue to progress (were on virtual reality talk now), we still hang onto the old ways – is it because we fear change, are untrustworthy of unproven over tried and tested or perhaps it’s the memories that we associate with items and tastes from the past.

Anyway there’s not point in questioning such a thing, after all I have an old Gameboy and don’t feel like I need to analyse why I have it – simple point is that we like to keep things that we like, this same principle applies to furniture as well. After all why would we replace our old furniture that is unique and treasured with new less durable options?

Of course sometimes there is no option and we have to replace the old rickety coffee table – however this comes with a problem – what if your coffee table is a 1960’s original, it would be too expensive (and time consuming) to track down one just like it, and if its beyond repair then that option is out as well.

Well one option is Retro Furniture, now yes you’re probably saying – ‘hang on what I have now is ‘retro’ isn’t it’. Yes but our range is not period furniture, rather it is modern day furniture that is inspired by classic designs of the past.

Take our Retro Coffee Table for example, here you have something that looks as though it was made in the mid-sixties, however in actuality this item is made from Indian Mango Wood and was more than likely manufactured a few months prior to writing this blog.

This comes with 2 advantages, one is that it is much more durable than an actual piece of Retro Furniture which leads onto the second advantage, that Retro inspired furniture is more cost effective than the original as it is cheaper to buy and also less costly to maintain in the long run.

So why not add a touch of retro flair to your bedroom.

Those Magic Childhood

Those Magic Childhood Memories

So yesterday when I got home from work I decided to sit at my Cuba Office Desk and go onto eBay and see what ludicrous thing I buy – something I am quite annoyingly good at. Nothing was tickling my fancy so I decided to call it quits. Then this morning on the way to work I was thinking about my junior school days and then suddenly I realised that there was something very precious to my childhood that I had been overlooking for years my old Game Boy.

It’s these moments that truly bring a smile to all our faces and takes us back to a time when we had no complications or worries – it was all just pure fun and wonder. I mean this thought process brought back precious memories of my 1999-2000 era when my day’s home would be spent laying on the couch, with my drink placed on our Dakota Coffee Table  and hours being poured into my games, mostly Pokémon to be honest (come on they were awesome – still are actually).

However I think what makes these memories so precious is that when I look though my Mango Bookcase at these new games that I own with their super advanced features and capabilities, my mind always goes back to when I was 9, when I had Game Boy In hand and what was for me at least pure fun.

This is something I find concerning about today’s generation – what do they have that would give them such precious memories, especially if they are like me and are gamers – because let’s be honest here Call of Duty is hardly a timeless classic, no matter how much it is played at the Rustic TV Unit, (also little pointer here why are you parents buying these games for your kids).

This is why I treasure such memories so much, because no matter what the new generation comes up with, it will never surpass those precious moments of my generations childhood.

Do You Take Sugar With That?

Do You Take Sugar With That?

Ah yes the classic question with a classic answer, it seems like it’s almost an unwritten law that when we make a cup of tea or coffee, even hot chocolate we have to offer it to who else is in the room – be it at work or at home.

But perhaps it’s more than just being polite – perhaps it’s us being the social creatures that we are – perhaps sitting down and having a cup of coffee with someone is a great way to get to know a person – perhaps offering a drink is a great ice breaker in itself.

I mean when you invite your friends over for the day – you sit down in the living room and just start chatting away – something feels missing, perhaps if you look down at your Dakota Coffee Table and there is your answer, you didn’t offer a drink.

With 2 mugs on the table letting off steam from the freshly boiled water and suddenly everybody loosens up don’t they. Even in the workplace, you’re having a rough day at your Cuba Office Desk and suddenly someone comes in and offers you a tea and almost a sigh of relief as you take a sip and suddenly you feel reenergised and ready for whatever is coming your way … well almost anything.

In fact when you look at it – that simple warm drink can enhance numerous situations, if you have your mates over for a movie or perhaps a night of video games at your Madison TV Unit, that drink not only acts as an icebreaker but also keeps everyone alert and awake (especially on a night).

Heck even a date can go smoothly when you introduce a drink, after all when do you ask someone out for a day of abstract painting – nope you ask this potential special someone if they want to go for a drink.

So don’t forget to ask that all important question – Do you take sugar with that.

A Spring In Your Step

A Spring In Your Step

Well everyone its March, you know what that means – it’s the start of springtime, I refer to this as the goldilocks season as it’s not too hot and not too cold – in fact for many (including myself) it’s just right.

In fact spring can be a very inspirational period as the sound of the birds chirping away can be seen as a breath of fresh air. So how will you use this inspiration of the new season, perhaps you will finally get to work on that novel, aim for that promotion or perhaps you will want to reenergise your home to reflect your own newfound inspiration?

Now we at recommend that rather than stripping your wallpaper down and getting all worked up and exhausted, why not invest in some Solid Wood Furniture instead. See the great thing about furniture is that it has a very unique way of making a room feel completely reenergised without the need for (much) hard labour.

This is particularly evident with Indian Wood Furniture as every piece has its own unique character that really sets it apart, giving that added energy to a room. Take a look at the Mango Coffee Table for instance – in particular the light wood finish, notice how the wood has distinct streaks and knots that and distinct to this particular table – it’s this sort of character that makes it the perfect option to revamp your room.

As an added bonus there is the practical side of things I mean yes a Solid Wood TV Unit will certainly liven up a room with its unique character and style however if you’re like me and love to watch movies and play games then there are no better units thanks to their durability and versatility.

So be sure not to waste that spring in your step and use your newfound inspiration for the better.



The Room You Love

The Room You Love

So here is a question for you, what is the room you love the most – now I’m not talking from a home furniture standpoint here, I’m talking about the room that you feel closely attached to. Now this can be for many different reasons be a treasured memory or perhaps being in a certain room just makes you feel happy.

Now this does not necessarily reflect on the furniture itself (although a lavish Mango Sideboard would certainly brighten the mood).

I can use a personal example for this as my favourite room in my house is the bedroom. Now this is not because I have a very comfortable Cube Bed and it’s not because I’m lazy, no rather is because it is the room I enjoy spending the most time in, after all is by far the quietest room in the house – that’s relaxing in itself, it is also the room where all of my things are kept such as my movie collection, my TV and my games consoles (yes I have quite a few laid out on my Sheesham TV Unit).

Other people may prefer the living room – this is an understandable opinion as after all it is the room with the most life in the house (perhaps as the title suggests). I mean who doesn’t enjoy sitting down with a warm cup of coffee picking up the newspaper or TV remote from the Jali Coffee Table and having a relaxing afternoon with the radio on. Others may get their friends over for some multiplayer fun on their games console or perhaps a movie on the Dakota TV Unit. Your living room may hold other memories such as your first kiss or coming home from graduation.

The dining room may hold precious memories for some as well such as meeting with their family very year at Christmas time at the Mango Dining Table, eating that turkey or nut roast and creating treasured memories right before your eyes.

So what room is most precious to you?

Don’t Play It – Live It

Don't Play It - Live It

You know that game the Sims – yeah that’s one great game no, the ability to play out either scarily realistic or the most ludicrous scenarios (who here has become a space pirate yet). One of the best features of the game is that you are able to completely build everything up from scratch, from the structure of your house to the furniture you can put into it.

This can lead to some truly incredible creations, however this gets me wondering what is the point of making these wonderful creations in the virtual realm, surely we can create such designs in the real world.

But how is this to be done as after all in reality there is this awkward thing called money which is really a barrier to us making our Avant Grande ideas into reality. However thankful there is a solution Indian Solid Wood Furniture.

Now yes those who are even nerdier than me will say ‘hang on the game does not have that in it’ and yes you are right however let’s be honest the game lets you get abducted by aliens and raise little shop of horrors esque plants.

No the reason that I have chosen this is that it allows you to really unleash your creativity in ways that can only be seen in the game. I mean the Indian Wood range has such limitless possibilities – mostly thanks to its versatility.

After all it may all come from India but that is where the similarities end as each of the items in our range holds some form of distinct feature, such as our Dakota and Mango Ranges – both are made from Indian Mango Wood but they have differing designs, most notable in the handles.

An even better example would be the Jali and Cube ranges, once again these two ranges are both made from Indian Sheesham Wood however one has brushed steel handles whereas the other had traditional Indian Jali inspired Iron Cast features.

Now I’m not going to give everything away – however looking though our furniture collection you will no longer feel like you want to play with your house on a PC – you will want to make it a reality.

Bedroom Brilliance

Bedroom Brilliance

The Bedroom – a room that represents what rest and relaxation should be. Now for everyone the principal of relaxation is different for everyone, after all climbing a mountain can be relaxing for some (don’t ask me why).

Anyway back on topic – the aim of achieving bedroom brilliance is unfortunately not so cut and dry as you would think – after all were all different and all relax in different ways, therefore our ideas of a relaxing bedroom are different – for example some may find Dakota Bedroom style or a clean and crisp modernist style.

For this reason we at Trade Furniture will not be describing what the ultimate bedroom design is – no instead we will be highlighting what can contribute to bedroom brilliance instead.

So let’s start with the basic, the Cube Bed. This is made from Solid Indian Sheesham Wood and is available in 3 different finishes that make this unit versatile enough for many different tastes, contributing to bedroom brilliance.

Second is that all important storage. After all what is more stressful than having clutter all over the place – this is why items such as the Mango Sideboard or the Madison Bookcase would be a must have for any bedroom just because of the practical benefits that come with having that bit of extra storage to keep that ever important relaxing atmosphere.

Now for most people (myself included) a TV is a must have for a bedroom, after all a lot of hobbies that help us relax are directly related to television. So how about fitting a Jali TV Cabinet that would not only hold your TV but provide extra storage for your external media and other accessories.

Other picks we would recommend would be the Madison Lamp Table and perhaps a Mango Console Table – however bedroom brilliance is all down to the mind of the creator, so what will you create.

Not So Identical Twins

Not So Identical Twins

Being a twin must be a real pain sometimes especially if you’re an identical twin – constantly being confused for your sibling can be irritating and somewhat awkward.

Here at Trade Furniture we have a curious case of twins that may look alike, but that have a subtle difference that distinguishes them apart from one another.

We are talking about our Cube Furniture and its twin Cuba Furniture. First of all let’s look at the similarities between these two ranges. Something you will notice is that these items are all available in 3 different finishes the light, honey and natural finishes. The second similarity is that both of these ranges have an identical product line-up be it coffee tables, sideboards, or even beds and drawers. The final similarity is that both ranges are made from the high quality Indian Sheesham Wood that has become something of a hidden gem in our collection.

So there are the similarities – so like real life twins it’s easy to get confused, so how do you tell apart these ranges. Well like real life identical twins who will make subtle changes to their appearance to distinguish themselves, you will notice with closer examination they are very much different and represent different furniture and home design philosophies.

First let’s look at the Cube range. You will notice that certain items such as the Cube Sideboard come fitted with handles, these are brushed steel and are fitted to units where appropriate. This give the range a modernist approach blending traditional wood furniture with crisp and sleek modern design – an effect that we are sure you will appreciate.

Then take a look at the Cuba range – same products, same wood but rather than brushed steel handles this range has matching wooden handles, giving the unit a traditional look and feel to items such as the Cuba TV Unit.

So despite their similarities these ranges are much more than identical twins, both may share similarities but both represent their own individual style.

The Pursuit of Greatness

The Pursuit of Greatness

Greatness ‘the quality of being great; eminence or distinction’, many people thought history have been in the pursuit of such an acclaim be it deliberate intent or without thought some people just are destined to be great  – Michael Jordan, Jimi Hendrix and Stephen Hawking to name a few examples of those who pursued greatness and achieved it.

However the pursuit of greatness is not just limited to those who are in the limelight, after all greatness is within all of us it’s just a matter of finding our niche. So are you an aspiring photographer, gathering your equipment out of the Dakota Sideboard and taking a picture of a beautiful sunset. Perhaps you’re an aspiring guitarist trying to nail those ever important chords, with your helpful tutorial books at the ready in your Madison Bookcase.

Perhaps your ambition to be great lies in your home, after all you paid a lot for it so why would you not want it to be your legacy, so hunting down those ever important and distinct items that will push your home over the top and represent your ambition.

How you do this will depend on what you are trying to showcase, are you aiming to create a modern masterpiece or perhaps going for a more rustic path to great home design. Perhaps you are wanting to take inspiration from international designs, maybe some Italian, French or for the very bold Solid Indian Wood Furniture to represent this.

The latter option would not be such a bad way to showcase your design talents as Indian Furniture is a very flexible furniture to work with. After all if you’re wanting to showcase a more simplistic design then the Madison collection would be great, or perhaps you’re looking for the true authentic experience, well then there is the Jali Furniture Range that takes traditional Indian Jali style and incorporates it into the furniture’s design offering an Authentic Indian look and feel.

Whatever your path to greatness be assured that no matter what people say, greatness is within us all – we just need to find it.

The Organic Process

The Organic Process

When people design their homes, there is often a vision or some sort of idea in mind – someone may want to go with a minimalist approach with cool colours and furniture that is more deliberate in its design, others may want a traditionalist design where the rooms are much more involved with Solid Wood Furniture with much greater character and charisma.

However sometimes some of the best interior designs come through an organic design process. Now organic is usually referred to in the food industry, referring to food that has been produced without the use of chemicals or additives.

Now this when this theory is related to furniture and design it can be interpreted in 2 ways. The first way is with the material itself, it can be seen that some wood is manufactured or changed in order to be easier to acquire or work with such as MDF, plywood and so on. So for someone to go organic with their home design you could either A) – go out cut down a tree and make the furniture yourself, or B) look for furniture that truly embraces its natural roots, perhaps even furniture that is more exotic in its nature such as Solid Indian Wood Furniture.

The second interpretation is through the design process itself. Rather than having an idea of what you want set in stone such as wanting your living room filled out with Dakota Furniture, the thought process is more natural and grows through circumstance and opportunity therefore being organic. Such as initially having a pine sideboard and while out and about discovering a Sheesham Coffee Table that would work very well alongside it. Another example could be having a Solid Wood Dining Table and rather than ordering a matching set of chairs, it is better to explore your options eventually leading to finding a stylish set of Rattan Dining Chairs instead.

Whatever your interpretation of the organic design process be assured that the results will be both unexpected and rewarding.

The Film Collectors Conundrum

The Film Collectors Conundrum

Hello everyone. Today I am writing about my hobby, movie collecting. Well sort of you see yes this blog is related to my film junkie personality however it’s not because I am going to be bragging about my extensive film collection.

Nope this blog is about the price I am currently paying for my movie collecting habits, I am just plain out of space to put my movies. Understand that I have a Solid Wood Bookcase that I have filled over the past 10 years with all of the DVD’s, Videos and other media I have picked up over the years. Now however my collection has grown to the point of invading my TV unit and its getting quite out of hand.

So this is the conundrum that I face what furniture do I buy to get my film collection under control. Well let’s look at the easiest option first, buying a bigger bookcase. Now because of the wide range of quality bookcases such as the Mango Bookcase to choose from I doubt I would have much problems finding one. However with my current bookcase I also place my lamp and other accessories so getting a tall bookshelf would force me to rework my room which I would prefer to avoid. Secondly is that with the bookcase I would like to keep my premier titles in it, this leaves a lot of room for the movies I don’t watch as often as my premier collection.

For this instance I would need somewhere to keep those films. The Sideboard would be a great option for this as not only does it provide great storage space with both cabinet sections as well as some handy drawers, just look at the Sheesham Sideboard on this site as proof. This would also kill 2 birds with one stone as I could use the drawers for all of my CD’s.

Well it looks like the film enthusiasts conundrum may have been solved at last thanks to Indian Wood Furniture.

The 3 Essentials For A Living Room

The 3 Essentials For A Living Room

Here at Trade Furniture we take great pride in our furniture range – one particular area in which we see ourselves as something of a speciality is with our Solid Wood Living Room Furniture.

That’s why I’m here to discuss with you what we feel are the 3 main furniture essentials for your living room. For this we have narrowed the list down to 3 candidates, these may seem like obvious choices but when you think of your perfect living room these pieces of furniture are always there.

Let’s start with a big one, the TV unit. Let’s be frank here everybody has a TV at least here in the UK anyway and you must live in some pretty extreme circumstances not too. Now TV’s no longer come alone – there are a slew of entertainment accessories that go with your television such as a games console and a DVD player for example. Therefore having a good sturdy unit to place all this is essential. That’s why here at trade furniture we sell a wide variety of TV units from our ever popular Dakota TV Units to our new and more unique ranges such as the Vintage Furniture TV units.

Number 2 on our list is the sideboard. Now I know this will probably raise an eyebrow among the readers here but honestly a sideboard is really something that just belongs in a living room. The best examples of a living room always have areas which are primary for storage, you see bookcases, chests and console tables but the most prevalent one is the sideboard, the reason being is that the sideboard is so versatile as most examples consist of both cabinets and drawers that offer storage for multiple items from household clutter such as keys and stationary to books and family heirlooms. Our range of Solid Wood Sideboards has representatives from virtually every range in our collection from Mango to Madison and more.

And finally here is number 3. We have left this one for last because we feel this is the most essential part of a living room. The Solid Wood Coffee Table is here firstly because of its practical credentials, can you imagine coming into your living room and not having somewhere to put your fresh cup of coffee or place down the newspaper as you get up, all of this the coffee table allows in addition to some extra added storage space which can lead to creative variations on a living room classic. The second reason is that of all the items here the this one belongs the most, you can have a sideboard or a TV unit in other rooms however the Cuba Coffee Table just belongs in the living room, and that is why it is the living room essential you can’t be without.

Trade Furniture Presents – The Top 5 TV Units for a Large TV Set

Indian TV Units

The TV Unit – as ever present in our homes as the coffee table and the sofa it has become something of a staple of a living room design. However picking a TV Unit can be hard as there are so many factors to consider, especially for those with large TV sets.

So here are our picks for the top 5 Large TV Units.


  1. Vintage Media Unit

Vintage Media Unit

There seems to be a growing trend lately that things really were better in the old days, whether it’s an old VHS player, vinyl records, or fashion we can go out of our way to experience the way things used to be.

Even furniture is immune as can be seen in this Indian Mango Wood piece which is styled to resemble furniture from the 1950’s, which is particularly evident in the unit’s distinct leg design. However this unit is not all show as it comes with 2 shelves each of which ideal for your media devices and included a circular cut-out at the back of the unit to keep wires out of the way. The unit also comes with 4 storage drawers for extra accessories.


  1. Madison Large 8 Drawer TV Unit

Madison Large 8 Drawer TV Unit

Now this is the unit for you if you want storage and then more storage. Made from Indian Sheesham Wood it’s not hard to see why it made it into our top 5. With more than enough room for a large TV set this unit comes with 8 shelves worth of storage each with the cut out for keeping wires at bay as well as 8 small drawers perfect for DVD’s, CD’s and other media accessories – if you’re a big film/tv junkie this is the one for you.


  1. Cube Light 4 Drawer TV Unit

Cube Light Long 4 Drawer TV Unit

Looking for something that blends Solid Indian Sheesham wood design with a modernist twist – the Cube Light 4 Drawer TV Unit is here to answer the call. This unit comes with a single shelf that spans the width of the unit to give it that seamless look and 4 handy storage drawers underneath, each one being fitted with brushed steel handles for the modernist touch.


  1. Mango 2 Drawer Media Unit

Mango 2 Drawer Media Unit

Here at number 2 we have a fine example of the quality of Indian Mango Wood. This item is given a very rich mocha stain, providing the Mango Media Unit with the distinct dark colour that the range has become known for. The unit itself comes with 4 shelves which are broken up by 2 storage drawers in the center of the piece.



  1. Light Dakota Large Media Unit

Light Dakota Large Media Unit

Well here it is our top pick for the best TV unit for a large TV. So what puts it here, well there is its design with its unit spanning shelf which is more than enough for your media devices without making the unit feel split up. There are the well sized drawers which are great for media accessories as well as your DVD collection. Then there is the Solid Indian Mango Wood construction which shines with both quality and style. All of this makes the Dakota Media Unit a no brainer top pick.

A Little Rough Around The Edges

Rustic Dining Table (SA3)

We have been introducing quite a lot of new ranges here at Trade Furniture, most of which have been of our Retro inspired items.

These have quickly become a popular new addition to our range with customers highlighting how they really reflect the era well. Another point that customers bring up is the distinct look of the range in particular the light items of Rustic and Retro.

Now looking at the Rustic Sideboard for instance the light finish seems similar to all of the other Light Mango Furniture made items that we sell. However when you look closely you see a distinct difference between the 2 designs.

You see we consider this finish not to be the traditional ‘Light’ finish but a Rough Sawn Finish. Rough Sawn is where the wood is cut with a circular saw blade and rather than be ‘planned’ and smoothed out the wood is left with the distinct cut.

This gives items such as the Rustic Coffee Table a very distinct ‘rustic’ look and feel – almost in a raw and unhinged way as though it was cut from a tree outside and put together in a carpenters shack.

Some may find this to be a turn off when it comes to interior design, after all polished perfection is what most would assume the way to go is when it comes to furniture.

However Rustic Furniture adds something else to the mix – rather than the clean cut and clinical furniture that is sometimes referred to as real wood furniture, what you get here is literally the real deal.

Because so little work has been done to the wood and the cut is very much a onetime deal, it makes the wood feel very natural and warm as wood should be. From the sights of seeing the items glisten in the light to their touch and feeling that rough cut this is a range that is bound to become a stylistic feature of many homes to come.

Happy New Year!

happy new year!

I know this is a little early but considering that today is my last day at work before 2016 so it’s only right that I and the rest of the Trade Furniture Company team wish you a very happy new year.

So how will you be celebrating the New Year – for most … myself included it will be spent with family, I’m my case watching Jools Holland on BBC2  surrounded by our gorgeous Indian Living Room Furniture as we wish in the New Year and all of the hope and optimism it will bring.

However for others family may be scattered across the world – it is a little hard to spend New Year’s Eve with them, however thanks to the internet and social media it is easier than ever to wish your sister living in Budapest all the best for the upcoming year – it is as simple as skyping them on your Dakota Desk – maintaining those ever important family bonds.

Some people even have special New Year’s traditions, be it a special meal, party, or celebrating at a certain location – what my family like to do is sit in front of our Sheesham TV Stand and watch a good movie together – I usually offer a choice of 3 movies last year it ended up being Skyfall and we had a great time with the Celebrations and the Quality Streets all put out on the Jali Coffee Table for us to nibble on and have a great time.

Now I Know that for some people this year will have been bad and cannot wait for the year to end so they can start anew. To be honest that is the perfect attitude to take as we have all been there and what better way to bring yourself up from the depths than by turning a new page and deciding that this year will be better than the last.

For others it will be a year of reflection as a lot can have happened – I can testify to this as a lot has happened in my year, it’s almost been a year of 2 halves from where I was to sitting at this Loft Office Desk writing this blog to you – yeah it’s been that crazy.

Anyhow from all of us here we hope you have a great 2016

On The Eve Of Chaos

On The Eve of Chaos

9:30pm December 24th – for every parent this is the time where we realise that the chaos and joyous insanity that is Christmas day is upon us. A this point the kids should be in bed and your sat in front of the Retro TV Unit watching whatever festive special is on eating the mince pie and wine that you left for Santa (yes you do it and we all know you do) taking in a slight breath before it is time to get all of the presents arranged out for the little ones to have a great day.

And so at 10:30pm operation ‘whatever you do don’t wake the kids’ begins, you creep up some unusually creaky stairs to wherever you are hiding them (a good choice is your bedroom as you can keep that locked and secure).

Then the careful process of bringing the presents down, some of which are easy, however others such as the basketball set or goalposts are not so easy – especially with such perils as the Mango Bookcase being a precarious obstacle to stand in your way, after all if you knock any of the ornaments then you are going to not only break something but potentially wake your Kids as well – spoiling the magic of the day.

11:30pm – Well everything is downstairs and arranged all nice anticipation to the little ones t be blown away by what they have got ( unless they are 1 in which case they have no idea what’s going on). So it’s time for a hot chocolate and another mince pie at the Jali Coffee Table and off to bed.

4;30am – well that was short and sweet wasn’t it, now it’s time to get up and put the turkey in the over and start preparing the Christmas feast. Now some have the turkey on overnight however it’s good to check up on it and make sure all is in order and that you can decide what breakfast is going to be.

8:00am – Let the chaos reign and your little ones enjoy the day where everything is awesome and presents and new things are a plenty.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Well I Know this may be a little premature but considering I and the rest of the team are going to be off on Christmas Day I think it is important to wish all of our valued customers a merry Christmas.

The most wonderful time of the year can sometimes, oh who am I kidding it is the most expensive time of the year, unless you bought a house in the past 12 months then that will have been the most expensive period.

Even furnishing your living room in beautiful Dakota Furniture is not as expensive – however it is just as satisfying as seeing everyone open their presents to find it is exactly, no more than they ever dreamed for. I know some like to know what they are getting for Christmas however I feel that this can take a lot of the fun out the day – from my experience I can sort of work out what an item is from its silhouette and I put my coffee on the Loft Coffee Table and decide what I am opening first.

This is not to mention the other highlight of the day, after the original rush of opening the last of the presents, (if your smart you will always end up opening the best present last) comes the next and arguably the true highlight of Christmas as you sit at the Jali Dining Set seeing the turkey come through to the dining room with all the trimmings following on.

Then onto the Christmas movie and in my house at least a gorgeous gateaux is what we will usually have when we sit down to the movie, of course when I was a kid I was not fussed about sitting down and watching a movie – no I was more bothered about my toys and I’m sure your young ones are the same.

Anyway it’s time to wish you all a Merry Christmas form all of the team here at Trade Furniture Company.

Only 3 Days To Go!

Only 3 Days To Go!

Yes Kids it’s time to freak out, Christmas is only 3 days away and its time get the final preparations in place for the most magical time of the year.

Of course we all have our own Christmas traditions that define what Christmas means to us all as well as provide that ever vital bond that ties our families together.

In our house we spend the days before Christmas getting the final presents all wrapped up and store them underneath the tree or perhaps in the stocking that we hang from the Mango Fire Surround (cause my parents are traditional like that).

Some of us prefer to gather round the Jali TV Unit and watch a good movie or 2 (or 3). I remember last year we had 4 Shrek movies in 4 days which was a great laugh, especially as we had all of our goodies such as the popcorn, drinks and other assorted foods that would not be good for one’s health – all of which are presented on the Cuba Coffee Table.

Others will have their family and extended family over for the week (if you have enough spare beds) or even go on holiday for Christmas – Now me personally I could not do this just simply because I prefer waking up on a Christmas morning to see everything that I am comfortable with such as my Dakota Bookcase that has been cleared out a bit of all of my DVD’s in anticipation for all of the new ones that will be on the way over the coming hours ( and there are usually a lot of them, hobbies eh).

However as the clock ticks down to the day of remember what this time of year is all about – of giving joy to the ones that you care about the most.

Time To Wrap it Up

Time To Wrap It Up

Well we are officially 1 week away from Christmas so here at Trade Furniture we feel it’s time to think about the horrific joy of wrapping.

Yes the process of wrapping the presents as to not reveal what they are can often be a trivial process as they can often be filled with brick walls that bring your process to a complete standstill.

Now if you’re clever you will buy items that the person wants but that are also easy to wrap, to save yourself the headaches of wrapping – of course if you’re dumb like me you will buy someone a guitar for Christmas.

So here at my Cuba Desk I am going to write you a guide to wrapping really awkward presents.

Step 1 – preparing for the inevitable. This is the moment you realise that your great present idea is not going to be very easy to wrap. So you clear a space, in my case I cleared by Cuba Bed so that I had plenty of space to work with and got all the tools I needed to wrap my present.

Step 2 – The plan of attack. In this stage it’s time to decide how you are going to wrap your present. I quickly realised that wrapping the guitar as it was a bad idea. Therefore it was time to be creative, I grabbed some spare cardboard and made a box in which I could seat the base of the guitar in, thankfully this was not difficult as the Loft Sideboard came in a box that I could easily modify for the base.  I then found something to pad the neck with to make the object look more rectangular in appearance rather than give away what it is.

Step 3 – Wrapping. In this phase it is time to wrap the present, I would advise that you keep the wrapping paper, tape and scissors in a designated area such as on your Vintage TV Unit if you have the space, this is because losing the sellotape can ground your progress to an absolute halt.

However eventually you will have your present wrapped and the satisfaction once you have done it will make you want to keep on going – and if you are awkward like me then this guide is built from personal experience and is sure to help you.

A Long Time Ago, In A Galaxy Far Far Away …..

A Long Time Ago, In a Galaxy Far Far Away

You know what, I have tried to resist it for as long as possible but the inevitable has finally arrived. Sigh yes this is a blog about start wars.

The first film in the franchise (I’m referring to number 4 here) has become a staple of the sci-fi genre and a classic to many – if you don’t like it I’d say your trying way too hard to be cool.

And now 10 years after the previous live action star wars film we now have the force awakens. Now I ain’t no Star Wars nerd but when I was sitting in my living room watching the announcement on my Cube TV Stand thinking ‘so Donald Duck gets a lightsabre’.

Yes I was sceptical of course being one of the causal Star Wars fans you now the ones who just take the films for what they are and don’t go into the extended universe with my Retro Bookcase filled with novels and comics detailing the events like some do, my reaction was not of murderous rage like they probably would have been.

But sceptical I remained but slowly and surly my scepticism began to thaw as I was sitting at my Dakota Desk reading up on the latest news and finding out that it would not be Donald Duck with a lightsabre but possibly a worthy successor to episode 6 (plus Han Solo is back the coolest guy in cinema history).

I mean like many this is a part of my childhood seriously this is the order in which I watched them ahem – 1,4,5,6,2,3. I remember sitting in front of the fire in our living room watching the original trilogy on my TV surrounded by Solid Wood Living Room Furniture with my imagination running wild.

And now a new generation gets to experience the wonder of a galaxy far far away, or for us of an older generation relive all of those childhood memories once again.

There are many things I would like to know?

There are many things I would like to know

There is one consistency within everyone’s lives, from childhood to our older years and that is the desire for knowledge. Now in today’s society this is something that has become easier than ever with the advancements of the internet and mobile devices allowing us to access a stream of information within seconds.

Because of this I theorise that the consumer decision making process has become longer with more time spent researching the potential options for your purchase, after all there are many versions of a particular product be it a Games console or TV Unit.

So we at Trade Furniture Company realise that there are many things that you would like to know, so we do our best to ensure that all of your questions are answered. So how do we do this, well for one if you are looking for a Retro Bookcase we have the very website that you are on, filled with many fantastic ranges that are written by our excellent writer who tries to spark your creative impulses by putting the envisioning the product as if it was in your home.

In addition to this we have our office which is always happy to take your calls regarding stylish Rattan Dining Chair that you have had your eye on but just want to know a little more before you make the purchase.

We also have an FAQ section as well as a comments section where you can leave queries about our products, if you want to know the inner dimensions of a Cube TV Stand we will be happy to answer your questions to give you the best possible service.

So no matter how many things you would like to know be assured that at trade furniture we will be happy to help you make the right decision In the end – by the way we sell Solid Wood Furniture.

Heart vs Head

Heart vs Head

This is a deliberation that we all have within ourselves frequently – the age old question of hear vs head.

Let me give a personal example, observe the image above there you see two methods of personal transportation that I would like to learn to use car and bike, now my head says to go with the car because its warmer, I can have the radio on and in the long run its more practical. However my heart says to go with the bike as they are more fun, cooler to own and in heavy traffic advantageous.

Its these sort of internal debates that can often put our important life decisions on hold – no matter what it is whether It be buying a movie, house, bag of crisps or even a  Sheesham Dining Set, this sort of heart vs head debate is somewhat tormenting.

Taking furniture as an example items such as the Sheesham console table often cause such a debate as it’s not like these are the only ones in existence, there are other variations of this item – often cheaper and well suited to a family for a budget, this would be considered the head option. Whereas the quality and style of the Indian Sheesham Wood constructed option is far more appealing to the heart.

Another example of this debate is in music. Now generally there are 3 methods of listening to music, download, CD or vinyl. Now its CD and vinyl that are the most reliable options so let’s take them as an example. Buying a CD player would be the head option as they are easy enough to get a hold of and CD’s are a lot cheaper these days. However the heart hankers to the thrill of Vinyl records especially since it would look great on your Sheesham Sideboard – however the records themselves are very hard to get a hold of and can be somewhat fragile and fiddly when it comes to getting your ideal sound.

However it’s the ultimate heart vs head debate that will cause us rational conflicts for years to come.

It’s The Season

It's The Season

Yes everyone it’s just turned December and guess what that means. Up it’s the countdown to Christmas and I get to write about all of our wonderful Indian Furniture items.

See the great thing about furniture and particularity items such as the Vintage TV Unit is that it serves 2 potential purposes.

For one is that furniture is essential to making a home as comfortable as possible to improve our quality of life, in this improvement we enjoy ourselves a lot more – and after all what is more important at Christmas than to enjoy yourself with those who you care about. Therefore having practical and stylish furniture surrounding all of these precious memories, there is also the bonus of them actually being useful to enhancing the days entertainment such as the TV unit mentioned earlier allows you to watch top of the pops to see who reached Christmas number 2 (we already know who’s number one …. Thanks for that reality TV) or watching a Christmas movie or perhaps the one off Christmas specials, and with the Sheesham Coffee Table nearby you can get the party food and the drinks at the ready.

The other great thing about furniture is that it could be a really creative gift – now I know that this is not a very practical sentiment I mean how are you going to wrap up a Dakota Bookcase for instance. However in the right context giving furniture as a gift would be a great move not only from a practical sense but also from a care sense. I mean imagine if your son or daughter had just moved into their new home, what better way as a parent to show your care and pride of them taking the next step in life than to gift them a Retro Sideboard to give them that leg up on their new journey.

After all it is the season.

The Final Curtain Call

The Final Curtain Call

In the world of sport it seems that England ignores anything that does not involve kicking a ball. Perhaps that is the reason why the announcement of a sporting legends retirement has largely gone under the radar. So sitting here at my Solid Wood Desk I feel it is right to reflect on the brilliant career of a basketball legend – Kobe Bryant.

Now for those of us in the 90’s basketball meant 2 things, Space Jam and the channel 4 NBA highlights and I remember watching the LA Lakers at my Mango TV Stand and a very young Bryant pretty much dunking on everything that got in his way.

Now I’m going to take the assumption that you know nothing about who I’m talking about so here’s a rundown of everything he has accomplished in his storied career, 5 time NBA champion, 2 time Olympic gold medalist, 2 time finals MVP, 1 time regular season MVP, 17 time all-star and 3rd all-time in Scoring.

That’s only the tip of the iceberg as far as what he has achieved and as he is finally decided that it’s time to call it quits the question remains – what is Bryant’s legacy. Well I’m sure if you have some Basketball Texts and Journals in a Madison Bookcase I’m sure like the man himself you will see many views. One is of a player who told his own story, and in the process became one of the most controversial athletes in the history of all sport – with his competitive nature sometimes getting the better of him (aka he doesn’t pass a lot).

However I think what people will hopefully see him as after he’s left our sport is someone who represents the last of his breed, what I dub the ‘Jordan’ mould – in an era with analytics and efficiency shooting shot after shot and scoring 50 points a night rarely happens, therefore spectacular offensive displays are fading into the past and Bryant is one of the last if not the last high volume, high attempt scorer who will do whatever it takes to score the ball.

So albeit a sad day, lets embrace the inevitable, get the popcorn and refreshments out on the Vintage Coffee Table and enjoy the Final Curtain call of one of the greatest of all time.

The Last Hurrah

The Last Hurrah

Well it has recently been announced that Top Gear will be having a Christmas special and it will be featuring all of the highlights from Jeremy Clarkson’s time on the show.  So I guess this is almost a last hurrah in a way, the end of what was a great show whose edgy humour and antics gave it a charm which is hard to come by in factual programming.

I’m sure I won’t be alone in sitting down on my couch over Christmas and watching the on my Sheesham TV Cabinet, I can only imagine the viewing figures that will come up – who knows maybe they want to see the gulf that they will see as the new figures come in for the reboot.

Now let’s get one thing over with now, punching someone over something so frugal (apparently) is ludicrous and should never have happened in the first place and deserved punishment, however as the news broke of the sacking while getting my drink from the Soild Wood Coffee Table all I could think was ‘what have you done?’. Let’s be frank here it is one of the most popular shows in the country and taking away its center, and sure enough it was soon all 3 presenters were gone and the only show worth left watching on the network was gone suspension without pay may have been a better option but who knows.

Now yes there is a reboot on the way as I mentioned earlier but what would be the point, it would be like eating a bun without the cream filling, and why even bother when you can watch the highlights on DVD stored in your Wooden Bookcase or other means for the cream filling we all know and love as fans of the series.

So this Christmas settle down by the fire and enjoy the last hurrah of a show that will never be replicated or duplicated surrounded by comfort enhancing Solid Wood Furniture.

Black Friday

Black Friday

Well the last Friday payday before Christmas, a day with such infamy that it has become known as Black Friday. Ironic that something that started out a marketing gimmick has become an annual event in the Christmas shopping calendar, where retailers offer exclusive deals for consumers who rush (often to the extremes) to get the best bargains while they last.

And here at trade furniture we are also partaking in the festivities, as we will be holding our own Black Friday event this year, and we are coming out in full force as we will be offering some of best items for you.

Now obviously I can’t reveal what exactly we will be selling as that kind of spoils the event however I can reveal the ranges that will be represented in our Black Friday extravaganza, from old favourites to new arrivals.

Our first representative will be our Dakota Furniture Range, one of our most popular items in our range, this collection is made from Indian Mango Wood and is available in 3 finishes, our light finish, our standard finish where the wood comes in a warm finish and finally our dark range which is where the items are given much more distinctly dark finish.

Another representative is our Rustic Furniture collection – This collection is particularity unique as it is made from Indian Mango Wood, however it is cut in a rough sawn manner which gives the wood its unique country flavour.

Next up is the Cube Range, this collection is made from Indian Sheesham Wood and is available in both a light and dark finish, what makes this range stand out however are the brushed steel handles that make this a distinct combination of traditional furniture design with a modernist touch.


Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better

Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better

There are certain traits that we all seem to share in one way or the other, even if it someone you have never seen before you are bound to share a few baser traits that are programmed (no we are not robots) in our brains from our first breath.

One such trait is our knack for having a slight inferiority complex – now I don’t mean this in any derogatory sense or trying to offend, so allow me to explain. We by design be it just human nature or being in a consumerist society strive to have the best things in life – therefore when we come across objects that are far superior to what we have something in our mind twigs and suddenly we must improve as well.

For example you have been quite happy with your TV unit for many years and it been a great addition to your living room. One day you go visit a friend or a family member and you see their hand crafted Cube TV Stand – suddenly your TV stand does not seem as good as it was.

This is not petulance it’s just a drive to constantly improve our quality of life that is built into our consciousness, such as when you sit at your Cube Dining Table, you want only the best meals and the best dining experience.

This can not only be applied to items such as the Cube Coffee Table, but to other areas such as computing, video gaming (particularity this), gardening, cars and more – any way that could trigger our want for a better quality experience.

Notice I said want there not need as sometimes what you have can be a perfectly serviceable and functional such as wanting to improve upon your old Cube Bookshelf, do you need to do this no not at all but seeing a superior version somewhere can tickle your buying impulses.

However we should embrace this slight personality quirk as it drives us to better ourselves, even if that is though one-upmanship.

New Arrivals

New Arrivals

Well as the year is coming to an end and for us at Trade Furniture Company, it has been quite an eventful one. We have had quite a few new arrivals to our company over the past 12 months, from new personnel to the arrivals of some unique and characteristic items that have boosted our range and made it even more exceptional.

For example, take a look at our new Retro Chic collection. This range takes classic retro inspired designs, specifically from the 1960’s, and introduces them to a modern audience. From our bookcases to the TV units, side tables and even the Retro Chic Coffee Table, this range we take particular pride in. It offers a cost effect yet stylish and distinct way to furnish the home as these recreations would be hard to come by in their original form.

Another new arrival to us this year has been the Loft Furniture collection. Something of a cousin to the chic collection, this range is once again inspired by 1960’s furniture design. This range however, is a lot more focused on the late 60’s rather than spanning the entire decade. This item has unique takes on TV units, computer desks as well as home regulars such as the Loft Sideboard.

Our final new arrival for this year is the Dark Dakota range. Now our regular customers will be wondering ‘wait, the Dakota range has been available for a while’. So it is best to explain this new collection. Often we come across situations where our current dark range does not fit with the design that the customer is looking for, often it is too light. So we decided to adapt to this and offer a new collection that comes in a much darker finish giving you more choice when furnishing your home.

So there’s a roundup of our new arrivals this year and we hope that next year brings even more new collections to our growing range of items.

Children In Need

Children In Need

Well tonight is the night folks, our annual telethon where giving a little can be of great benefit to those less privileged than us. Yes Children in Need is on tonight as we will be sitting in front of our Retro TV Unit enjoying the entertainment and one of a kind events , picking up the phone and donating to a good cause – because you know a little self-fulfilment does no one any harm at all.

So have you been doing some fundraising, now I’m not on about dressing up as a penguin and running the length of the country (although that would be impressive) no fundraising can be simple and everyone can get involved.

At school there are usually bake sales, non-uniform days and sponsored silences (useful against those who never stop talking ha-ha), at work there are fancy dress events, challenges and the like – all sponsored by peoples donations – I mean yes it’s for a good cause but surely you want to see your manager come in dressed as a racoon.

Even if you’re not the flamboyant (or eccentric) type you can still raise money in your own home – how about trying to watch all of the star wars movies in one day in sequence, back to back – if you have the collection in your Vintage Bookcase why not give it a shot.

Of course there is the option of sitting in a bath tub filled with beans, however that’s just gross so why not try eating a really hot pepper without the aid of water (for health and safety reasons I will not say what pepper) – although getting your sponsors’ to bring out said pepper and place it in front of you on your Retro Coffee Table will surely be a good laugh.

Well whatever you chose to do, waking, silence, dares – just make sure that you have a good time and contribute to the good cause that is children in need.

A Solid Performance

A Solid Performance

You know we have been looking at the reviews we have been receiving from our customers and let’s just say we have truly been giving a Solid Performance.

What reason is there for this other than our spectacular customer service and excellent range of products that vary in shape and size however all of it is Solid Wood Furniture – that may have something to do with it.

Wood after all is such a versatile material and can easily meet any number of needs from the study to the bedroom and dining room.

However one area that Solid Wood really shines is in the living room – being the center of the home this room is arguably the most important room in the house therefore it is vital to ensure the environment is as comfortable and uplifting as possible.

This is where solid wood comes in as …. Well just take a look at the Solid Wood Coffee Table. Here is an item that could be metamorphosed as the spoke in the wheel, always in the middle of the room and where all of the action is, and with its warm and rugged style who would deny it this position.

Other areas of the living room that can be enhanced is with a Solid Wood Media Unit – after all we all like to watch TV every now and again whether it is the TV, a DVD or perhaps Video Games are your thing – either way enjoying it with a wooden unit as opposed to chip wood make it more of an event in a way, like listening to music on a CD rather than streaming.

It also performs well in a practical sense with items such as the Solid Wood Sideboard allowing for useful storage around the home and reducing clutter making it a better environment to live in.

So take a bow Solid Wood Furniture as we really couldn’t be where we are right now without your solid performance.

Tables at the Ready

Tables at the Ready

Well we are only a couple of months away from Christmas people, yes the day of wonder for kids and a day of bonding where we all see our relatives again as they come over to your house to celebrate the day of giving joy with those you hold dear.

However often these days go in rotation as different members of the family host Christmas each year at their home. However this can come with a slight complication as sometimes your dining room may be missing that something special, be it that the décor is out of date or you need to update your furniture – specifically the dining table.

After all you want to put on a good show and make your turn at hosting Christmas memorable – after all memories are something we keep forever.

However the last thing you will want is for them to remember eating that Christmas turkey on a shoddy dining table.

However never fear here at trade furniture we have Tables at the Ready. Whatever your dining room theme we are sure you will find what you are looking for. Perhaps you have a country house feel to your dining room well we have a Rustic Dining Table to suit such a rugged vision.

We also have tables that are suited to those looking for some International flair to add to your dining experience then how about investing in a Jali Dining Table – mixing the traditional dining chair design with Indian Jali inspired features sure to raise a few eyebrows.

Even if you’re not after such a grandiose design you can still find stylish yet functional items such as the Sheesham Dining Table or perhaps the more distinct Mango Dining Table – each are great for family dining without shouting about it.

So be sure to get your new dining table ordered early and set up ready for the big day.

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Well everybody it’s that time of year again – its Halloween. That annual tradition of trying to scare ourselves and each other in ways which border on ridiculous.

Now everyone has their own way of celebrating the night, but anyway you approach the night you are sure to have a blast in your own unique way.

Some may prefer to go on a night out getting their costume from their Solid Wood Wardrobe and getting out there, or perhaps even a house party with your friends or family with your prepared mix tape (not complete without thriller) and party the night away.

Perhaps you want to be more scared and less drunk – well in that case how about getting together and watching a scary movie around the Vintage TV Unit – after all what says Halloween more than not being able to sleep all night thanks to all of those merciless jump scares.

Or perhaps you’re the quiet type – after all some people may want to spend Halloween in the comfort of their own home either with their family or by themselves reading a spooky novel from their collection in their Cube Bookcase. After all what’s cooler on Halloween than that it’s like you’re in a haunted mansion if you play it like that.

Oh and of course don’t forget about the trick or treaters – make sure that you have some sweets out for them ready in your Retro Coffee Table – after all its only right if they are going to make the effort on Halloween and it is their childhood memories so why not embrace such moments – although a fun thing to do is to actually ask them for the trick – I’ve caught out a few trick or treaters with that one – the look on their faces – priceless, of course I still gave them their sweets.

So happy Halloween from us here and make sure you have a good time whatever you are doing to celebrate the night.

Is This The Real Life? – Is This Just Fantasy?

Is This The Real Life? – Is This Just Fantasy?

Ah yes those opening lines – we all know what they symbolise, whether it be in the car on the way to work, at a party, or perhaps watching a classic rock channel on your Solid Wood Media Unit, this is the opening to one of the greatest songs ever put to tape by one of the greatest bands we have ever had.

Yes Queen’s magnum opus Bohemian Rhapsody has become something of a national treasure that not even a poorly singing rapper can destroy – even if you like queen or not there is no resisting this chorus-less masterpiece.

So why blog about such a thing, well this year marks the 40th anniversary of the track that would redefine what people thought of music. Now myself by fortune of fate first heard this track in 1997, and was not around when the original radio play and single release – I only have envy for those who were able to experience this first hand.

I can only assume it was bafflement at first, here we have a song that has no real structure of any kind – it is sort of progressive rock without all of the bloat in a way, the critics shared the same sentiment as they could not make head nor tale of it.

However the song proved to be irresistible, from Mercury’s powerful vocal during the piano melody to the thunderous climax with Brian May’s solo brining a fitting climax to the song – there’s even some operatic influences which make this a truly unique track. And you know what it showed.

The song spent 9 weeks at number one in the UK and it has become one of the most revered songs of popular music almost always placing in the top 2 or 3 of the greatest songs in opinion polls. Even those who were lucky enough to get the original release still take it out of their Madison Bookcase with a sense of excitement and anticipation – you know what’s coming but it feels fresh every time.

I personally have it on my mixtape (or CD if you will) that I have on my Hi Fi placed on the Solid Wood Sideboard and it always brings a smile to my face, even the younger members of the family cannot resist as new generations hear those opening lines – the songs legacy continues to shine though.

An Offer You Can’t Refuse

an offer you cant refuse

Every now and then you are presented with a choice – sometimes it is as simple as choosing between white or brown bread, sometimes it is no choice at all like choosing between shirt and trousers and sometimes it may be a decision that will set the course for the rest of your life.

However sometimes you are presented with a choice in life that is so extraordinary that it is an offer you cannot refuse?

And here at Trade Furniture we have a similar situation with an offer that you cannot refuse – now do not worry we are not the mafia we will not come after you if you refuse – however it’s hard to argue against the Indian Furniture we offer.

Just look at its versatility and how many rooms that it can be used in and implemented into any design. For example look at the Sheesham TV Unit – this would look fantastic in a living room not only because of its Indian Sheesham frame but also because of its versatility as it is available in 3 different finishes – light, natural and dark each designed to suit your personal taste.

Keeping with the living room you could add a Retro Coffee Table into the mix with its 1960’s aesthetic really drawing the attention and acting as a great CenterPoint for the center of the house.

Even the bedroom is covered as we have everything from drawers to beds, we even have a Jali Bookcase which is very multipurpose as it can be used for not only books and DVD’s but also as a display unit – it is even suitable for the living room and the study if you will.

Even for those with unique tastes we have a ranges for you take our Rustic Furniture collection for instance with its rough sawn finish adding a distinctive flair.

And with everything being made from 100% Indian Wood we here at Trade Furniture we really do make you an offer you can’t refuse.

Why So Serious ?

why so serious?

You know what – the world takes itself way too seriously, and in conjunction we as humans take ourselves too seriously. But I have to ask the question, why so serious?

I mean seriously when was the last time we actuary let our hair down, had those moments where worries and responsibility just evaporate away all of that negative energy just dissipates and we feel free.

I mean there is so much to enjoy in this world, I’m not just on about the big life events like traveling, meeting that special someone etc. No I am referring to those little things that we often take for granted but always put a smile on our face and lets us take control of our lives.

For example, watching a DVD on your Sheesham TV Stand, I did this yesterday (any film buffs will probably guess the reference of the title) and the feeling of enjoyment and being able to relax, take a breather, be free from the rush that seems to be our existence.

This is not just limited to this scenario, there are many other ways to let your hair down and enjoy life a little more – having your friends over perhaps for the day having a cup of coffee around your Sheesham Coffee Table.

And when you sit and think about it you will realise that we can get lost in the world we have created to the point where we start to lose the world that we want.

However sometimes losing the world we want can open the door to a world we never knew existed, a better world, a less serious world – like opening the page of a new book you just got out our your Jali Bookcase or writing an article on a solid wood desk discovering a talent you knew you had.

This may be a naïve take on the world, this may be a revolutionary way of approaching life, who knows I’m just a blogger – but I think it’s time to look at the world and ourselves and ask …. Why So Serious?

You Know His Name

you know his name

A name is not even necessary here, I know who he is, and you know who he is – the world knows who he is.

The important thing is that he is back and yes it will a blockbuster adventure. James Bond is just one of those treasures that we have in Britain – something that is ours and has become a cultural icon of Britain along with the Beatles, Oasis and Fish and Chips, as well as a worldwide and record breaking icon as one of the longest running series in cinema.

The great thing about a bond movie is that there is such a varied range of acting and takes on the character that there really is something for everyone. Sitting round the Wooden TV Cabinet with your family, friends or on your own there will certainly be something for you, whether you’re a fan of the classic Sean Connery interpretation, the slapstick Roger Moore, the emotional Timothy Dalton, the action packed Piece Bronson or the take no prisoners approach with Daniel Craig.

You can even be a Bond fan without watching the films although this will be for the seriously dedicated fans or those who just forsake celluloid for some reason. Yes you could fill out a Wooden Bookcase with Ian Flemings old novels, however be warned as this will be a difficult task for the more audacious as an original print going on eBay will make you weep.

So in 2 weeks Spectre will be in cinemas and should be a thrill ride … correction will be a thrill ride the question remains however, will it top Skyfall – could it possibly do such a thing after that film left such a high benchmark or will it be a situation like quantum of solace, you know what I feel like getting a bond movie from my Shelf Unit and enjoying some espionage thrills.

The Dreaded Assignment

The Dreaded Assignment

Uni Life – it is a wonderful thing for those who have experienced it – the parties, the laughs all those moments you will treasure forever. However for all of that there is still the matter of you paying a lot of money for your education and future which means that you will inevitably have assignments to do.

Now believe me I’ve been there and there is nothing harder than staring at a blank word document while sitting at your Dakota Desk thinking how on earth you are going to turn this into a 3000 plus word document. Well first of all the key is not to panic as that makes you rash and you will make errors in judgement and feel the consequences of that latter.

So to start think of the topic you are writing about and build your knowledge base on the subject. So grabbing a research book rented from the uni library (get in early to get the good ones) from your Madison Bookcase has an additional use in that it gives you a reference. One thing you will learn very quickly is that your opinion generally means nothing without a qualified smart person to back it up.

Before you know it you will be writing away and you will have forgotten how much time has passed to the point where you are going to want something to eat so head down and grab something to eat and take a break at your Jali Dining Table.

Then voila you will be done with the assignment and you can live the student life again. However one word of caution, never leave your work to the last minute as you will rush and all of the good research sources will be gone and you are more than likely not going to write a quality piece of work and you will be sitting in front of your Cube TV Cabinet lamenting your decision to leave it to the last minute.

However here hoping all goes well and you get top marks.

Online Shopping – Evolution or Revolution


Online shopping, this is something that we all do now on a daily basis from purchasing a DVD, booking tickets or browsing at a range of Sheesham TV Units online shopping or E-commerce to give it its proper title is now a mainstay of retail from both sides of the fence, for the consumer it is a go to point of call for the consumers research process as well as the final purchase, and for the retailer it is now a must have to ensure survival in the business world as there are now to many competitors to pass up on the outreach that it can offer.

So this brings me to the point I’m arguing here is that online shopping has revolutionised the retail industry however was purchasing a Rattan Stool or a vintage video game console more of an inevitable evolution.

Since the internet became a mainstream feature of our everyday life companies have been using it as an outlet to sell their products, now yes the internet was a revolution however was the now trend of online business an inevitability.

Well say you were looking for a Wooden Bookcase, before you would be incredibly restricted to where you could get one – yes there were catalogues however the extent of browsing and statistics that are offered online today make this seem like a chore. From the business perspective back in the pre internet days you had 1 outlet and that was the store so for people to see your products in detail they needed to visit your shop – a little hard if someone from Scotland is wanting one of your Sheesham Chest of Drawers and your down in Milton Keynes.

This is why I think that online shopping is more of an evolution of the retail landscape as opposed to an evolution as it has made both the consumer and the sellers life easier without taking away from the basics of the consumer decision making process.

Going Downton

Going Downton

Well last week we saw the return of what has been one of ITV’s staples over the last few years Downton Abbey and the fans of the series will watching on TV in their Dakota TV Cabinet in both eager anticipation and a tint of sadness as it has been announced that the series will be coming to an end.

Now this can be either a good or bad thing, personally I think that it is a good thing. Now don’t be thinking I’m a hater or anything there is nothing wrong with the show in anyway, solid script, great set pieces and as a good acting as with any period drama. It’s just that when I look at my DVD collection housed in pristine order in my wooden bookcase I see my Breaking Bad box set collection – this is single handily the greatest television show ever made and yet it only ran for 5 seasons, achieving awards and accolades galore and leaving an incredible standard to which all television series must follow.

And this brings me down to Downton Abbey – this is a show that has also garnered acclaim and has a massive following, however it is following one of the golden rules of television – knowing when to end.

Some TV series just go on and on and on, and each and every series that goes by the ideas get thinner and thinner to the point where the show seems like a shadow of its former glory, what Downton Abbey like Breaking Bad before it is going out on top offering a satisfying conclusion to everyone and keeping its acclaim and legacy perfectly intact rather than going for 20 seasons (reboots not counting).

So all Downton Abbey fans when you sit down with your cup of coffee and get the TV remote off the Sheesham Coffee Table for that final episode I ask you do not lament the ending of your favourite show as believe me it will be even sweeter when you watch it agai in your real wood furniture living room.

Solid Wood – The Swiss Army Knife of Furniture

Solid Wood - The Swiss Army Knife of Furniture

You know the greatest thing about Solid Wood Furniture – its adaptability it can become so many different things from houses to bridges to home furniture.

It is this adaptability that has allowed it to become a center point of any home furniture layout as it can be useful for so many basic home tasks.

Watching television for example – do you simply put the TV on the floor, if you answered no then you are correct. Do you put it on the wall, well yes you can but this would only work with specific models of television therefore the best option for your home would be the Cube TV Cabinet as it will easily accommodate your television while providing additional storage pace for your DVD player, Games console and other accessories.

Having your evening meal you could A sit in front of the telly with your plate in front of your lap (risking stains on your clothes) or you could sit around an Indian Dining Table with accompanying chairs which would be much more preferable, in addition this is also perfect for when you have family and friends over for parties as you can somewhat contain the mess and the chaos that usually ensues during events like this.

Even for those who are students or perhaps work from home or own a home business then you will need a place to keep all of your files organised and also somewhere to keep your computer (you really need one for running a business) in which case you can get a Mango Wood Desk that would be a great place to keep your desktop or laptop while also having somewhere to keep stationary or other office essentials and important documents.

So from this it is easy to see why Solid Wood can be considered the Swiss Army Knife of the furniture world as it can work in any room in any scenario.

Word Cup Fever!

Word Cup Fever

Yes everybody world cup fever has gripped the nation …. Ok not really ‘griped’ but still the rugby world cup starts this weekend and I doubt anyone knows about it.

Let’s be honest here football is king here in the UK and considering the new season has begun the attention is all on that as opposed to rugby. It’s sad really as England are generally very competitive at the word cup (the rugby one) and yet no one seems to bother. Perhaps it’s the hype that is lacking, the big names or just the fact that is a minority sport which doesn’t draw attention compared to big names (I follow Bike Racing so I can empathise).

However for those who are willing to stand by their chosen sports then you can make this next month of world competition  a real event and social occasion in the home (unless you watch the X-factor) and get the family over or maybe you mates for a few drinks and enjoy the match.

It wouldn’t event take a lot of time to prepare either, first of you will need a TV …. I would be concerned if you didn’t have one but still get that set up on the Vintage TV Unit and get the time of the game down so you can go out and get the party gear.

When you get back you can prepare your food and drink either on the Jali Table and Chairs set or you could split it having some of it in the kitchen/diner and some in your living room for easy access perhaps on your Retro Coffee Table.

Now to do this for every game would be incredibly unreasonable however for the key games or even just England’s games would make for a great bonding experience for the family and your friends and would give you a chance to funny embrace your sport and your hobby.

Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams

Do you ever get asked this question ‘did you sleep well’ or ‘how did you sleep’ … I could go on but seriously why do we ask this question, we are not aware of when we are asleep as it is a state of unconsciousness after all – now if people were to ask did you wake up alright or settle into sleep this would be a different matter.

See the reason is this is the part that we are aware of and this can be a great feeling if you are in a room that is comfortable and relaxing which is totally down to the environment from the decoration to the furniture.

Now decoration is not something easily adjusted as it can take up days, weeks even however furniture is something we can change as it is so easy to get a hold of nowadays.

Now what will help you relax will vary depending on who you are. Some may want bright and vibrant colours, others may look for a warmer and darker tone.

Thankfully there is furniture around (and suppliers) that would be able to provide this for you, whether you’re looking for some lovely Dakota Bedroom Furniture or maybe some Sheesham Bedroom Furniture you will be able to find a style that will allow you to relax and settle down and wake up refreshed.

For a more detailed example look at Mango Bedroom Furniture. This range is extremely versatile for use in just this single room as it can be found in many forms from Bedside Tables, Lamp Tables and even a Chest of Drawers.

So the next time someone asks you if you had a good night you will be able to say to them yes I did …. Sure you may not know about the in-between part but the before and after will be an extremely comfortable and refreshing experience which helped you have sweet dreams.


Dining In Style

dining in style

Eating it’s something that all creatures in this world do at some point from tortoises to eagles to us humans we all eat and we know how and where to get our fill.

In our homes this usually means the fridge as you rustle something up and head into your living room turn on the TV and enjoy – now pause at that moment your sitting down in your beautiful living room filled out with beautiful Retro Furniture and you’re going to get crumbs and sauce everywhere, unlikely.

So hit the rewind button and back in the kitchen you are getting something prepared and you head to the dining room (yes you rewound so far you bought a bigger house) and start laying out the plates on the Indian Dining Table in all its stylish glory and you head back to get your meal and sit down on to the squeaks and creaks that you can only experience with a Rattan Dining Chair and it’s time to chow down safe in the knowledge that you will not be making a mess in the living room.

But what if you are a family person and you have the kids bringing home their friends for tea or the bachelor type wanting to get your friends over for a good meal and some drinks. Well thankfully you bought a 6 Chair Dining Set which will more than handle any guest requirements and would be really useful thought the year’s holidays thanks to its durability and ease of which it can be taken care of.

So as you can see there is no need to sit with a tray on your lap risking your beautiful living room as it is now as good a time as any to dine in style and enjoy some good old home cooked food (or a microwave burger …. What they’re nice).

Cats – adorable pet or destructive menace

Cats – adorable pet or destructive menace

Observe above the subject – a cat this is an animal that adorns millions of homes worldwide, however for person who takes pride in their furniture this can pose a problem as cats do have a destructive side to their nature so are cats a destructive menace more than an enjoyable addition to the family.

There is some point to this as if you have a beautiful collection of furniture acquired over the years, including a beautiful set of Rattan Dining Chairs well are you really going to let an animal with sharp claws anywhere near it.

Of course this is only looking at the worst case scenario as often cats (and talking from personal experience) are very relaxed and peaceful additions to the family, happily coming and sitting beside you on the couch while you’re watching your favourite show on a Cube TV Stand or doing cliché cat related tasks such as watching the washing machine or grooming themselves meticulously.

Now yes cats will always be a risk factor in a home as if they jump up on your Tall Bookcase then it could be set of balance and thanks to their skittish personalities this could end up with a big repair bill.

However this is only looking at the negatives because cats are fun and relaxed and really have insane moments unless in hunt more (or they’ve got catnip) and considering how easy they are to look after compared with other pets such as dogs that require a lot of attention cats are very independent and really will come to you for attention when they want it – which means you can spend more time relaxing and enjoying home life only needing to feed it and make sure its litter tray is kept clean and all of its supplies can be kept in a Sheesham Sideboard for easy organisation.

So to nuisance the question above no the cat is not a destructive nuisance and would be a great addition to any home – however best to keep an eye on them for their mad moments that all creatures have every now and then.

Furniture – The means to an end, not the end itself

Furniture – The means to an end, not the end itself

Furniture what is its purpose exactly, for some it’s just for practical uses something to make your everyday life easier comfortable and more convenient, while others view furniture as what truly creates the home and gives it life and purpose.

Personally I would agree with the first sentiment I mean yes furniture can have character and presence in a home however if there is no one around to enjoy it and use it then there is no point – think you house is filled with Solid Wood Furniture does that make a house a room full of empty furniture, no it does not.

A good metaphor for this would be people who buy exotic and expensive cars only to keep them under wraps in their garages and never drive them what is the point if the human element is not there to enjoy it the car itself is not the means to an end the experience and it being driven is the end.

A set of Mango Drawers on their own do not serve any purpose whatsoever other than just being there it needs that human element of placing clothes and accessories inside to really make it be what it is, the same can be said with a Dakota TV Cabinet, putting this in the attic collecting dust will be a waste, it should be in a living room with a TV on top of It filled with a DVD player and a Digital TV Box.

So why am I blogging about this, well I was watching a program on TV the other day and this person had beautiful pieces of furniture in their living room including a Madison Bookcase however no one was allowed in the room, it was to be left alone and no one was allowed in – which defies the point of acquiring such items in the first place as furniture is the means to an end not an end itself.

Back To School

Back To School

You know I hated that as a kid, those three words rang ominously almost like the sands of time getting ever closer to evaporating and soon I would be back sat in a classroom every day, surrounded by people I didn’t really care for.

Of course that’s just me and for the majority of people the start of school is an exciting period the opportunity to learn new things and get that edge over younger siblings and a general sense of wonder as you knock the light on the Mango Lamp Table the night before your first day of the new school year.

So your alarm goes off early in the morning and you head downstairs to watch TV as your brain sorts itself out and you have your breakfast in front of the Sheesham TV Stand, however sure enough it’s time to go get ready and put on that fresh and new school uniform and get yourself all preened up and look at your best once that is done its time to grab your keys from the Mango Console Table and head for the bus (or car whichever way you prefer)

Now arriving at the school can either be a familiar or unfamiliar experience as if you’ve just move up another year you will really know where everything is and who you will be in class with. However for those who are on their first day it can be a daunting experience as it is more than likely that you will be meeting completely new people in a completely new surroundings.

Now the first week will probably be the easiest in terms of what you have to do as it will mostly be meeting and greeting your new teachers and getting to know your classmates and getting ready for what will be the next 5 years of your life.

Footie !!!!

Footie !!!!

Yup as annual a tradition as Christmas and New Years the football season has begun around the world however here in England it’s the premier league that has got all of our attention (also the rugby world cup is on soon …. Anyone know that).

So I’m just going to say right now that I am not going to be discussing the ins and outs of football, all the transfers, manager changes and what offside is, nope I’m here to tell you how such a simple thing like Solid Wood Furniture can help you enjoy the football season like no one else.

Now yes you could go down to your local and check out the game there, however it’s not the ideal viewing experience. I mean what is better than sitting in your own place with your home cinema system set up for best sound and watching it on your Dakota TV Unit. However like many things in life it’s no fun by yourself and you will surely want your mates over to watch the match.

Solid wood has you covered gain here as you will be able to set up a great party event in your own home. Step 1 is the party food, we all want those little nibbles during a party and considering how easy they are to get a hold of and prepare your guests will be more than satisfied looking at the selection available on the Sheesham Wood Dining Table.

Then it’s time to move into the living room for step 2 – the viewing, here you can arrange all of the paper plates that you bought so people can just pick them up and get what they wish to eat and then it’s time for drinks which are carefully laid out with glasses on the Dakota Coffee Table and away you go, you’ve done your bit now it’s just time for your team to do their job.

Oh Brother

Oh Brother

So big brother has returned …. Again this time with the ‘celebrity’ addition of course I use that term lightly of course as half of these people haven’t been relevant for years.

If you note a slightly sarcastic tone in the beginning of this blog it is that I simply cannot understand the appeal of the show – sitting in front of your Solid Wood TV Unit and watching people who are technically being held captive doing things that you should probably be doing in your life.

I mean why not go out or something I’m sure you haven some nice clothes that you have yet to wear and if it’s a Friday night make sure your looking your best in your Sheesham mirror ring up your mates and get out there, better than watching people just ….. Well what do they do?

You may however be so in love with it that you cannot miss it and considering this is the celebrity addition it will be interesting for about 15 minutes then you can get your friends over or maybe get family together and get the party food and the drinks flowing on your Mango Coffee Table although it may just become a party and you may need to watch the highlights the next day.

I don’t mean to be such a hater about this but there are surely better things to do than watch celebrities be imprisoned for – I don’t even know how many days I mean why not head to your wooden bookcase and get out a copy of 1985 assuming you have one and read that instead, it is what the show is based on right and it will be much more entertaining for a longer period.

Although it is the autumn television season so there are many different shows to watch like big brother the Xfactor and such and such so I’m sure you will find something for your taste.

Can’t beat the Classic

Can't Beat The Classic

Well the isle of man TT may be long behind us now which for those of us who love the event, once a year is just not enough. Thankfully the classic TT is coming around to fill the large void left by its cousin.

The classic TT basically is a historical even where machines (and racers) of the past come together to relive the former glories on the famous island, with the highlights usually being shown on ITV4 – however if you’re like me and just want to see the racing you could always buy the DVD when it comes out and watch it on your Mango Wood TV Cabinet.

Now before you pass judgment on me (which we humans are judgemental creatures) I am not one of those people who have a wall of Solid Wood Bookcases filled with every book ever written about the TT and models of bikes and other such memorabilia that is associated with people who write articles like this. No I just like watching fast machines and the people who push them to the limits.

So why watch the classic TT, there are other motorsport events or even sports that have less down time than this. Well there really is no greater spectacle that comes from an on-board shot of a racer speeding down a public road with lamp posts, trees and fences flying by, now for some this seems like madness and to an extent it is I mean when I first watched it I struggled to understand why put yourself in such a position until I got it. Races such as the classic TT is what you would regard as Free Climbing up a mountain but with no safety rope, there is absolutely no room for error – once I got this I appreciated what it is about. This is in theory the ultimate motorsport as it is man and machine being tested to the ultimate limit, reaching insane speeds and living life in the moment and one mistake and it could very well be game over.

Now don’t take me as bloodthirsty or anything like that – the last thing I want is to see a rider getting hurt or worse, but it’s that element of danger that shows the pure talent and in a sense madness that makes this such a great event especially as they are racing on machines that could be up to 40 years old plus!

So if you’re like me and love the speed and excitement of the TT make sure that you get your ferry tickets booked and keep them safe on your Open Shelf Unit and go watch ordinary people do extraordinary things.

Its Go! Go! Go!

Its Go go go

Yes Ladies and Gentlemen the Formula 1 circus is coming back and this time we are at one of my favourite circuits of the year Belgium Spa Francorchamps for the Belgian grand prix. Yes Formula 1 has always had a special place in my life ever since I was little I remember sitting in front of the Dakota TV Cabinet and watching the races live back when they were on ITV (yes I know adverts). From memory I believe I have been watching for about 15 or 16 years always in awe of the raw speed of these cars and the effort the drivers gave in a race.

Well I’m no longer little now and rather than sitting on the rug I would much rather relax on my couch with a hot chocolate place on my Solid Wood Coffee Table enjoying the race as it unfolds. My sport has changed too I remember as a kid the screaming V10 engines these things used to have and hearing one go by in person was something I will never forget with the cars looking fast. Now however I feel that my sport is slightly lost at the moment V6 Hybrids, fuel saving, tires that seem like they are made from paper mache and oh the restrictive regulations – it makes me even more sad when I head for my Cube Bookcase and bang on one of the old races that are on DVD and remember what it used to be like.

So why do I watch … why do I keep coming back when clearly I am partaking in an inferior experience. Well I guess those childhood memories stick with you for the long run and I keep watching in hope that one day I will experience that excitement and drama that captured my imagination in my younger years and gave me my sport.  That’s not to say this season has not been without drama – both of the exiting and thrilling kind and of the tragic and devastating kind which I don’t think I need to mention.

After all the last 2 races have been good and it looks as though my sport is on the road to recovery, however slow it may be – it may never be what it was but soon I will have the fastest drivers in the fastest cars doing battle once again. Bring on Belgium.

Strictly amazing

Stricly amazing

So Strictly Come Dancing is nearly among us as the prep work is already underway with celebrities past and present out on their dancing shoes and do the tango, cha-cha or whatever else they call moving in time to music next.

At the moment there are 3 clebs lined up Ainsley Harriot, Kellie Bright, Jeremy Vine and now Georgie May Foote all ready to wear glittering jackets and elegant dresses all In the name of entertainment and charity as a portion of the voting proceeds go to children in need.

Now some would prefer to go watch it live as its relatively local considering and a lot more socialised compared with most talent competitions. However for most of us we prefer to curl up in front of our Wood TV Cabinet and tune into the show from home. And depending on your tastes this could really make your Saturday night. Light up your wood burner enclosed in a beautiful Wooden Fire Surround order in some food and get ready to enjoy your night.

So as you’re enjoying the eye popping dresses and see celebrities wither shocking you with how good they are or making you fall over with laughter it is sure to be a great night, that is until x factor comes on and then boom over to the other channel.

However for those who stick it out may find a new passion for dancing and there are sure to be some ballrooms and events being held in your local area, even if you are a rubbish dancer there are surely some classes and you can emulate what you see on the TV and head to your Solid Wood Wardrobe and get out one of your own fabulous dresses or Tuxedos and head out to the dance floor.

Back the Brits – The PGA Tour

Back the Brits - The PGA Tour

So the PGA tour is now in full swing over in the stated top level golfers competing for the grand prize thought he course of 3 majors between June and August which we have UK hopefuls such as Rory Mcilroy flying the flag and trying to bring home the glory.

So what would be the best way to show support for our UK hopefuls over in the states, well the best option would be to go and see the event live however with the cost of tickets and not to mention accommodation and flights it would take a lot of planning to a bit like the Isle of Man TT in that sense.

So the best option would be to watch the tournament from the comfort of your living room on your Indian TV Unit where you can catch all the action with fantastic colour commentary and you could even have your mates over if they enjoy the tour as well.

However most of us work and would not be able to watch the whole thing live in the comfort of our living room so what do we do, you could watch the highlights however it’s just not the same as it playing out live. Well thanks to the advancement of tablets and mobile streaming we would be able to catch the tour live as it happens from our office desks, however make sure to find out that old phone charger than you keep in your Mango Trunk.

However if you’re like me and have no idea what competitive golf is period then you can go on the internet and try to learn as much as you can or you can maybe play a video game (it worked for basketball with me) or you could rent out a book from the library and keep it in your Madison Bookcase.

So let’s enjoy this year’s tour and hope the Brits can bring it home.

National Pride – The Ashes

National Pride - The Ashes

Well the ashes are in full swing again one of the biggest sports traditions in the world where England and Australia so battle for the coveted ashes which is reputed to contain the burnt stumps from England’s loss to Australia which they were determined to get back.

So it seems like a pretty lame prize for all of that effort to get a small urn with burnt wood inside – however that isn’t the true prize of this contest. National pride and bragging rights are what this is all about as this has nothing to do with good sportsmanship and everyone wins isn’t the case, both countries go there with one objective in mind … win for prides sake.

And that atmosphere is contagious in the here in the UK as watching one of sport’s biggest rivalries is only rivalled by the world cup and can become a real social event.

Some people will either go to see the tests live be it in Australia or here in England to get the full atmosphere of the event or for understandable reasons some would prefer watch in the comfort of your own home and even invite friends and family over for a get together to watch the game if you have the time.

So fire up your TV on your stylish Cube TV Cabinet and start getting those party snacks and drinks at the ready arranging the plates on your Indian Coffee Table making sure you have the napkins ready. So your preparations are nearly ready and all you need to do is make sure everyone has a good time and sees the test all you need is to do is bring in some Jali Dining Chairs from the dining room so everyone has got somewhere to sit and all that’s left to do is hope England pulls through with the win.

To Bake or Not To Bake

to bake or not to bake

So here we are again it’s time for the great British bake-off where we watch 12 aspiring bakers come up with some fantastically colourful creative and original cakes which sends our taste-buds into overdrive.

I mean it’s a great show full of and cheesy metaphors and humour from Mary Berry, Paul Hollywood I mean ‘Twelve fresh bakers are preparing for battle like warriors of old”, need I say more but it still makes for great for family viewing as we gather round our Dakota TV Unit gazing at the creations that are being developed in front of our eyes which really inspire us to fire up our ovens after all it symbolises the satisfaction you get from making something yourself. Can you imagine that feeling when you present your creation to your family and for that even better feeling why not make a special cake for a loved one on their birthday setting it down of your extravagant Rattan Dining Set with the candles all lit for that big moment.

For some of us however we cannot replicate the creations of the show, either we just don’t have the time or we are just terrible cooks and I suspect that what it really does is make us feel really hungry and nothing cures that than getting your Swiss role out of the fridge get the portions sorted (if your good you’ll get the biggest slice) and place them on your Solid Wood Coffee Table keeping the crumbs off the floor and allow you go back and get some drinks.

To bake or not to bake a question that we ask ourselves every year however whether you do or you be sure that you will be able to fulfil your choice in comfort and style that can only come buy being surrounded by real wood furniture.

4 Styles of Rattan Dining Chair

4 Styles of Rattan Dining Chair

There are lots of different things that can make a dining room look good. Whether it’s a new mirror on the wall or a new dining set. Something that will always make a difference is the dining chairs you choose. If the chairs are upholstered using leather then it delivers a modern touch to your dining room and if they are made from something like Rattan then it exudes a more traditional feel to your home. We’re going to talk about a selection of the 4 best Rattan Dining Chairs that we have available. Our stock comes in a variety of different styles – Havana, Salsa, Rollback and Croco.

Make the Most of Summer

Make the Most of Summer

Summer has landed and it is time to get the BBQs out, invite family and friends around, and make the most of the glorious sun whilst it is here. The outdoor rattan range at the Trade Furniture Company is excellent for all your alfresco summer comfort needs. Hand made from quality rattan with a resin wicker, these 100% solid wood furniture pieces are built to last through all weather. So what do we have to offer you?

Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Egg Hunt

It’s the end of March and Easter is just around the corner and we’re ready for it. Are you ready for it though? What do you remember of Easter from when you were a child? Waking up at 6am, running around fit to burst with excitement and pre-chocolate hyperactivity? Of course Easter wouldn’t be Easter without a big egg hunt. Hiding mini eggs around the house and leaving them to find them. A good place to hide eggs is on the window sills, mantel piece and, of course, in the drawers and cupboards of a sideboard.

Social Networking World

Social Networking

The world seems to revolve around the internet these days and particularly social media like Facebook and Twitter. You see people on Facebook all over the place setting status’s telling the world they just ate an apple and that they hate Mondays. At Trade Furniture we do have a Facebook page but we don’t spend our time posting things to tell our customers about the new staff canteen. On our Facebook page you’ll find loads of interesting things like our competitions that give you a chance to win money off items or even get some pieces for free. All you need to do is like the page and you will get all of our amazing deals, offers and competitions coming onto your timeline. Just search for Trade Furniture Company and make sure you pick the one with the TFC logo. Then all you need to do is like the page and you’ll start seeing our deals.

A Day in the Life of the Mango Tree

A Day in the Life of the Mango Tree

Here at Trade Furniture we have plenty of choice for your home. We have furniture made from Mango, Sheesham and Reclaimed wood, and that’s what we’re going to talk about today. The Mango Wood furniture starts off as the seedling of a Mango tree. It taken a seedling about 6 years to become grafted (grown), during which time it starts growing Mangoes ready for picking after a while. After the Mangoes have all been picked they can be ripened off of the tree so the squirrels can’t get to them. The tree is then cut down and shaped to form the furniture. Then the stain and/or stain are applied after giving it a clean-up, then after a scrutinising quality check it comes to us so that we can pass it on to you- our customers. For every Mango tree that we cut down we plant another in its place so that the equilibrium is kept.

Industrial Furniture – Heavy Duty Quality

Industrial Furniture - Heavy Duty Quality

Have you ever looked at the furniture in your house and thought ‘I’m bored’? Ever thought that you’d like something a bit more substantial with a bit of power to it? Something with wood and metal, something that you can put in bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms and all over the house? Something industrial? Well we’ve got just that for you here at Trade Furniture. We have a whole range of Industrial furniture that features metal and wooden additions. Things like the Industrial Large Iron Crank Table which is sure to prove to be useful due to its function and ability to move up and down using the crank. The base is made from iron so it makes it that little bit heavier and thus really delivering an industrial feeling. You wouldn’t find light items in an industrial environment, would you? That particular crank table is available in a smaller version too. The Industrial Small Iron Crank Table is smaller than but just as powerful as the larger table.

Design Change, Not Quality Change

Design Change, Not Quality Change

At Trade Furniture we have tonnes of furniture on offer for just about every room in the house. We’ve got coffee tables, dining sets, bookcases, sideboards, TV units, dining tables and a whole host of other things. So the odds are that with all this choice and our constant search for improvement, there are going to be some changes to the design and layout of some of the furniture. Don’t worry, it’ll still be the same fantastic quality as it always was but it’ll have some improvements to it.

So what have we changed lately? Well we’ve amended all versions of the Cube Long 4 Drawer TV/Media Unit so it now has a third leg in the middle to stop it from bowing when heavy things are placed upon it, like the TV. There is still a lovely amount of space on the shelf and the 4 drawers are still perfect for storing things.

It’s All About The Service

It's All About The Service

Here at Trade Furniture it’s all about the service. Our dedicated customer service team are the best in the business and always do their very best to find the perfect furniture for you, solve and problems you might have and always keep their promises. If you’re a returning customer and have dealt with our customer service team before then you will know what is meant when we say that our team is second to none. The various teams in the Trade Furniture structure are all the best at their jobs and always do their utmost to get your furniture to you undamaged and at a time that’s right for you. It’s an easy journey from placing your order online or over the phone, to receiving your email update, to being offered a delivery slot then the big day when you receive your furniture and it’s unwrapped and positioned for you by our drivers.

Romantic Dining

Romantic Dining

So Valentine’s Day has now passed and we’re getting out of the overly romantic mood. We hope you had a lovely day with that special someone. The romance is hopefully still there and we can try our best to make every day as special as Valentine’s Day. As we all know the Pancake Day is coming up and it’s always nice to be able to eat pancakes for tea. Something that we have that we’re particularly fond of, that will make you February that extra bit special is the Dakota 220cm Dining Table and 8 Dakota Chairs. This remarkable dining set makes a great addition to any dining room and means you can have up to 8 people round to enjoy your pancakes with you.

Long Time, No See

Long Time, No See

Long time, no see. Well it’s been a while since we posted a blog on here so this blog will get you back up to speed with what’s happening and sort of services we have on offer. From the moment you place your order you will be subject to the finest customer service available. You can place your order our easy to navigate website or you can call us up and place your order over the phone. Once you have placed your order you will receive an email giving you an order number. This order number will come in handy if you ever need to get in contact with us so be sure to write it down.

Tips for Spring Cleaning


Winter has been and gone, and the weather is getting better by the day. There’s no better time to clear out your unwanted stuff and freshen up your home. We have a few tips and tricks to help you with your spring cleaning.

Valentine’s Day Décor


Not matter what you plan on doing for Valentine’s Day, you really need to show your home a bit of love. We will give you a few ideas of what to use to pull off a romantic feel in a room.

Red is certainly as romantic as you think, the red walls with candles will create a beautiful look.

Why Oak?


As a foremost retailer of hardwood furniture such as mango and sheesham wood, we’re always interested in other kinds of wooden furniture so we can compare their finishes and performance, and that includes stuff made with Oak.

The Feng Shui Living Room


We’ve written before about Feng Shui in your living room, and honestly we’ve been a bit sceptical about it. However, we’re prepared to admit that one billion Chinese might actually have a point, and are more than happy to pass on the few tips we’ve managed to pick up.

The art of Feng Shui is the idea of arranging the space of a room to allow for a positive flow of energy inside your home, creating a harmonic space to relax. The positioning of items such as furniture is crucial to creating Feng Shui within a space.

How to Choose an Office Chair


You’ve finally splashed out and bought yourself that superb all-wood desk for your home office. And now you’re stumped – what kind of chair should you choose? Should it be one that matches, or one that’s good for your back? It all depends on what you’re after, and how long you’ll be sitting there.

How to Make Your New Furniture Work with Older Items


Perhaps you have inherited furniture, or there is that one beloved piece you just can’t throw away, no matter how worn it may seem because you are so fond of it. Often a problem for anyone updating their furniture is finding ways to make your old and loved pieces work with the new. It can seem like quite a challenge trying to get these older pieces to work, but there are a few simple ideas you can try to create your own unique and sophisticated style in the home.

Declutter Your Home


One of the most-heard arguments we hear is the one about clutter. ″That’s a great table – but where are we going to fit it around all our stuff?″

For some reason, people are like magpies, and find it difficult to let go of our possessions, and the trend toward smaller houses means that people’s homes tend to find themselves cluttered with all kinds of junk.

How to Pet-Proof your Furniture


We once had a dog who was – let us put this mildly – a furniture killer. He would eat anything from cushions to table legs to armchairs and – we’re still not quite sure how he managed this – the top of the kitchen door. Keep reading to learn how to prevent this.

Why Families Should Eat Together; and how a Dining Set can Help


In this modern age, the march of technology means that families are less likely to speak to each other face-to-face.

This isn’t just an idle statistic – studies by British broadcast regulator Ofcom show that the average UK household has up to three television sets, with teenagers more likely to spend at least three hours each evening watching the box in their own bedroom.

Buy cheap furniture, buy twice


‘You get what you pay for’.

How often have you heard that said? And generally it is true in a whole variety of circumstances.

Take furniture, for example. You have only to look closely at anything in that line to know whether will cost an arm and a leg or very little.

Know our Wood


This handy and easy to read post will give you a few pieces of information on our Solid Wood Furniture, and why it’s so great!

Why you Should Choose Solid Wood Over MDF


When it comes to the inevitable debate over the choice of solid wood as opposed to MDF (medium density fibreboard) the general consensus is that, as with all products, you simply cannot beat the real thing.

That is not to suggest that there is nothing good about MDF; it does have its advantages. So, for the sake of argument, we will deal with those first.

How to look after Solid Wood Furniture


You might think that a lot of hard graft is necessary to keep your Solid Wood Furniture looking handsome and in good condition. But that is not the case if you approach the task in a simple yet sensitive way.

Top 5 Bargains from Trade Furniture Company

Natures Finest

Every week we take a good look at our stock and try to pick out some fantastic value for money bargains for you in our superb Wooden Furniture collections. So here are our top 5 bargains this week available here at Trade Furniture.

Dining Room Sets by Trade Furniture


Whether it’s dining for two, four, six or eight people, we have ideal dining sets here at Trade Furniture Company. You’ll see we have a huge variety of different styles of chair and also many different designs of table. Take a look at the Madison Range, Dakota Range, Mango Range, Cube and many more.

Rustic Looking Wood Furniture


Trade Furniture is a fine example of contemporary design meeting classical styling. At its best, wooden furniture is understated, simple, but highly effective. It is an increasingly popular choice for homeowners when buying furniture as it gives a comfortable look of eloquence.

Top 5 Coffee Tables


We’ve got a great array of high quality coffee tables here at Trade Furniture. All tables are made from 100% solid hardwood – expertly handmade, no compromising on quality. So, in no particular order, here are five of our favourite Wooden Coffee Tables:

Mango Dark Furniture Collection


Some of our most popular furniture is without question the Mango Dark Furniture. The dark shade of wood combined with the excellent quality Mango wood has really made this collection one of our very best and most sought after by customers. To some people, Mango Wood is a bit of a mystery – if that’s the case please let us enlighten you about the fantastic features of it:

Top 10 Sideboards


We’ve got some great looking sideboards here at Trade Furniture, and we’ve decided to put together a list of our top 10 picks. Enjoy!

Cube & Cuba Furniture


Two of our most popular ranges here at Trade Furniture are the Cube and Cuba Range. If you’re wondering about the difference between these two ranges is – then let us tell you.

Home Furnishing with Trade Furniture


Are you looking to give your home a makeover? Are you looking for furniture that will match beautifully and make your home look really classy? Maybe you’ve just moved to a new home and you are looking for fantastic, cost effective furniture to fill your home life with? If any of this applies to you, then we suggest you look no further than Trade Furniture Company for all your Solid Wood Furniture.

Industrial Furniture – By Trade Furniture Company


How about something really unique? How about furniture that will really make you do a double take? How about this bold range courtesy of Trade Furniture? Industrial Furniture.

Now we here at Trade Furniture specialise in Solid Wood Furniture of supreme quality, and we hope you already know that. We also like to throw in a few surprises now and then, and we think this range is our most surprising and unique yet. This Industrial Furniture will really catch your eye. It’s furniture that does more than stand out, it literally jumps out from the page and slaps you across the face!

If you are a fan of something different, things that break the mould, things that will stand out boldly and proudly, then we think this furniture range is tailor made for you. This furniture range is more than quirky, more than unique, more than bold, it is furniture that has its own identity – unlike anything else you’ll find on our site.

As usual though with our Solid Wood Furniture here you can rely on our promises we keep for all the furniture regardless of range. The wood is of impeccable quality, products are carefully handmade, and the durability of our furniture is second to none. All of this furniture you’ll see will last you and your home a lifetime.

So take a look at the furniture we have to offer in this incredibly daring range. Stools, mirrors, drawer cabinets and coffee tables, there is a great selection as always for you to enjoy.

Making a payment online with Trade Furniture is secure and simple. Once an order is placed we endeavour to have your furniture with you within fifteen working days, depending on stock. Our helpful delivery team will give you a call at least two days prior to your planned delivery time to confirm it is ok. Any other queries about delivery or payment? Take a look at our FAQ and Delivery section on the website. Enjoy the site!

Solid Wood Sheesham Bookcases


At Trade Furniture we have a great variety of all kinds of furniture, how about checking out our Sheesham bookcases? These are attractive items that would look fantastic in a living room or study perhaps.

The quality of the wood used for the bookcases are of the highest quality Indian Rosewood and are impeccably handmade. The clear lacquered finish gives the wood a quality smooth feel as well as making the product extremely damage resistant. The bookcase itself looks great and is a tall, sleek item that not only looks great but also is very practical and useful. You can buy baskets with some of our bookcases, which make the item look unique and a little different from your average Solid Wood Bookcase.

The addition of the Rattan Baskets gives the Solid Wood Bookcase an interesting look, contemporary and unique. The rattan baskets as part of the bookcase look classy and fit very well in the bookcase itself. The rattan fabric we use here at Trade Furniture is made from banana leaf fibres that are very damage resistant so you won’t need to worry about the fabric breaking apart easily.

The wood used for the bookcase is a textured dark sheesham wood and we think it looks really excellent for this item. The dark wood has a really classic and rich dark look that really looks great in any living space.

Making your payment online is simple and secure. Once your order is placed, depending on stock delivery will usually take a maximum of fifteen days. Our delivery team will call you two days in advance to your actual delivery date to arrange a time slot suitable for you. All items come fully assembled on delivery. If you have any further queries or questions then feel free to give our office a call or check out the FAQ’s provided on the site.

A Wooden Sideboard – A New Discovery


To some people, wooden sideboards are something they haven’t really heard of. To some people they are pieces of furniture they think they simply could not afford, and to others it’s a piece of furniture they just don’t know what the purpose of it is.

We’re here to dispel some myths about sideboards and show you that:

  • Sideboards are incredibly useful.
  • Sideboards are actually more affordable than you think.
  • Sideboards are a wonderful stylish compliment to any given room.

First of all most people who actually own a sideboard now concede that they wish they had one sooner. They find that wooden sideboards can perform so many different functions that they wish they knew about them long ago.

Secondly people may have only seen sideboards in places like businesses and restaurants; perishing the thought they could own one in their own home. People don’t actually realise that wooden sideboards are actually affordable. Here at Trade Furniture we specialise in giving you fantastic quality, affordable Solid Wood Furniture.

When you see a sideboard in someone’s home you are drawn to it, it’s a feature, it stands out, and it looks distinguished. The sideboard can show your finest ornamental pieces, crockery, figurines and any other fine pieces you own and show them off beautifully like no other piece of furniture can.

A wooden sideboard is something that adds tremendous value to any room in your home. Whether you use it as a stylish looking surface for lamps and ornaments or you use it for its excellent storage abilities, the sideboard really can benefit and bring out a room’s character.

So if wood furniture like sideboards were once a mystery to you, let them be no more. There are great, affordable sideboards right here at Trade Furniture and we’re sure you’ll appreciate the quality of our goods.

Payment and delivery is secure and easy. Please take a look at our helpful sections such as delivery and FAQ’s for further information. We’re proud of the Solid Wood Furniture we stock and we think you’ll really love it too.

Decorating Bedrooms with Trade Furniture


Wooden Bedroom Furniture can provide reliable, functional furniture that can last for generations as well as adding fine aesthetic beauty to a bedroom. Fine wooden materials have the gift of durability so that a buyer can be assured of long lasting furniture. Aesthetically, lighter shades of wood can really brighten up a bedroom and make the room come to life with natural radiance.

Furnishing an entire bedroom using the same type of wood and shade of colour can really create a fantastic looking effect. Wooden furniture, when chosen carefully with an overall image in mind, can look effortlessly classy and make a bedroom look fantastic.

So perhaps you need to consider the furniture you need to effectively furnish your bedroom with wooden furniture. Will you need a wardrobe, chest of drawers, mirrors, or possibly a bed? All of these items need to be considered when putting together an image in your mind how you want the bedroom to look. We’ve got some great furniture and a wide range of selection here at Trade Furniture.

It is important next to consider carefully which wood material you’d like to use. Mango woods and sheesham are recommended woods to use, however there are others that are good quality, so make sure you do some research into the wood you want. After choosing the wood, think about a colour scheme. If you choose a light shade of wood you probably won’t want to mix light and dark shades, so choose one shade and stick to that to furnish the rest of the room.

So when considering Bedroom Furniture think about the following:

  • The type of wood available and which to choose.
  • Which shade of wood will look best in the bedroom?
  • How many items of furniture you will need to furnish the room, looking for good value for money.

Reclaimed Indian Furniture


We have a new range of furniture available here at Trade Furniture. You may have seen this new, very distinctive looking, exciting new range. We’re talking about our Reclaimed Indian Furniture. We here at Trade Furniture pride ourselves on giving our customers lots of top quality and contrasting new ranges, and this one may be our most exciting new range.

The Reclaimed Indian Furniture range is really unique and different looking. We appreciate this range may not be for everyone, but for some of you out there, this may be exactly what you’re looking for. Environmentally friendly, natural, rustic charm and a certain post-modern looking chic would describe this furniture. But what exactly is reclaimed wood furniture?

Reclaimed wood furniture is, simply put, recycled wood furniture. When wooden structures come to the end of their working life, the wood is stripped back, seasoned and air-dried. These techniques beautifully preserve this wood so it is fit to be used again in making new furniture. The aged look the wood has gives it a real ‘vintage’ look and the furniture really just oozes character. The wood is recycled however you have no worries regarding its quality or its condition. The techniques mentioned earlier ensure this wood is ready to be re-used and remade in top condition.

So, if it’s vintage looking, environmentally sound and furniture with real character you’re looking for, Reclaimed Furniture may be right up your street. Take a look at our range and decide for yourself, we really think this range offers you something entirely different and exciting.

Ordering this furniture couldn’t be simpler. Online payments are accepted easily and securely or if you prefer, call our office and speak to one of our helpful team. Once payment is accepted, expect to have your beautiful new furniture within fifteen days depending on stock availability. Our delivery team will call you two days in advance to make a suitable time slot for your new piece of furniture.

Quality Wood Furniture


Here at Trade Furniture we pride ourselves on having really satisfied customers. We have found the great majority of our customers to be really pleased with the furniture they have bought from us. Not only is the standard of the furniture second to none, the delivery, customer service and all round care you’ll be given here is top notch.

The quality of the wood used in our furniture really takes some beating, as does our fantastic variety of range. The wood we use is imported Indian Rosewood, our two most common materials are Mango wood and Sheesham. These woods have stellar reputations across the world as being two of the best woods you can find anywhere. Their advantages include superb durability, long lasting quality, the wood looks better as it ages, and low maintenance – these woods barely require any upkeep. For these reasons we have really satisfied customers. They know once they have a piece of our furniture it is something they will have for a lifetime.

We also pride ourselves on the quality of our service we bring to you. Payments made online are easy and completely secure. We have a dedicated customer service and sales team to speak to if you require further assistance also. Our delivery service is also something we are proud of. Providing we have your furniture in stock, we aim to bring you your purchased furniture within fifteen days of your order. Our delivery team and drivers are totally dedicated to providing our customers with the best possible service. You’ll find our drivers to be friendly and extremely helpful, and they will be glad to unpack your furniture and take away packaging for you.

So, if it’s quality Solid Wood Furniture you’re looking for, combined with fantastic service and delivery, then look no further than Trade Furniture. Enjoy our fantastic furniture!

Jali Furniture by Trade Furniture Company


Welcome to Trade Furniture, a site which prides itself on really high quality wooden furniture imported from India. You have our guarantee that all of our furniture is handmade, nothing is mass produced here, poorly put together or otherwise, all this furniture you see is made with time, effort and meticulous precision. The wood we use ranges from Sheesham wood to Mango wood and other fine Indian Rosewoods; these are all well reputed materials that have reputations for being solid, durable and long lasting.

One of our most popular ranges here at Trade Furniture is our Jali Furniture range. This is a range that comes in three different shades of wood; Natural, Light and Dark. All three shades are really stunning and stylish, and they all have their own mark of originality. The shade you choose is entirely reliant on personal taste.

What you’ll see is distinctive about the Jali furniture range is the mix of fine wood with metallic features. Often the metallic work that is built into the furniture will be in a lattice style plait design, and you’ll see the time and effort that has gone into making this possible. Many people appreciate this and see the quality of the product, finding that it really adds value and a touch of class to the Jali furniture range.

So whether it is a study, a bedroom, a dining room or any other room you are looking to furnish we think we’ll have something perfect for you within the Jali furniture range.

Making a payment for Jali furniture is simple and secure online. You can expect your order to be processed and delivered within fifteen working days depending on stock. Our delivery team will be in touch with you two days prior to delivery to organise a timeslot with you that is convenient. Enjoy all of our range. Happy shopping!

The Various Sheesham Ranges we offer


Sheesham furniture is made excellently from Sheesham Indian wood. This is some of the finest wood known around the world and really is an excellent choice when it comes to wood furniture. There are differences in the ranges we offer here at Trade Furniture Company, so let us help you to distinguish between them in order to help you decide which range matches your tastes.

The Cube Sheesham Furniture range is the natural colour of the Sheesham wood furniture without any colouring added. This gives you that interesting mix of light and dark in the wood and it looks very natural. With certain items we apply a honey darker shade which gives the wood a great look. The finish is a lacquered clear seal which gives the wood a polished look and a smooth finish.

Another range in Sheesham Furniture is our Jali range. This has the same look as the Cube range, with the wood staying natural without a coloured coating. The difference though is the iron detail that is added to this furniture. Finely made intricate iron made handles, side features and cupboard doors are included in this range. The design is usually in the lattice style, distinctive to India and the Jali style.

Finally we have our Madison Sheesham range. This is a range that looks really natural and untouched; there isn’t the clear lacquered seal on this range but a thin matt finish. This leaves the item looking a little less glossy and more rustic and natural.

When you’re ordering furniture from Sheesham furniture payment is simple and secure online. Providing we have your item in stock you can expect your furniture to be with you within fifteen working days. A call will be made to you by our delivery team two days in advance and a timeslot convenient for you will be booked. We hope you enjoy all that we have to offer.

Wooden Furniture of Superb Quality


Trade Furniture Company offers really high quality wooden furniture. We are confident that our wooden furniture is of superior quality to competitors and of greater value too. You’ll find very reasonable prices for furniture of really high standard here.

The wood used to make our wooden furniture is durable, strong and very reliable. Usually our most common woods we use are Mango Wood and Sheesham Wood, and both of these are solid hardwoods very highly regarded in the furniture business. Both of these woods look great, are really stylish, and look great over time. These woods have the ability to age gracefully, maturing and looking even better over time. You’ll find this wooden furniture looks beautiful for a really long time, and we think this really offers you value for your money.

Here at Trade Furniture Company we guarantee all of our products are handmade with careful precision and they are 100% solid hardwood throughout. No shortcuts are made with cheaper wood mixed in with the hardwood for drawer bottoms or shelving, we don’t negotiate the quality of our furniture.

So please take a look at our great range of Wooden Furniture available here at Trade Furniture Company. We have beautiful stylised ranges such as the Dakota range, Jali range, Madison range and many more. Each range has its own distinctive style and each has its own charm, which you like the best is up to your own personal tastes, so please enjoy all that we have.

Ordering this furniture couldn’t be simpler. Online payments are accepted easily and securely or if you prefer, call our office and speak to one of our helpful team. Once payment is accepted, expect to have your beautiful new furniture within fifteen days depending on stock availability. Our delivery team will call you two days in advance to make a suitable time slot for your new piece of furniture.

Fantastic Dakota Furniture


Dakota Furniture is one of our most popular ranges here at Trade Furniture Company. It is easy to see why when you take a look at the products we have to offer you. The Dakota range is made from beautiful quality Mango wood, which is a very durable and solid wood. The mango furniture represents true value for money and it looks beautiful and ages very well indeed.

The furniture we have in the Dakota selection is available in light and dark shades, and they both can look fantastic, depending on your tastes. Take a look at the sideboards available in small or large size, the TV units, the chests of drawers with excellent storage space and all the other products we proudly present to you in this fine range.

This range of furniture is solid wood furniture, which means the quality of wood is maintained throughout the product. No short cuts are made with this furniture. It is all solid wood throughout. Furniture from other retailers will sometimes include parts of solid wood and other parts made from MDF or plywood. Trade Furniture Company does not believe in compromising the quality of our products, so we ensure all the furniture you see is made solidly 100% pure hardwood.

We have had many satisfied customers thrilled with the quality of our furniture and we hope you will take the time to have a look around the site and find that ideal piece of furniture for your home.

Payment is done simply online and it is 100% secure. If you’d rather speak to someone, that isn’t a problem either, simply call the phone number on the site and speak to one of our excellent members of staff, who will be more than willing to give you further assistance.

Please enjoy the great furniture we have to choose from here at Trade Furniture Company.

Madison Furniture


A range we are very proud of at is the excellent Madison Range. The Madison range is a light shaded wood that looks very natural and elegant. All of the Madison range is made from 100% pure Sheesham wood. This Solid Wood Furniture is very durable and resistant to damage as well as being made from a wood that looks better as it ages. Sheesham wood matures and ages well giving your furniture an authentic and rustic look.

You’ll find a great selection in the Madison Range. Bookcases, display units, sideboards, wine-racks and media units are just some of the fantastic items we have to offer. All of these items as well as looking stunning are brilliantly functional and practical, with drawers and shelves included for this reason.

The Madison Furniture has very distinctive looking wood grains topped off with a clear lacquered seal. The furniture is light in shade and looks really fresh, outdoorsy and natural, though it doesn’t lack in class and elegance.

Carefully consider which piece of Solid Wood Furniture you would like to choose from this range, measure the room and the space you have available and then look into making a purchase that will be a great fit in your home. The wood we use as referred to earlier is high quality Sheesham wood, but we encourage you to research the wood further and see how much of a great investment this furniture can be. The strength of the wood ensures that a purchase is a great investment and will be a reliable piece of furniture in your home for generations. Therefore we are confident our furniture offers true value for your money.

Please browse through the beautiful Madison Furniture, we are sure you’ll find something that looks great and will be a perfect fit in your home.

Indian Furniture


I purchased a large nest of three coffee tables from and I’ve found the purchase to be real value for money. The product is of really good quality, strong good looking mango wood which is a really classy looking wood. With the three tables you not only get one large coffee table but two other smaller tables that have been really useful.

I’ve used the coffee table as a centrepiece for my conservatory and the two other tables are used in the living room. I thought I’d end up having no use for all three tables but in truth, they’ve all been a God send! The smaller tables are ideal to put in any room and are really versatile. The Indian furniture available all over this site is really good stuff.

The mango wood has not let me down at all, it’s lived up to its reputation thus far, being really durable and solid. It also looks great, and you can see the effort and care that’s been taken to make the product.

I’ve not only bought the one product from Trade Furniture Company but a few more items since and I can vouch for them to say they’re all really good quality and very good value for my money spent.

The delivery and payment from Trade Furniture Company was easy. A secure online payment was made, then I received a call to let me know when I could expect my delivery. The tables came in about a week, and I was let know two days before the exact date. In addition a time slot was made which was convenient for me so that was very helpful, it meant I didn’t have to wait around all day and they could tailor the delivery to my schedule.