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  1. Dining Room Sets by Trade Furniture

    Dining Room Sets by Trade Furniture
    Whether it’s dining for two, four, six or eight people, we have ideal dining sets here at Trade Furniture Company. You’ll see we have a huge variety of different styles of chair and also many different designs of table. Take a look at the Madison Range, Dakota Range, Mango Range, Cube and many more. Continue reading
  2. Rustic Looking Wood Furniture

    Rustic Looking Wood Furniture
    Trade Furniture is a fine example of contemporary design meeting classical styling. At its best, wooden furniture is understated, simple, but highly effective. It is an increasingly popular choice for homeowners when buying furniture as it gives a comfortable look of eloquence. Continue reading
  3. Top 5 Coffee Tables

    Top 5 Coffee Tables
    We've got a great array of high quality coffee tables here at Trade Furniture. All tables are made from 100% solid hardwood – expertly handmade, no compromising on quality. So, in no particular order, here are five of our favourite Wooden Coffee Tables: Continue reading
  4. Mango Dark Furniture Collection

    Mango Dark Furniture Collection
    Some of our most popular furniture is without question the Mango Dark Furniture. The dark shade of wood combined with the excellent quality Mango wood has really made this collection one of our very best and most sought after by customers. To some people, Mango Wood is a bit of a mystery – if that’s the case please let us enlighten you about the fantastic features of it: Continue reading
  5. Top 10 Sideboards

    Top 10 Sideboards
    We've got some great looking sideboards here at Trade Furniture, and we've decided to put together a list of our top 10 picks. Enjoy! Continue reading
  6. Cube & Cuba Furniture

    Cube & Cuba Furniture
    Two of our most popular ranges here at Trade Furniture are the Cube and Cuba Range. If you’re wondering about the difference between these two ranges is – then let us tell you. Continue reading
  7. Chairs Available from Trade Furniture Company

    Chairs Available from Trade Furniture Company
    There are some great chairs available here at Trade Furniture, whether you like the outdoorsy, organic looking Rattan chairs or the chic and sleek leather chair. We have both to offer you here. Continue reading
  8. Home Furnishing with Trade Furniture

    Home Furnishing with Trade Furniture
    Are you looking to give your home a makeover? Are you looking for furniture that will match beautifully and make your home look really classy? Maybe you've just moved to a new home and you are looking for fantastic, cost effective furniture to fill your home life with? If any of this applies to you, then we suggest you look no further than Trade Furniture Company for all your Solid Wood Furniture. Continue reading
  9. Industrial Furniture - By Trade Furniture Company

    Industrial Furniture - By Trade Furniture Company
    How about something really unique? How about furniture that will really make you do a double take? How about this bold range courtesy of Trade Furniture? Industrial Furniture. Continue reading
  10. Solid Wood Sheesham Bookcases

    Solid Wood Sheesham Bookcases
    At Trade Furniture we have a great variety of all kinds of furniture, how about checking out our Sheesham bookcases? These are attractive items that would look fantastic in a living room or study perhaps. Continue reading
  11. A Wooden Sideboard – A New Discovery

    A Wooden Sideboard – A New Discovery
    To some people, wooden sideboards are something they haven’t really heard of. To some people they are pieces of furniture they think they simply could not afford, and to others it’s a piece of furniture they just don’t know what the purpose of it is. Continue reading
  12. Decorating Bedrooms with Trade Furniture

    Decorating Bedrooms with Trade Furniture
    Wooden Bedroom Furniture can provide reliable, functional furniture that can last for generations as well as adding fine aesthetic beauty to a bedroom. Fine wooden materials have the gift of durability so that a buyer can be assured of long lasting furniture. Continue reading
  13. Reclaimed Indian Furniture

    Reclaimed Indian Furniture
    We have a new range of furniture available here at Trade Furniture. You may have seen this new, very distinctive looking, exciting new range. We’re talking about our Reclaimed Indian Furniture. Continue reading
  14. Quality Wood Furniture

    Quality Wood Furniture
    Here at Trade Furniture we pride ourselves on having really satisfied customers. We have found the great majority of our customers to be really pleased with the furniture they have bought from us. Continue reading
  15. Jali Furniture by Trade Furniture Company

    Jali Furniture by Trade Furniture Company
    Welcome to Trade Furniture, a site which prides itself on really high quality wooden furniture imported from India. You have our guarantee that all of our furniture is handmade, nothing is mass produced here, poorly put together or otherwise, all this furniture you see is made with time, effort and meticulous precision. Continue reading
  16. The Various Sheesham Ranges we offer

    The Various Sheesham Ranges we offer
    Sheesham furniture is made excellently from Sheesham Indian wood. This is some of the finest wood known around the world and really is an excellent choice when it comes to wood furniture. Continue reading
  17. Wooden Furniture of Superb Quality

    Wooden Furniture of Superb Quality
    Trade Furniture Company offers really high quality wooden furniture. We are confident that our wooden furniture is of superior quality to competitors and of greater value too. You’ll find very reasonable prices for furniture of really high standard here. Continue reading
  18. Fantastic Dakota Furniture

    Fantastic Dakota Furniture
    Dakota Furniture is one of our most popular ranges here at Trade Furniture Company. It is easy to see why when you take a look at the products we have to offer you. The Dakota range is made from beautiful quality Mango wood, which is a very durable and solid wood. Continue reading
  19. Madison Furniture

    Madison Furniture
    A range we are very proud of at is the excellent Madison Range. The Madison range is a light shaded wood that looks very natural and elegant. Continue reading
  20. Indian Furniture

    Indian Furniture
    I purchased a large nest of three coffee tables from and I've found the purchase to be real value for money. The product is of really good quality, strong good looking mango wood which is a really classy looking wood. Continue reading

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