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  1. 3 Drinks, One Coffee Table

    3 Drinks, One Coffee Table
    The Coffee Table has become a staple of living room furniture design with almost every living room or lounge area consisting of at least some variation of Solid Wood Coffee Table. Continue reading →
  2. The Top 3 Trade Furniture Study Essentials.

    The Top 3 Trade Furniture Study Essentials.
    Hello all you weekly Trade Furniture blog readers, glad you took the time to come away from our lovely selection of hand made Solid Wood Furniture to read todays blog – and for this we are going to look at the study. Continue reading →
  3. Steak Bakes and Solid Wood

    Steak Bakes and Solid Wood
    Ok for today’s Indian Wood Furniture blog we are going down a quintessentially English route – yes were talking about pastries today. Continue reading →
  4. A Handful Of Bricks

    A Handful Of Bricks
    Did anyone hear the news about LEGO today announcing their latest edition to their Creator Expert Modular Building range which is a complete assembly square, celebrating 10 years since the launch of the range. Continue reading →
  5. An Explosive Predicament

    An Explosive Predicament
    So I guess all you techies reading today's Solid Indian Wood Furniture blog today will have heard the news about Samsung, yes the news that the Galaxy S7 is officially discontinued. Continue reading →
  6. Could Bond Be Back

    Could Bond Be Back
    Has anyone been keeping up with the film news this year – one of the biggest stories of this year has been the speculation around the James Bond franchise after Daniel Craig’s infamous comments where her said he would rather ‘slit his wrists’ than play 007 again. This obviously sent the entertainment media ablaze with news stories appearing on everyone’s Indian Wood TV Stands and who would potentially replace him as the next 007. Continue reading →
  7. Gaze Long Into The Abyss

    Gaze Long Into The Abyss
    ‘Gaze long Into the abyss and the abyss also gazes Into you’, this famous quote from Friedrich Nietzsche that over time has become an iconic quote that has been referenced over and over again by philosophers the world over. Of course working for a retailer of Solid Indian Wood Furniture we have a different take on what this classic saying means. Continue reading →
  8. Premium Service Without The Premium Price

    Premium Service Without The Premium Price
    You know I was looking on the internet this morning for a new laptop and I saw some that were over £800, of course these were built specifically for gaming which admittedly would be pretty sweet sat on top of my Dakota Desk. Continue reading →
  9. A Bubble Fit to Burst

    A Bubble Fit to Burst
    You know sometimes we at Trade Furniture thing of ideas as a bubble. Now I know my reputation as the resident mad blogger here has lost yet another marble however hear me out here. Continue reading →
  10. The Big Ticket

    The Big Ticket
    Good Morning Trade Furniture blog readers, today in keeping with the theme of aggressively avoiding the upcoming (and ever over-hyped) football season this week’s Indian Wood Furniture blog will be reflecting on the career of one of my favourite basketball players growing up who over the weekend announced his retirement from basketball. Continue reading →
  11. Never Say Die - Determination Of A Champion

    Never Say Die - Determination Of A Champion
    Well everyone the Paralympics are fully underway and admittedly this blog has been a little late coming. You see it’s very hard to talk about the Paralympics because it is such an inspirational event with people basically show what the human mind and spirit can accomplish. Continue reading →
  12. Some Things Just Won't Go Together

    Some Things Just Won't Go Together
    Ok reality check here people, the Solid Wood Furniture world can be a fickle kind of business – despite all of your best intentions and adapting to the situation there are time where it’s just not meant to be, like when you put together a Dakota Sideboard and a Madison Light TV Stand in the living room there will just be a clash. Continue reading →
  13. Standing In The Hall Of Fame

    Standing In The Hall Of Fame
    Well nobody probably paid any attention to this what with the usual sporting subjects dominating the headlines however over the weekend the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame had its annual induction of the best and most impactful athletes who have contributed to the sport of basketball. Continue reading →
  14. Spokes Of The Wheel

    Spokes Of The Wheel
    Well it’s time for the second of this week’s Indian Wood Furniture blogs and this one will be looking at the principle of structuring your room’s furniture. Continue reading →
  15. Be Water My Friend

    Be Water My Friend
    Hi there all you Solid Wood Furniture blog readers, it has been a while since the last post and to be honest it has been a little hard to find anything worth putting finger to keyboard about as it seems the world is going through its celeb gossip period which for me is time to back away. Continue reading →
  16. Debut of a Legend

    Debut of a Legend
    Well Indian Wood Furniture blog readers todays blog will be keeping with the recent motorsport theme as today we look back on a moment that would in essence change the sport forever – the Formula 1 debut of Michael Schumacher. Continue reading →
  17. End of a 35 Year Wait

    End of a 35 Year Wait
    Well did everyone catch the Moto GP race this weekend – actually that’s a bit of a trick question as motorcycle racing is as nice as a Reclaimed Indian Coffee Table. Continue reading →
  18. Contest of Common Sense

    Contest of Common Sense
    Hello there Trade Furniture blog readers, today's Solid Wood Furniture blog will be about a serious passion of mine Formula 1. Actually let me reiterate that point Continue reading →
  19. Do Not Go Quietly

    Do Not Go Quietly
    Well everyone it’s happened, the 100m sprint is over the medals have been won and everyone got the result they wanted. You see it doesn’t matter what country you’re from, what biases to certain athletes you may have when your sat in front of your Mango TV Unit and the 100m men’s final comes on there is only one name that comes to mind – Usain Bolt. Continue reading →
  20. I Finally Have A Radio!

    I Finally Have A Radio!
    Hello Trade Furniture blog readers, today is a very special day as I have finally acquired the missing piece to my office – yes I have finally acquired a Radio. Continue reading →
  21. Cast No Shadow – Knebworth 1996

    Cast No Shadow – Knebworth 1996
    Well Trade Furniture Blog readers today is a very special anniversary in the hearts of any music fan of the 90’s or the Britpop movement. Yes today 20 years ago on August 10th 1996 Oasis played live at Knebworth and doesn’t time sure fly, after all who would have thought that a 5 year old boy listening to his favourite band live on the radio would be writing about this very gig 20 years later at an Indian Wood desk while feeling very old while doing it. Continue reading →
  22. Truth or Nostalgia

    Truth or Nostalgia
    Ahh nostalgia, that moment when something from your childhood triggers happy childhood memories that you wish you could go back to and at the same time make you feel very old. So for today’s trade furniture blog I will be biting the nostalgia bait and seeing if my childhood memories hold up as well as a Cube Bookcase in your study so let’s get on with it. Continue reading →
  23. Bat Suit Crazy!

    Bat Suit Crazy!
    Well good morning Trade Furniture blog readers, today while doing my morning research goings on in the world I discovered something that would make any film buff giddy at the heels. You see I found out that a whole lot of film memorabilia is going up for sale and the list of items it truly a dream come true. Continue reading →
  24. Uncompromising Self Belief

    Uncompromising Self Belief
    You know the amazing thing about humanity, we all have such amazing potential hidden within us be it writing, playing an instrument or even perhaps coming up with new philosophies and discoveries, each of us has the potential to achieve something we never thought we could do. Continue reading →
  25. Buying First Class

    Buying First Class
    First class, can you sense it that aura of pomp and circumstance that comes with spending that little (or sometimes a lot extra) in order to get the best possible service. Continue reading →
  26. Get Up And Go!

    Get Up And Go!
    Yes Trade Furniture blog readers the inevitable has happened, it has been a few weeks since its release but Pokémon GO has finally gained some steam and has become one of the year’s biggest free to play games. Continue reading →
  27. Don’t bite the hand that kickstarts you

    Don’t bite the hand that kickstarts you
    So those of us who keep up to date with video game releases will have jumped for joy with nostalgia with the announcement of mighty number 9. Sitting at my Cube Desk eyes widening at what this game was going to be and what it represented Continue reading →
  28. A Solid Argument

    A Solid Argument
    Warning: Bad Pun Alert, I Repeat Bad Pun Alert! Ok Joking aside for this edition of our Indian Wood Furniture blog, we here feel that it is time to take on a glaring argument in the furniture world – Why should you buy Solid Wood Furniture? Continue reading →
  29. Staying In Tune

    Staying In Tune
    Hello Trade Furniture blog readers, I have been off on holiday for the past 3 days so this week has been a little short on the blog posts. Continue reading →
  30. Such A Basket Case

    Such A Basket Case
    Despite we here supplying any number of elaborate Indian Furniture pieces such as the Dakota Wine Rack and Teak Root Coffee Table to name a couple of examples. Continue reading →

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