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  1. Natures Finest

    Natures Finest
    You know seeing as how we are a retailer of Solid Indian Wood Furniture it is actually surprising the variation of products that we have here. If you were to visit our showroom you would find a number of different finishes and brands of Indian Furniture from the Dakota and Cuba ranges to the exotic Mango and refined Madison collections. Continue reading →
  2. Chocolate Pudding Pizza

    Chocolate Pudding Pizza
    Now before you all think that I’ve lost it (to which I’m actually surprised you think I have any sanity left so well done you), this blog does have a serious point at the end of it that does relate to Solid Wood Furniture. Continue reading →
  3. Pragmatic Impulse

    Pragmatic Impulse
    Ok Trade Furniture blog readers it’s time to get a little philosophical about what buying furniture is actually like. The pragmatic among us will say that buying a Mango TV Unit is nothing more than fulfilling a need and that said item fulfils this needs quickly and efficiently. Now in a way I empathise with this point of view, after all I need a new TV unit, not because I feel that it does not fit with the room or that it out of style – the fact is the reason I want to replace it is that the unit no longer meets my requirements. Continue reading →
  4. From Dusk till Dawn

    From Dusk till Dawn
    So in keeping with the theme of trying to ignore the ongoing Euro 2016 frenzy that often takes over the internet especially here in the UK, this Indian Wood Furniture blog will be discussing, reflecting and celebrating the Le Mans 24 Hours. Continue reading →
  5. We Are The Champions!

    We Are The Champions!
    Hello readers, yes as many of us are aware (or can’t escape from) it is Euro 2016 meaning that we have a month of insufferable hype and obnoxiousness that is this nation’s favourite sport – Football. Continue reading →
  6. Colour Coordinated Conundrum

    Colour Coordinated Conundrum
    Colour – the spice of life - that wonderful thing that allows us to express our individuality as well as expressing our emotional state and tone that we want to convey, for example yellow for happiness, red for passionate and black for sorrow. Continue reading →
  7. Last of The Heroes

    Last of The Heroes
    Well ladies and gentlemen this week is the start of the Isle of Man TT – well its practice week at least, so this is perfect time to sit here at my Solid Wood Computer Desk and chat to you about what I feel are the last of the racing heroes. Continue reading →
  8. You Can Bank On It

    You Can Bank On It
    Well hello everyone, so how is your bank holiday Monday going, meeting up with family, having a day down at the park or perhaps like me you are sat at a Dakota Computer Desk working, so I guess this blog goes out to all those people who are in work today. Continue reading →
  9. Springtime Sales

    Springtime Sales
    Well everyone were only a few days from summer now so how are we going to celebrate such an occasion. Well how about we offer you a 10% discount off of our furniture. Continue reading →
  10. Forcing the Issue

    Forcing the Issue
    You know subtlety is a great thing in our society, you know going about things accepting the situation and adapting to it with the same classiness as a Dakota Bookcase. Continue reading →
  11. Adapting To Your Environment

    Adapting To Your Environment
    On average a person will move house at least 4 times in their lives, of course this leads to the title of this blog. After all why do we move house, after all a standard house with a living room, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom should be all you need. Continue reading →
  12. Piece By Piece

    Piece By Piece
    Ok look before this blog begins its best to clear up that, no this title was not taken from the book of interior decorating cliché’s 101. However it is an important aspect of furniture design that even though a lot of big shot designers will never admit is that their showcase designs that are in all of the magazines started out as a simple idea that developed piece by piece into something truly magical. Continue reading →
  13. All those complications

    All those complications
    Complications, those awkward and very annoying moments where things just don’t go from A to B and seem to make every possible detour on the way to your goal. Now this is something that apples to everyday life very often however one thing that complication can be applied to is the world of furniture. Continue reading →
  14. Seeds Of Creativity

    Seeds Of Creativity
    Creativity the ‘phenomenon whereby something new and somehow valuable is formed’ is something that we all come across with regularity weather you’re out an about or lounging on the couch in front of your Dakota TV Unit. Continue reading →
  15. Sideboards Supreme

    Sideboards Supreme
    OK so I’ll be honest right now, I really don’t like writing about sideboards. I don’t know why I don’t but I find that sideboards are incredibly hard to write about. Continue reading →
  16. A Concert For The Ages

    A Concert For The Ages
    As I’m writing this blog I find myself in a conflicted state. For one I am in giddy fan boy mode as Coachella Music Festival  have announced the line-up that can only be described as legendary. Let me just throw a few names out here for you, Paul McCartney, Bob Dylan, The Who and The Rolling Stones, will all be performing this year at this festival the only question being where do I get tickets. Continue reading →
  17. Is It Time For An Upgrade

    Is It Time For An Upgrade
    You know there’s an unfortunate fact in life that we all need to accept, nothing will last forever be it electronic equipment, clothes or Solid Wood Furniture thing will eventually need to be upgraded, I’m in this situation myself with my PS3 that sits in my Sheesham TV Unit wondering whether it’s worth upgrading to the next generation. Continue reading →
  18. For The Record

    For The Record
    Well everyone it was record store day on Saturday, the annual celebration of vinyl music and the culture that comes with it. Of course being the music lover that I am, I headed straight to my local record store to see what was on offer and if there were any gems that I could add to my record collection. Continue reading →
  19. Duality or Distinction

    Duality or Distinction
    When looking around furniture showrooms you see many pieces of furniture that are completely unique to one another, however one question that we often get asked around our showroom is the difference between certain furniture ranges, the most prominent of these being the Mango Dark and Dakota Dark comparison and the Cube and Cuba comparison. Continue reading →
  20. A Helping Hand

    A Helping Hand
    We all feel like we are totally invincible no? That we can do everything ourselves and need no one’s help. However in reality there are always those situations where we need to count on others, meaning it’s always nice to have a helping hand every once in a while. Continue reading →
  21. The Logistical Solution

    The Logistical Solution
    So let’s have rain check for a minuet here bloggers, you contact a well reputed furniture supplier who has over 10 years’ experience (we don’t mean to brag … well maybe a bit), as you are looking for a beautiful Retro Sideboard to add to your collection of rough sawn furniture. Continue reading →
  22. Supply and Demand

    Supply and Demand
    This is something that we come across regularly in the retail world, particularity from a consumer perspective. The amount of times I have gone onto eBay looking for a game or movie from my childhood only to find that this very thing is so ridiculously expensive that I would not be able to buy anything again for the next 5 years. Continue reading →
  23. Legends Of The Living Room

    Legends Of The Living Room
    You know what the term legend is used way too much in this world, it seems like every time someone does something moderately successful that they are declared legends. However we digress as for us the term legend is someone who does something so revolutionary that everyone else beyond them is seen as merely trying to emulate them rather than setting a new benchmark, people like Michael Jordan and Jimi Hendrix are a couple of examples. Continue reading →
  24. Virtual Reality

    Virtual Reality
    So as I’m writing this the world seems to be leaning more and more into the virtual world, now I’m not saying that we will all be acting like neo from the matrix doing crazy backflips  and dodging bullets (not yet anyway). No I’m of course referring to the ever pending release of virtual reality headsets. Continue reading →
  25. Finding That Perfect Fit

    Finding That Perfect Fit
    The perfect fit – as elusive as it is satisfying to attain the perfect fit is something we all try to find throughout our lives, be it our social lives, clothing, media and more. However there is one area where finding the perfect fit as undervalued as it is essential to our homes and that is finding furniture that is the perfect fit. Continue reading →
  26. That Happy Customer Feeling

    That Happy Customer Feeling
    As consumers we are picky to say the least – we often will go to extreme levels in order to get the service we want. However when you get that perfect product the feeling of total satisfaction and gratification is more than worth the effort. Continue reading →
  27. It’s Go Go Go!

    It’s Go Go Go!
    Yes all you motorsport fans, the day has finally arrived. If you’re like me and have no interest in football or other cliché only like them because they are popular sports, then in the winter you are pretty much just waiting around twiddling your thumbs waiting for the engines to start revving and the new motorsport season to get underway. Continue reading →
  28. Pick ‘N’ Mix

    Pick ‘N’ Mix
    Now unless you were strictly forbidden from eating sugar at all as a child (like that would stop you), or perhaps grew up a little too quickly – most of us as children remember going to the local sweet shop and digging into a bag of pick ‘n’ mix. Continue reading →
  29. Adding that touch of retro flair

    Adding that touch of retro flair
    It’s funny isn’t it – despite all the advances in technology over the years and how we as the human race continue to progress (were on virtual reality talk now), we still hang onto the old ways – is it because we fear change, are untrustworthy of unproven over tried and tested or perhaps it’s the memories that we associate with items and tastes from the past. Continue reading →
  30. Those Magic Childhood

    Those Magic Childhood
    So yesterday when I got home from work I decided to sit at my Cuba Office Desk and go onto eBay and see what ludicrous thing I buy – something I am quite annoyingly good at. Nothing was tickling my fancy so I decided to call it quits. Continue reading →

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