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  1. Those Magic Childhood

    Those Magic Childhood
    So yesterday when I got home from work I decided to sit at my Cuba Office Desk and go onto eBay and see what ludicrous thing I buy – something I am quite annoyingly good at. Nothing was tickling my fancy so I decided to call it quits. Continue reading →
  2. Do You Take Sugar With That?

    Do You Take Sugar With That?
    Ah yes the classic question with a classic answer, it seems like it’s almost an unwritten law that when we make a cup of tea or coffee, even hot chocolate we have to offer it to who else is in the room – be it at work or at home. Continue reading →
  3. A Spring In Your Step

    A Spring In Your Step
    Well everyone its March, you know what that means – it’s the start of springtime, I refer to this as the goldilocks season as it’s not too hot and not too cold – in fact for many (including myself) it’s just right. Continue reading →
  4. The Room You Love

    The Room You Love
    So here is a question for you, what is the room you love the most – now I’m not talking from a home furniture standpoint here, I’m talking about the room that you feel closely attached to. Now this can be for many different reasons be a treasured memory or perhaps being in a certain room just makes you feel happy. Continue reading →
  5. Don’t Play It - Live It

    Don’t Play It - Live It
    You know that game the Sims – yeah that’s one great game no, the ability to play out either scarily realistic or the most ludicrous scenarios (who here has become a space pirate yet). One of the best features of the game is that you are able to completely build everything up from scratch, from the structure of your house to the furniture you can put into it. Continue reading →
  6. Bedroom Brilliance

    Bedroom Brilliance
    The Bedroom – a room that represents what rest and relaxation should be. Now for everyone the principal of relaxation is different for everyone, after all climbing a mountain can be relaxing for some (don’t ask me why). Continue reading →
  7. Not So Identical Twins

    Not So Identical Twins
    Being a twin must be a real pain sometimes especially if you’re an identical twin – constantly being confused for your sibling can be irritating and somewhat awkward. Here at Trade Furniture we have a curious case of twins that may look alike, but that have a subtle difference that distinguishes them apart from one another. Continue reading →
  8. The Pursuit of Greatness

    The Pursuit of Greatness
    Greatness ‘the quality of being great; eminence or distinction’, many people thought history have been in the pursuit of such an acclaim be it deliberate intent or without thought some people just are destined to be great  – Michael Jordan, Jimi Hendrix and Stephen Hawking to name a few examples of those who pursued greatness and achieved it. Continue reading →
  9. The Organic Process

    The Organic Process
    When people design their homes, there is often a vision or some sort of idea in mind – someone may want to go with a minimalist approach with cool colours and furniture that is more deliberate in its design, others may want a traditionalist design where the rooms are much more involved with Solid Wood Furniture with much greater character and charisma. Continue reading →
  10. The Film Collectors Conundrum

    The Film Collectors Conundrum
    Hello everyone. Today I am writing about my hobby, movie collecting. Well sort of you see yes this blog is related to my film junkie personality however it’s not because I am going to be bragging about my extensive film collection. Continue reading →
  11. The 3 Essentials For A Living Room

    The 3 Essentials For A Living Room
    Here at Trade Furniture we take great pride in our furniture range – one particular area in which we see ourselves as something of a speciality is with our Solid Wood Living Room Furniture. Continue reading →
  12. Trade Furniture Presents – The Top 5 TV Units for a Large TV Set

    Trade Furniture Presents – The Top 5 TV Units for a Large TV Set
    The TV Unit – as ever present in our homes as the coffee table and the sofa it has become something of a staple of a living room design. However picking a TV Unit can be hard as there are so many factors to consider, especially for those with large TV sets. Continue reading →
  13. A Little Rough Around The Edges

    A Little Rough Around The Edges
    We have been introducing quite a lot of new ranges here at Trade Furniture, most of which have been of our Retro inspired items. Continue reading →
  14. Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year!
    I know this is a little early but considering that today is my last day at work before 2016 so it’s only right that I and the rest of the Trade Furniture Company team wish you a very happy new year. Continue reading →
  15. On The Eve Of Chaos

    On The Eve Of Chaos
    9:30pm December 24th – for every parent this is the time where we realise that the chaos and joyous insanity that is Christmas day is upon us. Continue reading →
  16. Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas
    Well I Know this may be a little premature but considering I and the rest of the team are going to be off on Christmas Day I think it is important to wish all of our valued customers a merry Christmas. Continue reading →
  17. Only 3 Days To Go!

    Only 3 Days To Go!
    Yes Kids it’s time to freak out, Christmas is only 3 days away and its time get the final preparations in place for the most magical time of the year. Continue reading →
  18. Time To Wrap it Up

    Time To Wrap it Up
    Well we are officially 1 week away from Christmas so here at Trade Furniture we feel it’s time to think about the horrific joy of wrapping. Continue reading →
  19. A Long Time Ago, In A Galaxy Far Far Away .....

    A Long Time Ago, In A Galaxy Far Far Away .....
    You know what, I have tried to resist it for as long as possible but the inevitable has finally arrived. Sigh yes this is a blog about start wars. Continue reading →
  20. There are many things I would like to know?

    There are many things I would like to know?
    There is one consistency within everyone’s lives, from childhood to our older years and that is the desire for knowledge. Now in today’s society this is something that has become easier than ever with the advancements of the internet and mobile devices allowing us to access a stream of information within seconds. Continue reading →
  21. Heart vs Head

    Heart vs Head
    This is a deliberation that we all have within ourselves frequently – the age old question of hear vs head. Let me give a personal example, observe the image above there you see two methods of personal transportation that I would like to learn to use car and bike, now my head says to go with the car because its warmer, I can have the radio on and in the long run its more practical. Continue reading →
  22. It's The Season

    It's The Season
    Yes everyone it’s just turned December and guess what that means. Up it’s the countdown to Christmas and I get to write about all of our wonderful Indian Furniture items. Continue reading →
  23. The Final Curtain Call

    The Final Curtain Call
    In the world of sport it seems that England ignores anything that does not involve kicking a ball. Perhaps that is the reason why the announcement of a sporting legends retirement has largely gone under the radar. So sitting here at my Solid Wood Desk I feel it is right to reflect on the brilliant career of a basketball legend – Kobe Bryant. Continue reading →
  24. The Last Hurrah

    The Last Hurrah
    Well it has recently been announced that Top Gear will be having a Christmas special and it will be featuring all of the highlights from Jeremy Clarkson’s time on the show.  So I guess this is almost a last hurrah in a way, the end of what was a great show whose edgy humour and antics gave it a charm which is hard to come by in factual programming. Continue reading →
  25. Black Friday

    Black Friday
    Well the last Friday payday before Christmas, a day with such infamy that it has become known as Black Friday. Ironic that something that started out a marketing gimmick has become an annual event in the Christmas shopping calendar, where retailers offer exclusive deals for consumers who rush (often to the extremes) to get the best bargains while they last. Continue reading →
  26. Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better

    Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better
    There are certain traits that we all seem to share in one way or the other, even if it someone you have never seen before you are bound to share a few baser traits that are programmed (no we are not robots) in our brains from our first breath. Continue reading →
  27. New Arrivals

    New Arrivals
    Well as the year is coming to an end and for us at Trade Furniture Company, it has been quite an eventful one. We have had quite a few new arrivals to our company over the past 12 months, from new personnel to the arrivals of some unique and characteristic items that have boosted our range and made it even more exceptional. Continue reading →
  28. Children In Need

    Children In Need
    Well tonight is the night folks, our annual telethon where giving a little can be of great benefit to those less privileged than us. Yes Children in Need is on tonight as we will be sitting in front of our Retro TV Unit enjoying the entertainment and one of a kind events , picking up the phone and donating to a good cause – because you know a little self-fulfilment does no one any harm at all. Continue reading →
  29. A Solid Performance

    A Solid Performance
    You know we have been looking at the reviews we have been receiving from our customers and let’s just say we have truly been giving a Solid Performance. Continue reading →
  30. Tables at the Ready

    Tables at the Ready
    Well we are only a couple of months away from Christmas people, yes the day of wonder for kids and a day of bonding where we all see our relatives again as they come over to your house to celebrate the day of giving joy with those you hold dear. Continue reading →

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