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  1. Reclaimed Indian Furniture

    Reclaimed Indian Furniture
    We have a new range of furniture available here at Trade Furniture. You may have seen this new, very distinctive looking, exciting new range. We’re talking about our Reclaimed Indian Furniture. Continue reading →
  2. Quality Wood Furniture

    Quality Wood Furniture
    Here at Trade Furniture we pride ourselves on having really satisfied customers. We have found the great majority of our customers to be really pleased with the furniture they have bought from us. Continue reading →
  3. Jali Furniture by Trade Furniture Company

    Jali Furniture by Trade Furniture Company
    Welcome to Trade Furniture, a site which prides itself on really high quality wooden furniture imported from India. You have our guarantee that all of our furniture is handmade, nothing is mass produced here, poorly put together or otherwise, all this furniture you see is made with time, effort and meticulous precision. Continue reading →
  4. The Various Sheesham Ranges we offer

    The Various Sheesham Ranges we offer
    Sheesham furniture is made excellently from Sheesham Indian wood. This is some of the finest wood known around the world and really is an excellent choice when it comes to wood furniture. Continue reading →
  5. Wooden Furniture of Superb Quality

    Wooden Furniture of Superb Quality
    Trade Furniture Company offers really high quality wooden furniture. We are confident that our wooden furniture is of superior quality to competitors and of greater value too. You’ll find very reasonable prices for furniture of really high standard here. Continue reading →
  6. Fantastic Dakota Furniture

    Fantastic Dakota Furniture
    Dakota Furniture is one of our most popular ranges here at Trade Furniture Company. It is easy to see why when you take a look at the products we have to offer you. The Dakota range is made from beautiful quality Mango wood, which is a very durable and solid wood. Continue reading →
  7. Madison Furniture

    Madison Furniture
    A range we are very proud of at is the excellent Madison Range. The Madison range is a light shaded wood that looks very natural and elegant. Continue reading →
  8. Indian Furniture

    Indian Furniture
    I purchased a large nest of three coffee tables from and I've found the purchase to be real value for money. The product is of really good quality, strong good looking mango wood which is a really classy looking wood. Continue reading →

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